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  • Why under the new format can you not sort by sender?

    Under the old format the user could sort his email by sender or topic, under the new format I have not found a way to do this.

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  • Help with a Movie Title?

    Old B&W "gangster movie", Plot: American gangster is the lost heir to British peerage. He goes to England to be a Peer, but his "friends" want to rip off the people on the Estate and use violence. He learns of the scheme and shoots his friend and goes to the gallows in the UK.

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  • Games for young adults?

    An Naturist out there with some creative ideas? My family and I are hosting this year family get together and we expect some 37 people to come to our WI hobby farm. Of that 37 about 14 are males and females of the ages 6-17. We will be together starting on next Tues evening and stay until the following Monday. We have a large hot tub, a sauna, a work-out area. The kids will sleep in the work out area. Everyone is a naturist but we are look for activities that will keep the interest of this group. So far the kids have come up with: a NONO party, mixed genders remove each other's unwanted hair. A body painting party (adults may take part in this). The youngest came up with a Dress Poker party. Any other ideas?

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  • Movie clichés --- jumping to avoid explosions?

    What was the first movie that has the hero's jumping into the air or running down a hallway to avoid an explosive blast of a grenade or a block of C-4. This cliché can be see in all NCIS-LA, The Long Kiss Good Night. The blast velocity of C-4 is near 8000 m/s. TNT is about 6900 m/s.

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  • Title of Three Movies?

    Does anyone know the title of these very old movies: These movie plots were talked about at a family gathering but no one could recall the titles: All are from the 1930-1950. era

    1) A teacher/professor at a girls school has a child that he is secretly looking after. His students find out about it and the school administration seeks to fire him on moral grounds.

    2) A small town man is badly disfigured by a fire and people make fun of him?

    3) A US gangster learns that he inherits a title in England, the gangster goes to England and becomes respectable and helps the people on his estate. His friend from the US secretly steals from him and seek to ruin him --- the gangster shoot the thieving friend and goes to the gallows in the UK.

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  • FDR's Death Staged?

    Between the end of March 1945 - to April 12. FDR was at a house in Warm Springs, GA. at the house was FDR, his daughter Anna, is mistress Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, his infrequently name Black Manservant. The Press reports that FDR died in the afternoon April 12. Ms Rutherfurd was hurried away in the morning. There have been rumors ever since, that FDR actually died in bed with Mrs Rutherfurd and his daughter Anna who arranged that Lucy was there more often than not and the Black manservant staged the death by redressing FDR and moving him to "sitting room". Eleanor hated have anything to do with FDR physically since the late 1920 or early 30. FDR had J Edgar Hoover keep tabs on Eleanor. JEH hated Eleanor. There have been hints of these events for some time but I have never found a book/article that had proved it. Has anyone else found any evidence of this staging of the death so that sex was not mentioned?

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  • Should "Hate Crimes" Be Abolished?

    Is it not time for Americans to wake up and see the injustice done by the enforcement of the silly notion of "Hate Crimes"? This is not a Just law and it would fail all tests of Natural Law. Hate is a human emotion, for those that favor "Hate Crimes" would they Support "Love Crimes"? or "Want Crimes."

    People should not commit "crimes" i.e. those that involve violences, theft, immoral conduct, dishonesty. However, to ruin someone's life over the concept of "the feelings of the defendent" at the time of action is Ouija Board science.

    The whole concept of Emotion Crimes is wrong in any system based on English Law which hold individuals for their actions --- not their thinking. When the female college student shoots the male with knife in hand at 3 AM, would she be guilty of a "Hate" Crime because she hated the thought of being raped or killed?

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  • Are not charges of Campaign Finance violations of the First Amendment?

    When the Founding Father wrote and passed the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights, speech was to be protected especially Political Speech. It has ALWAYS been EXPENSIVE to run for office since you had to get your name and idea before people so the right to advertise with unlimited funds was the common practice of politicians.

    Geo. Washington spent in 1772 to run for the Va House of Burgess £39, 6s [Newton, set the value of 1 troy ounce(Toz) of gold .999 fine at £3. 17s. Note: 1 £ had 20 shillings or 240 pence. So one Toz of gold in 1772 was equal to 77 s (shillings) So Washington voting party cost him 10.21 Toz of Gold (at today's prices that would be worth.$16,256.16 today. Note: A Dry: Day-Labourers wages for 16 hours of labour in Scotland in 1772 was on 7s a day and he had to pay for his lunch/and rest time.

    "The bill was £39, 6s. (), and the following were among the items: "A hogshead and a barrel of punch, thirty-five gallons of wine, forty-three gallons of strong cider, and dinner for his friends.

    Now why does the federal government restrict speech. Why cannot Congress under stand the simple word "Congress shall make NO LAW ... abridging the freedom of speech."? Speech is sending a message by any medium. So why does Congress and State incumbents establish barriers to people seeking office?

    Mr. Edwards is being charged for violating campaign finance laws. He did not. He was given a gift and he spent it on his mistress with child. These restriction on speech chill discourse and prevents a debate on the merits of individuals and drives others from thinking of running.

    Why do we have these laws?

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  • Is Anyone Else Mourning the Death of Grammatical English in 2011?

    I believed that the use of the adverb, died tragically in 2011. Commercials, TV talking head, and print journalism repeatedly failed to use the beloved adverb . "I wake up feeling bad vice badly.

    I feel good vice well.

    Redundant phrases did however have a population explosion. I repeatedly saw in print media nonsense like "…[Kentucky] will release 990 convicted felons on Tuesday." Can anyone be a felon without a conviction?

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  • Should Jim Sensenbrenner increase his vocabulary?

    Rep. Sensenbrenner was in trouble recently for actually telling the truth. He could have avoid this if he had a better vocabulary.

    He could have used in this situation the accurate terms:




    I am of the opinion that Steatopygia would be an accurate description for the subject of Mr Sensenbrenner's discription. I pray that I can never confirm or deny the accuracy of her being dasypygal. And undoubtly the accuracy of cacopygian is beyond doubt.

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  • Building a pistol range in one's basement in MN?

    How would one look up the existence of any city ordinances on building/using a pistol range (.22, 9mm, and .40 ammo) in one's basement. The house is an ICF building with basement walls of about 21 cm of reinforced concrete. A cleanable backstop could be bolted into place. The building is nearly sound proof, i.e. once could explode and "M-80" in the basement and it would not be heard outside the home. Would one be required to get permits for this "decorating" project? Would it be legal to discharge a firearm in city limits if no one can hear it?

    Under what theory of property rights could city restrict the use of ones dwelling?

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  • Which 2011-2012 TV Show will be cancelled First Per Network?

    Okay Which of the New TV shows will be cancelled First per Network:

    My Picks are :

    ABC -- Pan Am -- Oversexed over girdled stewardess wait on customers who over paid for a bus ride.

    CBS - A Gifted Man Dr Welby mets the Ghost Whisper to become Mother Teresa

    NBC - The Playboy Club A hour of tame T&A for the 50 something teen males who still cannot get a date.

    Fox - Terra Nova --- Star-Trek Deep Space 9 --- meets Avatar to bilge ecological agri-prop to deaden the minds of the 9 acne scared viewers

    CW Ringer Plot so bad that I cannot even remember the promos.

    Your choices?

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  • Can Police Keep Biometric Data on Individual without a criminal conviction?

    The WSJ asked this question: "Like fingerprints, should DNA samples be taken from people who are arrested for felonies before they’ve been convicted?"

    I do not think than anyone (let alone police agencies) be allowed to keep any biometric Data on non-convicted individuals, especially not DNA or medical data.

    With that stated: What court rulings all Law enforcement to keep fingerprints, photos, DNA, medical records forever on individuals that they capricious and arbitrarily arrested? Can an acquitted individual demand destruction of all illegally or unlawfully obtained identification data immediately after dismissal of charges or acquittal?

    Should employers, who take a photo for their badges, be required to return all photo of employee on resignation of the employee or dismissal? Should not the employee have the right to know to whom these data have shared by the employing firm? Why or Why Not?

    Privacy is vital to a health free society!

    What is the State's justification for seek to retain these data on individuals?

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  • Requirement for Grad. at UW_Stout in 1989-1992?

    Could someone actually graduate from UW_Stout, without ever reading any Aristotle, Plato, Milton, Shakespeare, Economics (Smith,Keynes, Friedman),Chemistry, and any History?

    I recently had to work with someone who claims that he has a BS from that school. However, the only science he knows is from Star Trek series. Replication of food is possible, unlimited energy!, no want among beings!

    How can schools give degrees to totally ignorant people?

  • Name of Kidnapping Case 1999-2002?

    Does anyone remember the stranger kidnapping case in I think California (1999 to 2002) where two teenage girls were kidnaps and keep in a station wagon or van.

    The girls fought back and the police shot the kidnapper.

    The Casey Anthony case made me recall this news story, but I forgot the details. Does anyone remember this? Citations are requested.

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  • 4th Amendment & GPS Are we secure in our travels?

    In a recent case: US v Antoine- Jones 08-3034

    The DC court kick the can down the road a bit. Traveling by car does not have an expectation of privacy, but under Silverman v. United States, 365 U.S. 505

    Police planting the GPS should have had a warrant.

    My question, if the gov't via the NHTSA ordered that all vehicles be equipped with a GPS until under the pretext of auto thief prevention, would then the police need a warrant to track anyone?

    Cell phone in the US are required to have a GPS emitter under the pretext of 911 location but the chip is always on and not only when you dial 911.

    Would a safety mandate remove the need for a warrant to track an individual?

    Can the government intercept all cell phone conversations without a warrant?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • What is behind the US Census Questions on Banking?

    Last week, while at my cousins house, she was visited by a lady from the US Census Bureau about some 16 month survey that her house is now part of. After the usual spying on people --- the lady said that the FDIC paid for the the next set of questions, then some nonsense about confidentiality. The questions asked if the interviewees had a saving or checking account. If they ever cashed a check at a store or kiosk (Walgreen or Walmart). Every purchased a Money Order. Ever sent money overseas by a Money Order. Ever pawned anything or took a payday load. Most my cousin answered NO. But what were they looking for? Are they seeking people who are using cash to do transaction without a bank record or are sending money oversees to be converted to gold? Will the people who answer yes, be arrested?

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  • Michelle Obama Comments: How can this person be called smart?

    Has anyone read the follow:

    "First Lady Michelle Obama admitted in an interview with CNN that going into campaign 2012, the Obama family has help from the media.

    First Lady Michelle Obama: "When it comes to the campaign we're ready to work hard. We did it before and we'll do it again, so we're rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it."

    CNN reporter: "How's the family ready for this [the election]? It's going to be quite vicious, isn't it? How do you prepare for that?"

    First Lady Michelle Obama: "You know, it's … we're ready, you know. Our children, you know, could care less about what we're doing. We work hard to do that. Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I'm very grateful for the support and kindness that we've gotten. People have respected their privacy and in that way, I think, you know, no matter what people may feel about my husband's policies or what have you, they care about children and that's been good to see."

    "You know" the media calls here high educated, " you know" and "you know" she is a friend of Oprah so you know she's OMG 'smart"

    Sadly,. she is correct in that "...we have help from the media." Since the "respected" media has been lionizing and fawning over this family since he came into the Senate for 145 days.

    Has a single journalist ever investigated this family any deeper than the nanometer level?

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  • Should Yahoo limit the number of times the same question is asked?

    I have come across the same question by the same individuals asked in multiple categories? Is this a good use of bandwidth? Is this a good use of the questioner's points expense.

    Is there an advantage to doing this? If so, to whom?

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers10 years ago
  • What IF the SCOTUS Finds BHO ineligible to be POTUS?

    It was announced this evening that SCOTUS is reviewing the case Hermenway case. This case questions whether Mr. Obama provides sufficient proof of his natural born Citizen status. If the court rules in favor of Mr Hermenway. Who would succeed BHO? Should it be Bidden? He however, had to have known that BHO was ineligible but acquiesced to the Fraud. All Sect. of State for the Several States failed to do due diligence so I can see each of them being either impeached or sued for misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance of duties.

    What would be the legal thinking and who ought to be punished. Would all of the laws passed by Congress and signed be null and void?

    Where are the legal eagles on this?

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