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  • Does my boyfriend have ADHD? @ 20 years old.?

    My boyfriend (age 20) & I have been dating for about 4 months now. Im thinking he may have adhd or something similar. When he wakes up, he jumps up and gets dressed (ready to go go go) even if its his day off or even when we dont have anything planned.. He wants to go go go. Also he HAS to touch everything! For example, a dog toy that may look interesting to him. Or a paper cutter. We have one and he just has to play with it when he sees it. A spray bottle on the counter... Just has to play with it. things like that. Or when hes driving he gets this erge to act all crazy,speeding, or when its raining he will step on the gas and we slide on the road. Hes just real hyper. Cant sit still. Also he will plan something one day, and plan other things on tht same day. Like overbooking you migjt say. And I love him to death but sometimes its just too much. How do I confront him without making him mad or hurting his feelings?

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  • Should I get my boyfriend a fathersday gift?

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month and he has a daughter with someone else. Hes 19 im 18 & his daughter is 1year. We never get to see her because her mother is very rude and very crazy. She threatend to beat me up and ive never met her. Ive never done anything to her.. But anyway should I get him anything? like an actual present? Or maybe just a card? Any ideas will help. Also if you need more info email me at

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  • What do I do with my relationship?? Please help :(?

    Okay, first of all. I dated this guy I really liked and started to love for about 4months. We were sexual. He broke up with me after 4 months of dating. 4 days before my 18th b-day is when he did it. It was difficult for me to get over him. He made me trust him more than anything in this world. We broke up for about 2 months and he comes over wanting me back. But, he said in 3months when he graduated school. So he didn't want to get back together rite away. Which is fine cause im tryn to graduate too. But the thing is, he kisses me, comes to see me alot, calls me baby, says he loves me, tries to have sex with me.. The only thing different is that we are not "official." Weve been doin this non official thing for about two months. And I met one of my brothers friends that wants to be with me badly! And im starting to fall for him. Ive got my self in a mess here. What am I suppose to do? I love my ex, but this guy I really like. I dont want to hurt my ex, but I honestly just feel used by him. Im not a cheater so definatly not into that. I just need opinions. Someone please help me :(

  • What should I do about this relationship??? Help!?

    Ok, so im 18. I dated this guy for about 5 months. We were sexually active. We broke up and didnt talk for about a month. Now he wants to get back together. He graduates school in 2 monthes and I graduate g.e.d classes in two months. So he wants to get back together after school. we are hanging out and hes ecen calling me "baby" ... I understand the reason he broke up with me. I was a very moody person trying to get my education under control. He couldnt handle it. He was a good boyfriend, and respected me enough to break up with me in person. Anyways, he wants me back now that my lifes on track. im just wondering if he maybe just wants me for sex, because he stayed the night last week and we messed around. But didnt actually have sex. Hes always talking about how sexy he thinks I am and other dirty stuff. Am I making a mistake? Could someone help me figure out wats going on? You can also email me at thanks. Pleasse help

  • Can an 18 year old have ovrian cancer??? Please help!?

    Im 18 and I have horrible periods. Ive always had bad ones, but each month they get worse. No off the shelf meds help me. Heat pad on my stomach doesn't help. Relaxing in a hot tub bath doesn't help. I have horrible pain in my lower left ovary. Pain in my thighs. When I urinate I feel like my insides are going to burst. When I use #2 I have horrible pain near my pelvic bone. I feel nausiated the whole week im on my period. I have heavy heavy periods. Changing pad every hour. Im also animic so I have an even lower blood count on my period. I thought it may be ovarian cancer. If anyone can please email me at id really apprieciae it. Thanks!

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  • How to avoid cig smoke!!?

    My mom, aunt, and grandma smoke. ALOT! I can get away from it in the house.. But in the car it bothers me so much I cant breathe.. Ill even roll my window down and it still bothers me! What can I do? Any type of mask I can use? Dont say ask them to stop. Cause I have.. And they dont. Sometimes they just get frustrated when I tell them over and over. But I cant stand it. My grandma will even role the windows up when shes done and all the smoke doesnt get out. So ill role mine down abd she yells at me "its all out" when I can still smell it and she will role it up and lock it. I cant take it anymore. What to do?

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  • What does my boyfriend mean???? Please help?

    My boyfriend and I dated 4months. No fights or anything. Well he broke up with me rite out of the blue one day. He said I was too shy in public and too happy when we were alone. Weve been broken up a week and now hes saying hes a stupid moron and that I was a perfect woman and he messed up. We are both 18. and he broke up with me four days before my bday and a week before valentines day. I called him earlier and he said he diesnt know What he wants. Hes coming over to talk later. What do I do or say???? Wats he mean?

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  • How to suprise boyfriend, age 17?

    My boyfriend went to visit his Mom in New York over Christmas. He is 18 & I'm 17. I want to surprise him when he comes back to Alabama on the 1st. I can't do anything with lingerie and stuff like that because I'm not looking to have sex. Plus he will be coming to my house and my moms here. I thought about a candle lit dinner. And I thought about cutting up a bunch of pieces of paper and writing iloveyou, ur mine,and drawing hearts..and putting them in a brown paper bag and putting it on my bedroom door so when he opens it the paper inthe bag will fall on him like the water bucket trick, lol. Or I also thought of putting a few balloons in my room with cute little poems on them. Any suggestions?? I need some really creative ideas. Nothing with sex or oral sex please I'm only 17 almost 18.

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  • Can I refuse certain medical exams?

    Im 17, with SEVERE period cramps. Its been going on for months and im scared to go to a doctor because I dont want a pelvic exam. its nasty And I have a mental disorder called social phobia. I cant make myself go. But I need to. I believe they can find out whats wrong through a ultrasound. I dont want a pap smere or pelcic exam. Can I refuse those? and just tell them I want an ultrasound? Thanks!

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  • Im 17 with no social life...HELP!!!?

    I was home schooled in kindergarden and started going to public school in first grade. Well in the middle of first grade the principal decided put me back in kindergarden!!! Ive been older than everyone since. I dropped out in 8th grade. I was 16. I would have veen 17in9thgrade!! 18 in 10th! I couldnt take it anymore. Once I dropped out I lost all my friends. Ive been out over a year now and all I do is sit at home all alone. No social life. Besides my boydriend that I met through my sis. I cant take it anymore. I start ged classes the 1st of january. But im so lonely. How do I start talking to new friends???

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  • 17 with severe period cramps what should I do!?

    I have severe period cramps. Im 17 & my thighs will hurt, my lower back will hurt. I get severe headaches.. dizziness and of course abdomen pain. It hurts so bad I can hardly take it. I want to go to the er but ive never had a pelvic exam...and im scared thats what they will do. And im on my period obviosly and that would just be descusting. What should I do? No meds help at all!!

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  • 17 with severe period cramps what should I do!?

    I have severe period cramps. Im 17 & my thighs will hurt, my lower back will hurt. I get severe headaches.. dizziness and of course abdomen pain. It hurts so bad I can hardly take it. I want to go to the er but ive never had a pelvic exam...and im scared thats what they will do. And im on my period obviosly and that would just be descusting. What should I do? No meds help at all!!

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  • whats does ******** meen?

    i kinda know but.....ya know

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  • what does it mean when a guy says this?

    what does meen when a guy says he has a jack for you?

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  • should i go out with him?or does he sound like trouble?

    ok,so theres this guy that says he really likes me and has for two years.last year he asked me to be his gf two times and now he asked me again but i heard from a bunch of diff ppl that he asked out like....5 other girls but i asked him bout it and he said he had a gf monday which is when he asked me out(and he was tellin me dis on Wednesday)he said he broke up with her that morning(thursday)but he said he didnt ask out other girls but i still dk if i can trust him cuz the relationships he has already had and they didnt go good but i was really starting to like this guy!!!my best friend that is a guy (he was my last x)that i still love and like him alot and i flirt with him all the time and he flirts with me but he has a girl friend and if i get a boyfriend im afraid theyll hurt me like he did and i want to say yes to the guy that asked me out but i want to say no cuz im still inlove with my x soo much!! so someone plz help me and tell me what i should do!!!!thanks

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  • what does the confederate flag meen?

    can anyone tell me?

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  • im 5 foot about 120 lbs am i fat?

    i think im fat do you?

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  • DOES IT HURT?????????

    im thinking about getting a tattoo and i was wanting to know does it hurt and where is the least painful place to put it i don't want anything big maybe just a Little heart the size of a dime!!!thanks

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  • Does he still maybe have feelings for me?

    im only 14 me and this guy went out for 6 monthes and i still talk to him every day of my life and he calls me alot too eventhough he has another has been almost a year since we have broke up and i still just cant get over him and im wanting to know could he still have feelings for me!!plz some one help!! thanks!!!!

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  • hi i want to know if im fat (or over weight) and i weigh 120 to 130 my height is 5"3?

    ok guys im sorry!!!!! i had ask this question b4 but i put my wrong height idk how tht happened but i did!!anyways wat do u think plz donot be mean cuz im already discuraged anough and i down myself all the time even my friends are tired of me talking about how fat i am!!but ya tell me wat u think it would help alot!!!!! thanks,shorty

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