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Hello! I hope you enjoy my answers on Mathematics and various different topics, and find them useful, helpful, enlightening, and entertaining. My Math answers have been getting better I think. So I will let people see my Activity again. All you have to do is be my Fan on Yahoo and then I'll at least know who else is looking.

  • If there is a big disaster, does anybody have extra chickens in reserve?

    Say if there is a large collapse of the economic system or transportation system or farming. Then I could survive better if I could grow some grain in my yard instead of useless grass, and raise some chickens. But I do not know where I would get the chickens from during the disaster. I know it would not work to buy grocery store eggs and try to incubate them, because they have gotten cold and died probably, and also they probably have not been fertilized by a rooster. I would have to have some kind of inside line to a local poultry farm, but I don't. Has any U.S. city, state, county, or the Federal government prepared a disaster plan which includes a source of chickens? Also, I am realizing a disaster plan can only do so much. Some disasters are really bad, like when a human comes and destroys and ant hill, and the ants just have to go off and try to find some other ant hill to live in. I probably would not have enough land to do very well unless I can outlive a few of my neighbors somehow.

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  • What was the atmospheric concentration of CO2 when Obama took office?

    The atmospheric concentration of CO2 recently hit 400 parts per billion (I guess by volume).

    And I saw a big stupid SUV today with a stupid bumper sticker that said:

    "The price of gasoline when Obama took office was $1.81."

    On the plus side, the bumper sticker nice logo for Obama, the campaign logo. So I did find something nice to say about it. It was a very clean & shiny SUV, too.

    If the Earth Science folks don't know then I can ask it in Politics :)

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • What is that scroll thing that is used to separate blocks of text?

    I wish I could find an example to look at to show you.

    1) It is usually centered between some blocks of text

    2) Sometimes there is a row of them

    3) They look sort of like elongated sideways esses

    I am pretty sure there would not be a Unicode character for it because it is way too wide.

    If I knew what it was called I could do a Google image search for it and find one to use.

    It is not very easy to draw one I think.

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • Where can I watch the debate after it's over?

    Does anybody have a link to Romney-Obama video online, so I can watch it even though it ended?

    I knew it was tonight but I guess I failed to remember & notice it was 8 PM (Central or what? I still don't know.) I just heard about 5 minutes of it on the radio. Hmm, I bet NPR radio has the audio at least. How about a video link?

    From the few minutes I heard I thought Romney sounded more confident and Obama sounded taut, maybe a little scared. I didn't like that, I wished he had gotten over his fear before the debate to bring more energy into it. Obama really keeps his cool though. (That's just my opinion, not part of the question, sorry!)

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  • Song in commercial - Blue Cross yesterday during tennis?

    Saw a TV ad on Monday during the tennis finals. Not for a particular state I think, but I'm i TX so it could've possibly been a TX ad. Wondered what the song was. The ad showes some pretty pics of happy children including one on a swing who swang up close and then swang back away from the camera. I'm trying to find out what song it is. A link to a video would be very nice. It is a happy cheerful melodic song.

    It was a pretty song and I guess it was a recent pop song that sold itself to Blue Cross/Blue Shield.


    I love when it is so impossible to find it by using search engines. Apparently the search engines I have do not have any useful information anymore, only information that the companies want the consumers to see. I feel like I'm not supposed to ask that, or that's not what the search engine is there for. But anyway who would go to trouble to upload a commercial and make a web site about it. There's probably a good site for that but not easy to locate it in the search results. Not shopping for insurance, thank you, just want to hear the song!

    1 AnswerOther - Television8 years ago
  • Convection ovens make good space heaters?

    Today I went to a store where they had some inexpensive convection ovens.

    I've heard convection ovens can be pretty efficient because they heat the food more rapidly.

    It appeared the ones I saw for sale had no insulation, just thin metal walls and even some vents to allow air to exchange from around the oven into the air around.

    In the winter I think this would be fine because the oven would help heat the house, but in the summer any heat leaked out of the oven just causes extra work for the air conditioner. Considering air conditioners aren't very efficient, this seems to multiply the amount of energy use by a factor greater than three.

    Why are all the convection ovens designed in such a despicably wasteful way?

    Are we such terrible engineers?

    Is it so expensive to keep air from leaking out of a small oven?

    Maybe there is some essential requirement for ventilation that I'm missing?

    4 AnswersEngineering8 years ago
  • What movie am I thinking of? recent, trailer, current, submarine, missile...?

    It's NOT Red October, or Red October 2, or Crimson Tide.

    It seems like I saw a trailer, during previews for some movie, and it was a few months ago, and I keep wondering what it was, because the plot was going to be really dramatic ...

    Would like to find out the title and the actors and see the trailer again etc.

    It seems like it could have been a remake of Crimson Tide or sort of a copy of the plot. Apparently the plot is that some bad politics have happened in Washington, so this one nuclear submarine isn't going to follow their orders. The people in Washington are scared because the ship is sending a missile at them, and then the trailer ends before we can see what will happen ... very suspenseful ...

    no idea what the title or release date is though!

    Will be grateful if you can figure it out for me!

    1 AnswerMovies8 years ago
  • Which is the best online place to get free money without doing any math tutoring?

    If there is an online place to get free math tutoring without paying any money, shouldn't there also be a place to get free money without doing any math tutoring?

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • Where did my questions disappear to?

    A few days ago I went to Recommended Questions by mistake and was very alarmed to find only two pages of questions, because I didn't realize I was in the Recommended Questions tab. (Maybe the tab should be real big so I could see it better?) Then I asked two questions to Yahoo Products - Answers about why I only had two pages of questions (dumb, right? But something else weird had just happened, so I was confused!) Then under My Activity in My Questions, the questions never appeared, or immediately disappeared!

    Why did the two questions disappear!

    To illustrate the depth of the question, here are some hypotheses I've formed in attempting to explain it:

    Did the Yahoo software automatically detect that I was being dumb? Did it just put me into a secret category of ppl who ask silly trollish questions to the Products forum? Is the Products forum secret for people? Did Yahoo quit reading it? Was there an error on the server farm? Did I just miss the last step of submitting it after I wrote it and chose the category and previewed it? Did it look like I have a lot of punctuation?


    Now I like the Recommended Questions part OK and it loves to give me some Statistics questions to answer (about the normal distribution and Ho and μ and μ0), and I seem to know the answers to those ok, and I can even explain them (though I am sure I will get tired of it if I do it over and over again, but at least I answered a few.)

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • What is going on in Illinois besides chicago, sports, and drought?

    I know some people in Michigan and Indiana and I feel like I sort of know what is in Ohio. However, I seem to never hear any news whatsoever about anything that happens in Illinois, even in Chicago, except a little bit of sports news.

    What is going on in Illinois?

    Is it having a ton of drought right now or is it doing OK?

    Besides Chicago, some sports, and a drought, what is going on in Illinois?

    3 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • Does tap water treated with chloramines interfere with digestion?

    I see from my city's web site that they do treat our tap water with chloramine. I assume this means monochloramine, for now. A friend has told me that drinking this can disrupt my body's fauna, the bacterial organisms in the gut that aid in digestion. I should be taking some probiotics, according to The wikipedia article on this doesn't resolve the question at all. Obviously the answer depends on complicated things like what happens to the water & organisms in the stomach, and what is the concentration of chloramine used to treat the water.

    Kindly point me to good sources on this.

    4 AnswersBiology8 years ago
  • Standard method to document software by flowcharts?

    I know how to program but I'm not familiar with normal methods of flowchart documentation.

    I see some jobs advertized for the City that say I should know how to make flow charts to document code that I would write if I were to succeed in landing the position.

    How could I go about picking up this skill?

    Are there standards for creating these flowcharts?

    How do people know what details to keep in and what details to leave out?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • if someone lends me a credit card to use, how do I sign the receipt?

    Do I put my name and her initials? Do I use my regular signature? should I try to forge hers? The credit card company checks it how? I don't understand how this works! It's a MasterCard. Thank you!

    3 AnswersOther - Business & Finance9 years ago
  • Tutor spam in Mathematics section - should I mark it as abusive?

    On Yahoo Answers in the Mathematics section, I sometimes see where a difficult question doesn't have an answer. Then I see that someone has answered it by saying "Why don't you contact this math tutor?", essentially advertizing for their services. As a potential math tutor, I find this to be unfair competition. Is it honest for me to mark it as abuse? I find it to be unfair competition and a somewhat gray area. In answering questions I never do that. I don't think anyone else should either.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • In these numbers how many of the digits are equal to 1?

    Using base ten, how many of the digits are equal to 1 in these numbers



    1 AnswerMathematics9 years ago
  • Probability question - seven dice?

    You have n dice that are k-soded.

    To play the game you roll the dice once and arrange the numbers like a poker hand. A possible outcome is with 7 dice that are 3-sided would be 1122233. Then roll the dice again. If you get the same outcome as on the first roll, you win.

    Also in general, for N dice that are k-sided?

    I think the answer is not very hard using combinatorics & maybe generating functions. It's not something I could just write down or solve in one step.

    Inspired by another question that I misread here:;_ylt=AhCsj...

    3 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • Do I have influence in the community?

    In Yahoo Answers if I mark it as Spam do they instantly believe me and remove it from everybody's view? How come I don't have Top Contributor badge; my answers are consistently beautiful, helpful, and brilliant! (I'm not very complete or accurate sometimes). One time I was in a disagreement and marked someone abusive because she called me a creep, which may have been a somewhat valid point of view, but also I was partly right, and it has been a long time ago, so I should be forgiven by now I hope! Also, I want to be more famous! Thank you!

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • What happens to cat & dog hair that got mixed into my Compost box?

    Does pet hair decompose in a reasonable amount of time in a compost heap, or does it take five years ...

    I did a bad thing - my compost pile needed more "brown" (it was all fruit and vegetable and coffee grounds, so it needed more leaves, dirt, cellulose - forget what-all else this is). Then I had just cleaned a heap of dirt and leaves from in front of our apartment (our landlord doesn't keep it tidy). I put that into the compost and then discovered it has some litter (I'll try to pick out the cigarette butts and plastic etc) and also A LOT OF PET HAIR!

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • What is the most sophisticated way to keep an idiot busy :)?

    Some questions in the Mathematics section, I think they are just to keep me from answering the homework questions for a while, so that someone else can get the points! What math problems are best for keeping someone busy, while being ultimately pointless (so I will recognize them better in the future)!

    5 AnswersMathematics9 years ago