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  • How can I even out my skin tone and get rid of freckles?

    I'm a female. I don't just have a few freckles or sun spots, but they're more like damaged skin pigment and it makes me look funny. It's hard to wear a tank top or a dress because of my shoulders and chest area. They range from dark to light and they vary in size. I'm really self conscious about it. I wish I could be like the other girls and have nice, smooth, clear, even colored skin. My mom is the same way so It might be genetic. It's like when you stay out in the sun too long, and your skin peels and it leaves suns spots, but they usually clear up over time but mine only got more noticeable. I'd hate to put make up all over my body whenever I want to wear summer clothes which barely cover anyway. I tried tanning, but I don't tan very good and if I do, it doesn't stay long. Sometimes it add more of these freckles. I was wondering if anyone was going through the same thing and if they had any ideas on how I can fix it. I feel like I don't look normal and I look awkward. Don't tell me my flaws make me unique and beautiful. Were all self conscious about something so if I could fix this, it would make me happier. It's not like that skin condition with the light patches, it's just really noticeable freckles and sun damage. Please help

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  • I hate feeling like my boyfriend is the source of my happiness?

    I have been dating this great guy for a year. The last few months, we had to do the long distance thing. We've been fighting over silly things and he told me he wants a break. We had plans to move in together and have a family one day so I'm taking this hard. I hate it, but I feel like he's the source of my happiness. When were together, I feel like nothing can bring me down. When he's away, it's harder, but I'm happy knowing he's mine. I have great friends, I keep busy, and I go out a lot. My life is not lacking there. Since we broke up, I've been very depressed and I feel like my life is a mess. I feel like all the problems I'm usually blind to are more prominent and in my face. I feel incomplete. Right now I'm focusing on getting my life together, Savin money, spending time with friends, working on my degree, and maybe we can work this out soon. But I don't know why I feel so different just because were on a break. When he's with me, my life feels great! But when were broken up (this is the 2nd time) I feel like I don't know what to do with my life. I don't like feeling like this. Any advice would be appreciated. I want to feel like "yeah I live a great life and I feel happy and complete, and having him in it only makes it better" I don't want to rely on him. I just want him to be a bonus.

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  • I've been depressed and need to get my life together. Help?

    Ok so first of all, I'm am 19, female. I'm live a pretty decent life and I'm just leaving my parents' lifestyle to make my own. I live a pretty blessed life compared to others, but I feel like my life is a mess and it depresses me so much that I have a constant headache. It's too much right now an I'm really just looking for advice. I was going to college, but had problems with financial aid and I'm trying to get back in, but it's not looking good. My boyfriend of a year just broke up with me for no reason and we had plans to move in together and have a family eventually. I don't have many friends and I don't talk to my family, despite living at home. I don't have a lot of money and only make 15 hours a week at min wage. It sucks. My friend and I just got in trouble with the law (not going into details) and now we have to pay a fine. I just feel like my life is far from together and it frustrates me. I want 2015 to be MY YEAR where things come together. I want to be comfortable. I know life gives you hard times, but I'm struggling. I try to manage best I can, I read a lot, and also watch personal development videos. I hear friends complain about their problems and I wish in had those compared to mine. I wish I had money to buy a car, rent a house, be with the man I love, have great friends, enjoy every day. Putting life into perspective, I want more out of it. I feel like I'm wasting my time. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I want to be happy.

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  • how can I make some really good friends?

    ive had trouble making friends my whole life. I went through high school and only had two decent friends I still see. we don't always click and its awkward sometimes and we have different view on things. besides them, it seems to me like all the friends that are attracted to me are the ones that are slow or mildly retarded. I am looking for those friends I have a great bond with and are actually mature. the two girls I hang out with now are fun sometimes, but they are immature and like to make fun of people all the time. I need friends who share the same goals as me and friends I can live a great life with. im in college and its supposed to be a great time, but I have no real friends. I know youre gonna say its obvious and I should talk to people, but I don't know how. I don't think I am more shy than average people, but for some reason ive had trouble making friends. I need some advice.

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  • Should I break up with my long distance boyfriend? help?

    maybe I just need to vent here but I need some advice. im 19 and hes a little older (though im not going to say how old because some may think its TOO old. it doesn't matter). we have been together for a year and im very upset because he didn't get me anything for my anniversary. I brought it up to him multiple times so he definitely knows when our anniversary is. I know it sounds vain, but I expected at least a card or something. I got him a cute card, a t shirt he wanted, a leather bracelet, and something sexy ;) I have made so much effort and he got me nothing, even though he can afford it. I would sell my stuff to get him a gift. the other thing that bothers me is that we're long distance. we dated for 2 months, then he moved for family. in the 10 months he lived away, I came to visit him 3 times, even though its very hard for me, and he hasn't once. however, he did promise me he would see me for Christmas and new years, even if he has to sell his electronics. now he is showing signs of maybe not being able to come. it just bothers me because I would do anything for him and I want him to put in that effort. maybe its selfish, but I think I should base breaking up with him on whether or not he comes to visit me for the holidays. I think he could do at least that much after everything ive done for him. im really bummed he didn't get me a thing for our anniversary, but if he cant come visit me after a year, I don't know what I will do. i need advice. please help...

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  • My BF broke my heart. we're trying to fix things but i cant move on?

    I would really appreciate some advice here. when my boyfriend and I started dating, all was well and we were both in college. we dated for about 3 months and lived in the same student housing until he could no longer afford it and had to move back home with his parents across the country. we talked a little bit after that, but after I tried all I could to get in touch with him and he wouldn't answer his phone, texts, or facebook messages. I was really heartbroken and feel like he should've made an effort to talk to me. before he left, we decided that we shouldn't do the long distance thing, and we broke up, but agreed to stay friends. 4 months went by and I was supposed to take a trip to las vegas which is near his home town, so I decided to look for him. he had no idea I was coming, even though I tried to let him know. he surprised me and told me how much he missed me and how sorry he is. we decided to get back together and do the long distance thing. he is acting real sweet to me and calling me often. he is a better bf than before so I think this made us stronger. it seems like now he is trying so hard to make me happy. however, I have not been able to forgive him for breaking my heart. he made me spend so much money and effort on trying to get him back. he put me in a situation that embarrassed me in front of my friends and family. point is, I want to marry him and I truly love him. I want to forgive him but I don't know how. how can I move on from this? what can I do??

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  • Could I be pregnant??

    I'm 18 and I know the only way to know is to go to the doctor but it's been worrying me. I was on birth control but stopped a few months ago. 2 weeks ago, I went to see my long distance boyfriend who is in the army and we had sex about 7 times that trip. I made sure to take my pills a week before the first time, but I started these pills in the middle of a pack because that's all I had. I am supposed to ovulate the end of this week and get my period in 2 weeks but I noticed blood today!! It's only been a few days since last time we had sex. It was light but still there. 2 weeks early! Idk if I'm spotting but I heard that happens during implantation. I just worry because of the way I took my pills. He never uses a condom. Only pills. I've been a lot more tired than usual and dizzy sometimes. If I don't get my real period I will go to a doctor but I really need some help now.

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  • Please help. How should I time my birth control with these events?

    I've been on birth control pills before but took a break or a few months and I'm starting again. I got my new pack and the nurse told to to take them for a week before having sex. I'm somewhat new at this so I want to time it right to minimize chances of getting pregnant. I also use an ovulation calendar. Here's the deal, my boyfriend and I are long distance and I plan to visit him starting may 29th for about a week and yes we will be having sex (don't judge me). According to my chart, I expect to get my period on the 22nd, a week before I visit him about. My next ovulation starts June 7th. So even if I have sex the week I'm with my bf, won't I be "safe" because it's in between my period and ovulation? Should I start taking my pills or do I not even have to worry? I'm new at this so any advice would be appreciated!

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  • How can I find someone's phone number?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a friends number who moved away and we lost contact. This friend has a cell phone, but no Facebook. I've tried google to look up his name, I tried those weird "find my friends" websites where you have to pay and get a background check on them. I had an idea of going to his old apartment and asking for any paperwork he filled out, but they won't let me see it. I really need the phone number because I'm trying to visit him. I was thinking about dialing every single phone number in his city until the right person answers but that would take a REALLY long time. Should I ask his previous employer? Do you know any good, free websites? Looking up numbers in his city on a computer doesn't help because they only give me companies. I need a cell phone number. I don't really know his friends and family too well to message them and ask. They might not give it to me anyway. Can I call an "operator" and ask for his number? Geez it seems like things used to be easier 10 years ago :/ only helpful, NO RUDE responses please. If I don't find a way, I just might have to call every number in his city. Any help at all would be appreciated

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  • Should I do "friends with benefits"?

    I really need help and I kinda have a story. I dated my boyfriend for a few months until he had to move away. We've had sex before so it was heartbreaking when he had to leave. He moved because of money reasons. I went to visit him a few months later and we wound up hooking up. He suggested we be friends with benefits for now and he told me he wants a relationship but he wants us to live near eachother first. I agreed at first, thinking it's better than nothing, but I had doubts because it felt like he only wants me for sex right now. I want to make him want me more and seem like a good girlfriend but I feel like if I give him sex, he will soon get over me. Should I hold out and hold it against him until we get into a relationship, or will that only push him away?? We were seriously dating, but before he left, we had a big fight and it seemed like he never wanted to talk to me again. But when I went to go meet him he surprised me by kissing me and tellin me how much he missed me. It seems like he wants to work things out but is afraid to commit because we live far away. Should I play along with him, or stand my ground and refuse to have sex?

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  • Daughter doesn't know father. What should she call her step father?

    Now I really need help because my daughter is only 3 and never met her real dad. I have been with this amazing guy who has two young kids of his own. Single dad. My daughter bella met him a few times but has no idea what's going on. I'm not sure what I want her to call this guy. He will be the father figure to her but bella is still impressionable enough to believe this is her real dad. I don't feel right lying but that's essentially what people do when they adopt. As soon as we move in together, he will adopt bella as his own and I will adopt his kids. His name is Tim so I was thinkin of bella call him daddy-Tim. Or should she call him dad or only his first name?

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  • I can't believe I just did this with my ex. What do you think?

    While I was taking a trip I decided to visit my ex who I'm on good terms with. He had to move and since then (3 months) he hasn't talked to me. I surprised him at his house and he was actually cool about it and we hung out for a while. He took me upstairs to see his cats and that's when he decided to kiss me. We had a long talk about how we both felt and agreed we have feelings for eachother but it won't work too well since we live far away. He is a grown man but lives with his parents and they were real nice to me and invited me to stay over since it got late. Me and my ex would up having sex in his room even after I promised myself I wouldn't. I don't want him to feel like he got what he wanted and he's done with me but I'm pretty sure he has real feelings for me. He said if we didn't live far apart we could try a relationship again. He suggested we be "friends with benefits" for now and hook up when we see eachother but I told him I don't know about that. I want to do the right thing and not push him away but I don't want him to get his way and be done with me. I was surprised he even wanted to talk to me since he's been ignoring me and we wound up kissing. We had a big fight bc I went through his phone and he said him not talking to me makes us even. What do you think?

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  • Guys, what do you consider HOT for a girl?

    I've been feeling self conscious lately and really want to surprise my boyfriend. I'm not super skinny or really sexually experienced. I want my boyfriend to see me and be like "damn...."

    What do you consider sexy and hot for a girl. It doesn't have to be about sex. Is there anything a woman looks like or does that makes you stop and think "I would like to f*ck her!" A certain look? Certain way she moves? Weight? Hair?

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  • I need a good comeback. Can you finish this? "Yeah I would give you a comeback but...."?

    I'm a girl but I heard this really awesome one it went "I would give you a comeback but I have to ask your mom first" implying that he had sex with the other guys mom. It went a lot better than that but I was wondering if you had anything witty? Again, I'm a girl. I'm 18 so make it appropriate in that scenario. Basically a good comeback for anything.

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  • Is this a fair price for a plane ticket?

    I am flying from myrtle beach to vegas for a week and I've tried to look up plane tickets. I'm flying spirit airlines with "business class" because of the long trip. I have one checked bag. All this is costing me about $600 round trip. Everyone I tell thinks I'm crazy for spending that much and they say I can get flights cheaper. The reason I took a more comfortable seat is because of the long trip. I am 18 if that matters. I've flown before and don't think the price is too bad. The other websites I checked are all $700+ and that's only for an economy seat without a bag. What do you think?

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  • How can I rent a car at the airport if I'm underage?

    I am 18 and I heard you have to be 25 to rent a car. In a few months, I will be traveling alone cross country and I definitely need a rental car. There is no one I can ask to borrow their car and I can't take public transportation with my schedule. I will be going to the McCarren airport in vegas and I don't really know about their regulations. I was wondering if my dad can rent the car for me while he is in another state. Like, put his name on the paperwork and everything, but I get to use the car on my trip. What do I need to do to be able to rent a car? We have good insurance and I'm trying to get a credit card. I have my license so I don't see why it's a big deal. I find it funny that they say you are a legal adult at 18 but are limited to the things you can do. I really need to figure this out.

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  • How would you categorize this relationship? I feel like I'm gay but I'm not?

    I am a girl in college and I have a guy friend who is bi and acts and dresses like a female but he knows he's male. We've gotten close lately and have experimented with a relationship. I know he's a guy, but it makes me feel like a lesbian because he's so feminine. I know I'm straight but I figure "people are people and I like who I like." I don't think that makes me bi. WHAT would you categorize my relationship and how would you categorize me?

  • Everyone tells me ill get over him. Is it truly love?

    I have been dating this guy for about 3 months. I am in college and he is older than college age. I liked him since the first day we hung out. He is the one who told me he loved me first. He is the first guy I slept with and done anything intimate with. I heard girls get attached to guys after they have sex. But a while ago, we had a fight about trust and we broke up. I have been missing him like crazy and I'm thinking I wouldn't mind marrying him. I know it might sound crazy. My friends and family tell me "oh it's your first love, you'll get over him." I know I really love him, but should I brush it off all because he is my first love? Like, I feel like the feelings are real, but do I only feel this way because he is my first love and first "partner"? I don't want to find another guy and develop feelings for him and realize I really didn't love this guy like I thought I did. I feel dumb. I feel like another guy can't measure up to this guy. Please help and tell me what you think :(

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  • Relationship help? Is it time to let go or keep fighting?

    My boyfriend of 3 months moved across the country and we decided to mutually split up. I know I only want to be with him. I have to finish this year in college, then I was thinking of moving out there for a few months. He said he might give us a try again later on. He seemed to enjoy himself when he was with me but I only got one phone call since he left 3weeks ago. People tell me to get over it but I just can't. I wanted to marry him and we even talked about it. He told me he loved me first. I don't want to risk everything and make a big move if he wants to ignore me and move on. Point is, should I keep fighting for love and what I want, for a chance that I might be rejected? Or should I face the facts that he's gone and look for other guys? I don't WANT anyone else. I don't know which option is better. If I don't talk to him by the time I graduate, I'm not going to move. I just need to go there to find out for sure :( I can't keep wondering "what if?"

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  • How can I be mature as a female college student?

    I'm a freshman in college and the real reason I'm asking this is because I'm dating an older guy. He already graduated college. Needless to say, were at different points in our life. I always feel like he is going to leave me because I'm too immature. I like going to the clubs and having fun where he's just like "been there done that". He seems to get annoyed that I'm one of those college students. He takes work more seriously than I do and I always act goofy around him. I don't want him and my family to see me as a dumb college girl who likes to party. I want to fit in with other adults and not seem so immature. My boyfriend jokingly called me "the baby" because I was the youngest in our group. I wasn't hurt bc I knew he was joking but I don't want to seem like a baby anymore. I want to act like an adult. Can I please have advice on how to act mature IN GENERAL? I want to be "mature for my age". Not just for my bf. serious answers please.

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