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  • I woke up to someone shaking my bed.?

    Okay, so I woke up in the middle of the night and the bed was shaking, and it freaked me out. It was NOT sleep paralysis, because I could move and was actually speaking whilst it was happening. I'm not really one to believe in the paranormal type, but right now I'm not really sure. I understand it could have very well been my own mind, but I find it unlikely because I woke up and for my brain to stimulate such a feeling would almost have to be in REM state, and as I was not paralyzed it would have to be concluded that I was not in REM state. I don't have that sleep disorder (I forget what it's called) where your body does not paralyze itself in sleep mode. So, in all of this, I have brought myself absolutely nowhere, and I'm very confused and looking for some guidance.

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