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  • Company has put me in an uncomfortable position/do not call list?

    I am working for a company, and they have given me a list of past customers they want me to call to try and drum up new business or repeat business. My problem is that this list doesn't say when the last time these customers have done business with us. According to the Do Not Call registry a company is only permitted to call past customers within 18 months of their last business transaction with you.

    I am sure that some of these people are on the do not call list, and haven't done business with us in years. And I just don't feel comfortable making these calls, when I am just not sure if it is "legal" for me to call them or not, trying to sell them a service.

    Am I overreacting? I've tried to tell this to the company, and there response is basically "So, what?"

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  • Dilemma...Finishing degree, what colleges/universities accept most or all transfer credits?

    I have a multi-faceted dilemma here.

    I am looking at finishing off my degree (if it's even worth it). I left school about 5 years ago, and up to that point, had attended a total of 4 schools, because of major changing, etc....but in the end, I had pretty much all the liberal arts courses and majority of courses required for BS in either Business Admin or Management.

    So I am looking to turn all that into a degree. Now, I've heard of Excelsior College which is pretty generous from what I understand in regards to transfer credits. They have no set number of credits that must be completed there. Some schools say you must complete at least 30 credits with them, or 25 percent of credits must be completed with them.

    Any one know of any other schools like this?

    So that's the first thing.

    The second thing, is later in my college life, I didn't do so good. I just had things going on, and wasn't able to focus. Obviously, I am not looking to transfer the clases I got below a C in. And if I have to retake some of those classes I will. Some of them were just fluff classes, that I really had no interest in, they were just to fill out the semester.

    The last school I was at put me on Academic Suspension (go me!) Would I have to get that school to lift that, or take some classes at a Community College to get my GPA up and then submit that back to the school that suspended me to lift my GPA there and thereby lift the suspension? But how could something like that potentially affect me? If they look at my transcript and say we can only transfer C or better grades, great, I'm fine with that.

    I am looking for an online school, as I am not in a position to a traditional school anymore.

    Maybe I should just invest in a good editing program and make up my own school.

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  • To list degree on resume or not/Life Experience vs Courses taken?

    I have taken the majority of the classes needed for a BS in Business Admin/Management. The problem is they were spread out over 4 colleges and universities. And, of course, transferring credits being what it is, you are never given full credit for what you've done at other schools.

    Anyways, I left school about 5 years ago and went to work in business. Doing Management things and such..much the same thing I was studying in school.

    Fast forward to today I am interested in changing jobs, but it seems to even get looked at you need that piece of paper that says you have a degree. Between my education and real life experience, I have more than the equivalent of a bachelor degree. But I don't have the paper that says that. Now, I've talked to a couple accredited universities, where upon a portfolio review of my course work and real life experience and a thesis, they will grant me a BS degree based in part on life experience. But I think a lot of people think of Life Experience degrees as shady.

    Is this worth it? Do I go this way, with the degree being based in part on Life Experience? I don't want to enroll in another university and have to take a lot of the classes I have already taken, or things I have already done.

    Or how could I list what I have done on my resume, or should I just leave it off totally? And let my experience speak for itself? I just don't life doing that with the market being as competitive as it is.

  • Why does Major League Baseball call it's championship the World Series?

    That's sort of self-centered isn't it? Since only two countries (United States and Canada) are even represented in this so-called "World" Series. That's hardly the world.

    You can't really even call it a "North American Series" since Mexico has no representation.

    The Super Bowl makes no claims like that, other than that it is "Super". Nor does the Stanley Cup. Nor does the NBA Championship.

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  • To file a car insurance claim or not?

    I was rear-ended car doesn't have much damage...some bumper damage. The other guy had a lot more damage.

    I am just wondering if I should file a claim (I live in MN and it is a no-fault state) or if I'd be better of just fixing it and paying out-of-pocket?

    If I file a claim, will my rates go up? Even though the other guy admitted fault, because he wasn't paying attention and ran into the back of me.

    I have a $500 deductible

    The cost of a replacement bumper would be about $200 plus installation.

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  • Trying to cancel DIRECTV service, they want to charge us early term. fee, but they cannot provide signal?

    We've had DIRECTV service for close to 10 years. Recently, we contacted them about upgrading to HDTV, and they said no problem, they will be out to install an upgraded dish.

    So we went out to buy an HD DIRECTV Receiver. After going through 4 install techs, and 3+ weeks of hell with them, it is determined that there is no where on our property to get a clear view of the sky with the 5-LNB dish. The best signal they can get is a 12. Which by their own admission is not acceptable.

    We are trying to cancel DIRECTV since they cannot provide us with HDTV service, that we wanted, but they are saying that since we bought that new receiver we owe them $450 for canceling.

    I would understand that cancellation fee, if they were providing the service and we were just canceling. But, they are not providing the service and not fulfilling their end of the contract.

    Any ideas? I thought about getting the names of the head people at DTV, wring a letter and CCing, the BBB and CA Atrny Gnrl.

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  • Cancel credit card once paid off, or keep it active?

    I applied for a "Turcott Twitty" (not the companies real name) credit card for a purchase I was making with them, because they had a promotion no-interest, no-payment for two years if you use the credit card.

    I don't plan on using that credit card for anything else, as I have other credit cards for that. Once it is paid off am I best to just cancel the card, or keep it active, but with no balance.

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  • The future of LCD and Plasma in the market?

    As it relates to Plasma vs. LCD, do you think that the market will someday in the future adopt a single technology? (e.g. VHS vs. Beta; HD DVD vs. Blu Ray) And if so, do you believe it will be Plasma, LCD or a yet unheard of technology?

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  • Working in a state with no state income tax while living in a state with a state income tax?

    I live in Minnesota and I am going to be going to work for a cruise line in Florida soon, for the next 6 months onboard a cruise ship. Florida does not have a state income tax, Minnesota does.

    Do I have to pay income tax on money earned in Florida to Minnesota?

    Or do I just pay what is earned in Minnesota to Minnesota?

    Thank you for your responses.

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  • Before I go: Questions for current/former Royal Caribbean (or any cruise line) employees?

    Hey all,

    I am just waiting to be assigned a ship (Royal Caribbean /Stage Staff) and had a few "last minute" questions that maybe current/former employees can answer.

    What does internet access for the crew cost? Does it cost the same whether you bring your own computer or use the ship computers?

    I know you don't have to pay to wash your uniform laundry. But what about your personal laundry? Where can you wash that? How much does it cost?

    Are you paid every two weeks? Weekly? Monthly?

    I was thinking for personal clothes bringing along like 3 pairs of shorts, 3-4 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve dress/casual shirts, 1 pair jeans, 2 pair casual long pants, 1 lt. jacket. Too much? Too little? Any recommendations?

    Anything else you think might be helpful?

    Thanks a lot!


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  • Can an employer ask you how many hours you worked per week at previous jobs?

    I am filling out an application, and they are asking how many hours per week I have worked at previous jobs.

    First, I am not 100% sure they are allowed to ask that question. I can't remember ever seeing this question on other applications. Maybe I should just leave that space blank or put N/A.

    I think if they were to call the employer, the employer really is only allowed to verify that I did work there and the dates, but not the number of hours worked, or how much I made.

    Am I correct on this, or way off?


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  • Employment history on resume vs. job application?

    I have two resumes online. One just lists only hotel jobs, for hotel employment, the other lists all jobs.

    If a hotel company found my online hotel only resume, and wants me to fill out an application with complete employment history, do I list only the hotel jobs, or do I list all the jobs, even if they weren't on the original resume?

    Thanks for your answers!

    Kind regards,


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