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Jake Griffin

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i am a sixteen year old boy from wales, i think footy is shit and have a personal dislike towards chavs, I have a love for all things extreme (skateboarding, bmx etc.) and have a wide range of expertise in computing, software development, product design.

  • Android tablet Gps Maps?

    I am installing an android tablet in my car, to use as a multimedia device etc, I have a 10.1 inch tablet already. The tablet will be used for watching films/ Listening to music mostly, however, i am wondering, as the tablet has GPS capabilities, will i be able to access maps and use the tablet as a sat-nav? I know you can download regions on google maps but that is only cities, i will be needing full countries if downloads are possible. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Best camera to buy for Extreme sports recording?

    I currently record video on a Bridge camera but am looking to move up to a better camera as the video quality can be grainy, I record extreme sports so the camera needs to have high resolution, be able to attach fisheye lenses, i am looking along the lines of handycams (i.e. camcorders) and Dslr cameras, but am stuck with no idea of what to get. Preferably it should have hot shoe mounts built in, be light etc, and if it is a Dslr, it should obviously have video function, thanks in advance!

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  • What should i believe in?

    I am not religious in any way, But since taking religious education in school have considered multiple religions, which one seems the most legitimate in the way that it is up to date/ realistic. thanks and i dont want to cause a huge argument, just wondering.

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  • what should i be watching right now?

    what tv shows are good, i just got a netflix acccount and it lets me watch pretty much everything, so what tv shows are good, i like things like the walking dead as well as soaps such as coronation street, thanks in advance

    2 AnswersReality Television8 years ago
  • moving to spain from uk?

    hey guys, me and my family have been given the opportunity to move to the south of spain (with jobs, flights and accommodation payed for!) from north wales, i was just wondering your thoughts on the subject, i have spoken to a variety of people who all say to move, i am wondering whether i should or not, i will now go into detail about the move, i am moving from prestatyn to gibraltar, which is a british colonised peninsula located in the south of spain, i am a student in the 6th form currently studying technology, ict and computing. The school opportunities in gibraltar are exactly the same and i will not miss out, i was wondering how the locals are there (the people who live in gibraltar) and i am willing to travel for a part time job, to la linea, which is in actual spain. here, in north wales there are barely any non- public sector jobs, giving me no real opportunity to find a job after university, as i want to find a technology based job such as product design or graphic design. there seems to be a lot more job opportunity in spain, and my real push for the move is the fact that i will totally regret the move if i decide not to go for it. thank you guys for the help, and please answer me the main question, shall i move or not?!?! thanks in advance.

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  • how to do this chemistry question- urgent!?

    i am revising for my exam and have been asked '' If a saturated solution in 100cm cubed of water at 80 degrees celsius is cooled to 30 degrees celsius, calculate the mass of the crystals that form''. I do not have a clue, so if somebody would explain it to me in simple form, and give me an answer that would be perfect, thanks in advance. Jacob

    2 AnswersChemistry9 years ago
  • why do people like mainstream pop?

    i know, the majority of people like the bullshit that leaks out of our stereos broadcast from some shitty radio station somewhere, but i am just wondering why people actually like it, it's a way they can make money off everyone and actually they have no talent.... can I give everybody that is seeing this an example, Justin Beiber, he's a perfect example as he has no actual talent, he just sings into a microphone and pays a dj to auto tune his voice into the squeaky bullshit you are hearing today. my point being why do you people like this **** that is blatantly not their voices and please just go with music not because it is number one in the charts, but listen to people with actual talent. if you are offended by this.... bite me!

    In response answer why you like mainstream, thanks in advance.

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  • are frenchid vodka bars oversized?

    i want to buy french id vodka bars, but don't know whether i will be able to use my compression (hic) which requires the handlebars to be oversized. i need to know whether the bars are oversized? thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerCycling9 years ago
  • why is the battery so bad?

    i have a 17.3" toshiba pc, and the battery is poor, not even poor but worse, the level on the eco setting lasts 1 and a half hours at best, i was wondering if the'res externally buyabe batteries, maybe a bigger one or with lithium-ion cell?? anything so the computer can last a little longer

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • is there an emulator to play ps2 games on pc?

    i have been browsing the internet, and cannot seem to find an emulator avaliable to play ps2 format games on pc, both downloaded and on disc.

    2 AnswersPC9 years ago
  • how much is it to buy a tig welding kit or anything else for welding/ braising aluminium (starting)?

    i am looking to buy a starter kit for anything that will give a tight lock on aluminium i.e. a tig welder, but i have no clue where to start, i have a price range of upto about £200 ($300) and am also looking into braising but is it strong enough? and a kit ready to start would be perfect as i do not want to buy it in loads of peices and spend a fortune..... thanks for looking, good luck! :D:D

    3 AnswersEngineering9 years ago
  • how much would my netbook be worth?

    i am selling a samsung n145+ netbook, it is a year old, in full working condition and functions like it should, i have upgraded the windows 7 from starter to home premium and mostly use it for browsing the web, i do use it regularly but their is no paint loss or chips... i am just wondering how much it'd be worth as i will be selling it??

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • which top of the range laptop is best?

    i am getting a laptop in august and need help, i have looked at macbook air and pro's, and the top of the range dell laptops too, i need hd graphics (11-15 inch is best though) and speed as i do a lot of video editing.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • can aluminium be melted to create a weld.?

    i am into scootering, just a little unsure about melting aluminium to create a weld. this area of the scooter will be used a lot on my scooter so needs to be strong. i have a way of melting and pouring the aluminium, will it set to form a strong enough bond?

    8 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • renault 5 gt turbo vs. citroen c2 vts?

    i am starting driviong next year, and do not have a clue what to get, i have done some research and came up with these two cars to chose from,

    renault 5 gt turbo (1.4 turbo, max 130mph standard, good reviews, 1989- 1991 *£2000 about)

    citroen c2 vts (flappy paddle gearbox, 1.4, decent looking, 2001- 2005 *£2000 about)

    firstly, you will notice from the specs is that their is a huge 10 year gap between these cars, and you would imagine what safety rating the renault has,(im saying *** ncap) anyway, what would be an advantage to me is the turbo as i like speedy cars, but the citroen's flappy paddle style gearbox may help as i am a young driver and enjoy these types of creature comforts while driving (especially long journeys), anyway to sum up, the renault 5 and citroen will be about the same on insurance as the renault 5 is a classic this year!, Also, what makes me want the renault is the fact my dad used to own one, and he says it was very good to drive and is a good thrill when you feel like going fast too. the cars do not compare as they have absolitely nothing in common, but as a first time driver, what will be the best car for me to get???

    4 AnswersBuying & Selling9 years ago

    i have been going out with my girlfriend for about two months now. (december 9th) and my mum and dad keep speaking about this crazy idea of moving to spain, i know a long distance relationship won't work, as we are not truly in love yet. She does know the faint details that my mum has crazy ideas about moving, but i chose not to talk about it a lot, what do i do, that is all that is going through my mind at the moment. please help.

  • tour by dre. or ajays three/four, which is the best?

    i need a new pair of headphones, and am deciding between the tour by dre £90-100 ($130), or ajays three/ four, the four have ipod/ iphone controls just like the tour by dre. headphones and the non- tangle cable. i am going to tell you a little about what situations i would like to use the headphones in... i skateboard, which includes a lot of falling off ;), so the headphones must be ruged and stay in my ears while i skateboard (obviously), and need to have good sound quality which i know the tour headphones will deliver well. i like to listen to a wide variety of music, (rock and dubstep mostly) so take that into consideration, also, the headphones need good fashion appeal whilst looking lo- profile (i listen to music in class haha). thanks for reading, good luck answering ;D

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  • rock vs. dubstep, which one is better?

    I listen to both, rock and dubstep and am wondering, which one is better, on any account, thanks ;)

    7 AnswersRock and Pop9 years ago
  • which new shoes do i get?

    i need new trainers which will be comfortable, long lasting, stylish, well balanced (i skateboard), and i dont mind if they ate high the cost dosent matter ;)

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories9 years ago