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  • Could there be parallel universe(s) right before our eyes (or at least telescopes)?

    Hear me out please, I know that it's a real stretch. But if you take some of the popular versions of parallel realities, like Dr. Everett's Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum phyisics and you were to put in front of yo for the first time, like before you knew anything at all about astonomy, then what if we have many versions of reality all ready. one right after the other. We can't have multiple universes, because the UNIverse is one thing, that's the name. We'll have to come up with new names to replace multi-verse. But for some reason this Universe that pushed out of that Big Bang so many years ago is seperated into Galaxies. Why? How? Imagine if each Galaxy is a different version of one reality. THe parallel "universes" are actaully parralel to each other, even visable to each other. But the major differences between a Spiral Arm Galaxy and an Eliptical Galaxy just show the differences that you might see if one twin took the path on the left while the other twin went right.

    Of course, there's one undeniable difference between Galaxies and that's that some of them are simply so much MORE than other galaxies are. Maybe some galaxies collided with each other to get big, and that may fit, but it doesn't fit in very cleanly, so here's what I propose. Each and every galaxy is the same size. How can that be? There is a lot of dark matter and dark energy that is unaccounted for. If it were all suddenly accounted for, and if the amazing coincidence started to show itself that each galaxy summed up to being the same size balanced between dark and light matter and energy, then might there be something to this wild theory?

    and as for why haven't we observed any similarities from all those other earths? I think it might be because we can't even reach the furthest bottom of our own ocean yet and it's much harder to find an exact planet in the haystack that is a galaxy.

    OF course I'm talking about a science fiction idea. Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

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  • Isn't the universe expanding into the past as rapidly as it is expanding into the future.?

    In realativity, Einstein showed the connections of space and time into a single continuum. So as the universe expands away from the moment of the big bang, it constantly expands. So then as the universe expands evenly in all directions, and in fact increases in speed and acceleration, much like the way a loaf of dough rises with yeast, then the Universe should be expanding time as well as space. What I mean is that maybe the center of the big bang is 15 Billion Light years away from the "edge" of the universe making it 15 Billion years old. But next year the unvierse won't just be 15 Billion and one as it moves into the future, but it will be 15 Billion and two, because time itself is being created. And since we are in the middle of it (being the fulcrum point of observation) the creation of time will make just as much past as it will future.




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  • Is the water from Hydrogen fuel cells potable? Can I drink it?

    I've seen the diagrams for the Hydrogen fuel cells where the filter keeps the electrons out, generating electricity and the by-product is H20. Is it just me or would this be the cleanest, purest water available? It's been filtered at the molecular level. Nothing bottled in any glacier lake could beat that. Am i mistaken?

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  • Has Anyone seen The Esoteric Agenda? If not it's on youtube in thirteen parts.?

    I've only seen the first 7 parts so far, but what I wonder is Where do you think President Obama fits into the conspiracy?

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  • Why would the Original Sin be the fall in the garden of Eden as opposed to the Sin of Lucifer's Pride?

    When Lucifer revolted against Heaven and claimed the throne of god, it would be the first sin and the greatest of them. But the church has always taken such a solid stance on the story of Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the tree in the garden and that it wasn't just the first sin or a great sin but Original Sin with capitals and that it lives on in every human that gets born. It doesn't fit to me? It sounds very suspicious of blaming average people to use guilt for obedience. And this is despite the very stories of that same church, namely the battle.

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  • How do you Communicate with a Mother who Hears only what she wants and spins things more than a politician?

    I'm at a real crisis. I realize that she hears what she wishes to be true. Like she doesn't get along with my wife, so if I mention that we've had a fight, then she doesn't listen to the reasons or even the fact that we've made up, she operates on the assumption that my marriage is on the rocks, because she would prefer that it was. I mean she even stays in touch with an ex-girlfriend from high school as if she's preparing things for when things go wrong with the woman I've chosen instead of the one she had chosen. It's an especially sensitive time to be confronting her about this devious behavior, or even anything too emotional as my father just died this past year and she's alone now, but she's been acting so... well, so... She says one thing and means another, she has ulterior motives for the things that she does, she doesn't speak her mind, but expects people to read between the lines and when she reads between the lines of what other are saying, she's making up fiction that nobody said. What's most infuriating is that it's been all of my life, and I've been conditioned since I was a baby to fall for all of the tricks and now that I'm grown, I can't help but notice it in every single conversation. but at the end of the day she's my mother and I still have to deal with all of this and love her, which of course I do. But how to communicate. Do any of you relate at all?

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  • Is there anything Fun In Philadelphia?

    Who knows of anything cool going on Philadelphia, especially the north east, this afternoon and this evening. Cheap to free is the best.

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  • How can We Afford to Get Green? How Can We Afford Not Too?

    IN the short term we (my family) is struggling to hold the utilities together each week. We're being sued by our own banks just because they're not growing at the rate other banks are, so they want to collect from the individuals. In the long term, we (my society) are using that exact fact to ignore the waste and pollution that we've been creating for a hundred years of industrialization. It's a rock and a hard place, but we still do our part and try to be part of the solution. But how, how do you pick out the organic groceries when you are literally less than one paycheck away from being homeless and it's getting worse? How do you do it?

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  • Unemployment Insurance Should Not Penalize Someone For Working.?

    If a Person is laid off and files to collect unemployment while scheduling job interviews. That person then finds that the job offered will pay less than the unemployment insurance would pay (both are big cuts from the job that was lost). Is it right that unemployment can't help make up that difference? Is the person being financially penalized by taking the job? This is a real-life. Please, look into the whole story:

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  • Why do I never hear the word Arabian any more?

    In the news there is a lot of coverage of the middle east in the past decade and yet I don't think that I've heard the word Arabian since I was a little kid hearing about 1,001 tales of the Arabian Nights. I understand that the people of Arabia are Arabs and the language spoken there is Arabic, but the news coverage seems to be about "Arab clerics" instead of "Arabian Clerics". See what I'm saying? I hope that it's not a choice made by the news casters to avoid using the friendly phrasing that conjures up Disney (Alladin of course) stories in the minds of the American populace, but I wouldn't put it past those talking heads. Is it proper grammar the way they're using the words? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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