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  • Vision went blurry and intensified for a bit, also headaches as I was doing deadlifts, what happened?

    I was just staring my lifts, and was warming up with 185lbs on deadlfits, out of nowhere I started seeing black spots like if I was staring at the sun and my vision quickly became blurry. I finished my set and shortly after leaving, my vision became fine, just headache(back of the head) afterwards. Any idea what happened to me?

    2 AnswersMen's Health5 years ago
  • What make and model was Robert Trujillo's (MetallicA) bass of in the Grammy's Performance?

    Anybody know the brand and model of the bass that Robert Trujillo was playing in the Grammy's performing "One" with Lang Lang.

    1 AnswerPerforming Arts7 years ago
  • Why are my videos choppy/lagging?

    Recently when viewing videos on Youtube they have been choppy on my computer, as well as t.v. shows on the a&e website, never had this problem until now, is there some thing I can do, like ending certain processes. I have a Lenovo B575.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet7 years ago
  • How to fix my Reel to Reel Player?

    Recently purchased a Westinghouse Portatape Reel to Reel Player for $15, it turns on and reels spin, but at times it hesitates and there is also a loud noise, such as an old car trying to start. Thank for any help.

  • Syndication/Copyright issue on Youtube?

    Ive been doing bass covers on Youtube, and my vids have been viewable everywhere, but recently did Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana and that video isn't visible on mobile devices, Yes I do understand the copyright laws and licenses, Therefore I try to ease of the copyright by giving credit to the band in both the video and description, again I know that does not give me complete entitlement but all my other vids have worked fine. I acknowledge and dispute "gave credit in the video" and its worked up until my recent upload. What do I do?

    3 AnswersYouTube7 years ago
  • In need of a good portable recorder?

    Im a musician who tends to whistle or chime out beats when bored, and thought "hey, better record this" so now looking for a good portable voice recorder, under 50 bucks. Thanks

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics7 years ago
  • How to make my hair thinner?

    Is there some kind of conditioner that can make your hair thinner or finer, because when I let my hair grow, I end up looking like Freddy Fender(Afro) and my hair is straight. Wanna let it get finer for a nice Pompadour and not having to use tons of hair product

    3 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • Anybody know anything about this Beatles' poster?

    Found it behind a Star Wars movie poster within the frame and just would like to know about it. Ill try to put up links for pic, if not it is the red poster of The Beatles Yesterday and Forever with printed autographs. 2nd link:

    1 AnswerRock and Pop7 years ago
  • How to make a bass amp?

    Im curious to know that if I buy MDF wood, and replace the wood on my guitar amp with it, can it be a more suitable bass amp.

    2 AnswersCar Audio8 years ago
  • How to avoid copy infringement on Youtube?

    I get tired of this infringement thing. I acknowledge the rights to the song in description, and seen some videos acknowledge it in video. recently facebook took down a video of mine for same reason. What should I do? Whats the best legal action as far as letting people know?

    5 AnswersYouTube8 years ago
  • Is a short scale fretless bass good?

    Im thinking on buying a Fretless bass to get that Jaco Pastorius feel and sound, but came across an SX Ursa 2 Fretless and it is short scale(30" length). Just wanted to know if anyone thinks it is worth it.

    3 AnswersJazz8 years ago
  • What the best microphone for me?

    I am in search for a mic for recording acoustic guitar and some vocals, under $75, nothing fancy just because I am new to this, preferably a combo, one that comes with a stand and cable

    2 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • What is the best ukulele type for me?

    Been inspired by Eddie Vedder to pick up the ukulele, but noticed that there are several types such as Soprano, Tenor, and Concert. For one I got long, skinny fingers, just throwing that in, and like the dark woods. I play comfortably with jumbo frets like on the Dean Razorbacks, want a good rich sound for a beginner and from $100 down.

    2 AnswersPerforming Arts8 years ago
  • What's a good starter electronic drum set for a relatively low price?

    Id like to play drums but 1) dont got space for an acoustic 2) not a big budget, so looking for a kit an experienced drummer might recommend.

    3 AnswersOther - Electronics8 years ago
  • Why isn't my guitar amp working properly?

    I had bought an old little small amp at Salvation Army but it turns on and works but the sound output is extremely low, like if its at level 1, also tried thru headphones and the same thing happens, its low. Its a Sp 10 model by fender which If correct its Squier amp. Yes I do have a bigger and better amp, but still will like to fix it and get some $.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • Whats a good pomade as a base?

    New to pomade using waitin to get that hair long enough for a pomp but recently bought Murray's and luckily I used a top coat rather than base, so Im lookin for brands that are not as thick and heavy like murrays. Fellow Rebels please help another\m/

    1 AnswerHair8 years ago
  • What song is this its heavy metal but sound old school?

    it was heavy metal like testament but with a slightly higher voice, fast thick bassline and I think it said "now its friday(or any other day) night" and i think i heard "singing in the sunlight/sunshine" something like that

    3 AnswersRock and Pop8 years ago
  • How to find in what Key is my Accordion IN?

    My grandpa gave me an accordion its by Firotti made in Germany, its got 2 button rows,21 buttons, i think its called diatonic. I would love to learn it but dont got a clue in what key/tuning it is in?Also how can i figure out chords?

    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment8 years ago
  • Should I save up for a GoPro camera?

    Im an outdoors' man and I would like to film my hunts, fishing trips, as well as Mountain biking and obviously the GoPro comes to mind but should I invest in one or are there cameras exactly the same for a lower price?

    1 AnswerCameras8 years ago
  • Why can i hear others song when playing my 8 track tape?

    while playing my 8 track i can hear the others song in the background is it because that's how they are, something wrong with tape, or is it my 8 track player.

    2 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago