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  • what do refurendums achieve?

    yes or no to Europe,does letting the people decide on our future existence,give our political masters nothing less than a pathetic excuse for not accepting any responsibility 4 the repurcussions of the vote of the [plebs].In a true democracy ,the plebs should have been made aware of the for,s and against facts of membership.Come on beeb give the plebs some facts to make an informed choice.

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  • confusion over plan b advertising?

    recently there has been a profusion of adverts on tv advising people to take out insurance policies to cover the cost of living in case of injury or disability that might cause us to become unable to work.Am l wrong to assume that the reason we pay 12% of our earnings as national insurance contributions is for that very same purpose.Maybe l should try confused . com

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  • problems with pc games?

    I am getting a slight delayed reaction from my pc when playing games making it impossible to be competitive after installing a different operating program called lynex? or something similar

    2 AnswersPC9 years ago
  • where will 2 million south americans settle?

    .If recent Spanish repatriation rule changes giving all persons of Spanish descent the right of Spanish citizenship (which gives E.U.freedom of movement) What restrictions will our great leaders put in place to stop the estimated 2 million applicants from Mexico to Peru flooding the U.K.when they arrive in Spain and find no jobs and no money.Build some more Dole offices Gordon

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  • why dont they tell us straight?

    Why do politicians still think that they know more than us about the global reality.The main consideration in a capitalist society in all governmental decisions is whether they are financially viable or not.Morals,kindness,compassion and patriotism have lost their value in our money obsessed world.Please ,present and would be politicians,don,t assume that we are twa#s

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  • are they not drugs our legal stimulants?

    why are stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine legal substances,whereas less harmful stimulants such as cannabis and cocaine are not.If the legality status was reversed and taxation was placed on puff and coke,business would boom for the government like it did when they leased Hong Kong from China for the exportation of opium.With far less harmful effects.

    9 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Why are gambling rules different in our country?

    Dear Gordon, when you win a £1 in a bookmakers you get back your stake plus £1.When you "win"a £1 on the national lottery instants you actually get your £1 stake back and win nothing.Are the gambling laws flexible depending on whether they pay for the Olympic stadiums,or just a crafty form of gambling tax.

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  • Academics or the good life?

    the past requirements as people grew up was to be academically tutored to ensure career status.Do our government not realise that their commitment to capitalism has caused so many family disfunctions by forcing both parents to work to survive.Causing our children to fend for themselves when they need supervising.I think that in our current state of bleakness on the financial and job prospects front our great leaders should start to think about cottage type Industries allowing the people to be self governing and masters of their own destiny if they so wish.Some of us dont actually need governing.

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  • subjects of importance?

    who else feels that children between the ages of 11 to 16 should be educated about things like respect,manners,selflessness,love,consideration for others,and Perception of attitudes as an educational priority

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  • when are the unquestionable powers of the church going to intervene?

    The western world has gone astray badly.Worshipping money and the power it brings when countries, or us as individuals have it.Or is faith and religion powerless to correct our present hell.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Is this really true America.?

    I have just been told that the President has just announced that all white Americans must report to the cotton fields at 6am on Monday morning.

    14 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Is The Venezuelan future nothing to do with Venezuelians. ?

    How did the Italians become rein holders of the money in Venezuela.Is it because of the horse head in the bed gang.

    1 AnswerVenezuela1 decade ago
  • Is it fair on the west african people to wait so long?

    for the trial of Charles Taylor ,who was taken to the hague three years ago to be tried for war crimes that created mayhem,carnage and the deaths of thousands of Liberians and Sierra Leonians.Some say that his trial is on permanent hold,because of the embarrasment that his knowledge of the U.S.A.s involvement would cause.Mainly,how he managed to escape from a U.S. jail,go to Liberia and kill the president of Liberia ,who was a major thorn in the foot of the U.S.How long must they wait.

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  • what have l done to my pc it dont play videos any more?

    l think l got over enthusiastic deleting programmes no longer used and scrubbed out the one that downloads videos for news items-music ,in fact all video formats.As you can probably guess ,l am a newcomer to the computer world and will greatly appreciate assistance.l am using windows xp in the uk.

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  • Where does one empty ones b#m?

    l am planning to visit the Mayors festival this weekend on the southbank.By all accounts it should be a fantastic occasion.With over 1 million visitors expected.Will visitors please note that all our public convieniences[the ones with a McDon###s sign above them]also do a good range of food.Wheres the bogs Boris?

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