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  • As you get older, say 25 years plus...?

    is it hard to find that special someone? Why is that apart from the obvious reasons like "they are married or gay" at the stage..... No offence to anyone. It's just one of those nights where I've alot of time in my hands and nothing to do that's evoking these thoughts... Any feedback is appreciated :)

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  • So tired but must do this forsaken thesis?

    Hey all!

    I know I know this is silly but anything mindless would be better than analysing and evaluating this business paper I'm writing for university. Fire away, I'm all ears (or eyes) :)

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  • I was watching this show the other night... ADULTS ONLY?

    to see if couples were in tune with each in terms of lingerie. It turned out men prefered the freaky ones e.g. the ones won by exotic dancers (pardon the term freaky...) whilst the ladies went for the more sensual lacy ones. Tell me your opinions on this...

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  • Adults now that i have your attention...?

    Well I wanted to see how you all are doing? lol! Also if it's not too much trouble, tell me your take on this... an ex would like us to have a holiday together and I'm against it mainly because I feel since we broke up it's been a cat and mouse game ever since. Although he says it's just an innocent 5-day getaway in Fiji, I'm still unsure. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated

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  • where are all the 23plus adults in here...?

    children don't you have school tomorrow. And where the hell are you parents? I'm sick of reading stupid pathetic questions/comments in here. Say something smart back and I'll freaking deck ya

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  • how rational do you think a girl is...?

    when she is dru nk?....... Also which do you prefer, a "happy drinker" or a "sad drinker"? I am definitely a happy drinker and I am very happy tonight ;-)......... Give me your two cents now!!!

    PS. Hope y'all have fun tonight!!!

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  • Curly or straight hair on the black lady... MEN answer PRONTO!!!?

    And don't say it depends... Thanks in advance!!!

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  • I have an hour to spare...?

    on the net before I continue with my studies so someone who would like to chill, IM me. Preferably men 25-30 yos

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  • I feel like crap today.... ADULTS ONLY?

    Been getting along really well for the past few weeks with this Italian hunk and headed to a possible relationship. Then last night he asked why I haven't been with someone for so long and I told him I couldn't say as it was quite personal but he managed to get it outta me. I told him I still loved my ex but I couldn't be with the ex since he's married with a baby. And now he's told me we can't be together. He told me he felt jealous...... I told him I wanted to give this relationship a go but he just backed right out without even trying. I don't know if I did the right thing. I'm miserable!!!

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  • To all the ladies, what do you think of a man...?

    who is extremely good looking and yet doesn't realise it and yet is down-to-earth........ and then there's the other who knows it and flaunts it, more from arrogance. What's your say? Men out there, what's your take... Only adult answerers. Kids go to bed or I'm telling mama y'all still awake!

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  • Does d!rty talking... ADULTS ONLY PLEASE?

    actually turn people 0n whilst in the process of *cough*... you know...

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  • Say you are married for 3 years...?

    with a gorgeous baby boy. Your husband is drinking excessively and averaging 25 hours of sleep a week. Things have not been so great since he cheated about a year ago. He seems happy but doing a bad job at hiding his misery. What's your take on this?

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  • Any 25plus people in here...?

    I feel a little old for the kiddies in here... Uni just finished for me and I'm in no mood to study so I'm kinda passing time in here...

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  • Where have all the genuine 25 - 28 yo men...?

    gone to? Don't tell me you're all "tied down"...

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  • What do men think of a woman...?

    who can cook? And I mean cook like a chef but not one by profession... See if you can answer the question as it is........ Cheers!

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  • How would you describe this situation... ADULTS ONLY?

    This weekend was the first I went out with the girls for a nightout in a long time (more than 6 months) since my breakup with the ex. Sure it was great night - lots of booze, awesome music and good looking people out. Men started showing interest in me and a couple of them came up to chat with me and guess what I did? Shy away!!! I stayed glued to the bar and drank the night away... What's your thought on this...

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  • Better to love and lost then never know love at all...?

    What's your verdict on this? Would you care to elaborate a little? I'm interested...

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  • tell me your thoughts on this... ADULTS ONLY?

    I get alot of white guys in here telling me black women aren't passionate enough in bed. How so? I know I'm quite passionate and prefer a long night.... Fire away people. I need honest answers and none of that abusive crap. Just answer the question as it is.......

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  • Do any of you girls (and guys) get this...?

    I'm 25 and I always get mistaken for a 20 yo. I always get my ID checked and guys aged 18 - 23 always ask me out. I'm sure I look my age re. pic on Yahoo 360. Has this happened to you? Tell me your stories..........

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  • Men, say you hug a female (unrelated to you)...?

    whether it be a friendly hug or a goodbye whatsoever and you feel her b00bies against your chest. What's the first thought that comes into your head? That is if you felt the coconuts..

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