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  • Why isn't my RFU cable working with my Nintendo 64?

    Today I found my old N64 in a box and decided to break it out. I have the antenna cord on the RFU adapter hooked up to the RF port on my tv and the tv turned to channel 3 which is what its set at (I also tried channel 4) and the tv is still fuzzy with some static that goes in and out. When I turn it on I can tell it is trying to do something... Do I have something hooked up wrong or is there something else I can do? THANKS.

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  • Sennheiser headphones vs Bose?

    I currently own a pair of over the ear skull candies that I made a mistake buying. They're so cheap that the plastic cracked and will soon fall apart on me...not to mention the sound wasn't anything special. Now that I have the money, I'm looking to buy headphones with AMAZING crystal clear sound and I'd prefer noise cancelling, but it wouldn't be too huge of a deal if they weren't. So, Sennheiser vs Bose? Which has better sound quality and durability? I'm willing to spend 300 bucks. (And I'll prolly find them on ebay or amazon so they're cheaper than retail.) Thanks. P.s. Models would be helpful.

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  • How big is a size 2 ear gauge?

    Hey guys! I've been thinking about gauging my ears to a size 2...I have an idea of how big it is...but im not for sure. Could I have like a picture if anybody has them...or like how big would it be compared to an a pencil or something? Thanks!

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  • What's your opinion on this dress for homecoming?

    I really want a gold dress for homecoming, and I like this one... What's your opinoin on it...and what colors shoes should I do?

    I have long brown hair that I am going to curl and I am going to pull my bangs back out of my face into one of those little poof things.

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  • My fujifilm fine pix camera keeps saying card error?

    My camera keeps reading card error. I've tried formatting the card and it worked, for a few minets. So I tried formatting it again and it does nothing. I got frusterated and went out to the store and bought a whole new memory card...and it still reads card error? So I guess its a problem with the camera? What else can I do to fix it???? ]:

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  • Can I put pictures on a blank cd? Or should I put in on a dvr?

    I need to give some pictures (in some sort of digital format) to my friend tomarrow for a slideshow hes putting togather. I have both blank Cds and Dvrs...which one should I use...

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  • Does it cost money to use AIM on my phone?

    I have a verizon voyager that I just got today. And it says mobile IM. I really want to use it but does it cost anything? I know it costs like 1.99 per mega bite if i use the internet or something.....but idk if that applies for instant messaging.

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  • Does it cost money to activate a phone @ verizon?

    I bought a voyager off ebay and I was wondering if it costs anything to go into verizon and activate this phone with my current number?

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  • I dropped my verizon Env in the toilet this morning and it broke! Do you think verizon will give me a newphone?

    So I was super tired this morning and my phone fell into the toilet. When I try to turn it on it just says verizon on the front and makes hissing noises D: Im going to go to the verizon store in a few you think they would replace my phone? Or would I have to buy a new one... I don't know bc I heard that they don't sell Envs anymore?! I really would like a voyager but my stupid 2 year contract isn't up yet....what do you think will most likely happen?

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  • I accidentally stained my moccasins! How do I get the stain out?

    Okay so I accidentally spilled my hot apple blast from caribou coffee onto one of my moccasins, I thought it was just wet....but they stained them. They are suede. What should I do to get the stain out...?

    Idk if i could put them in the washing machine or not...or stain stick or something?

    BTW they are the ones from American Eagle.

    So if you've had might help.

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  • Can somebody please make since of my verizon bill for me?

    I dont know what this stuff means.

    I know I get 700 minuetes...and this says how many Ive used...but with a bunch of other crap thrown in.

    It says:

    Peak - 54

    Off Peak/Night- 554

    Weekend- 0

    Peak IN- 20

    Off Peak IN- 5

    What is all of this peak in and off nonsense?


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  • Smoothies are made with milk, yogurt or ice cream right?

    my friend says smoothies have no milk in them....just fruit...I say fruit with milk yogurt or ice cream. who is right?

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  • Have you read Catcher in the Rye? (I dont get this..)?

    I really dont get this question?

    Consider Salinger’s style and language in the novel. Are they Appropriate or inappropriate for what the author is trying to say?

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  • Would this be considered as sexual harrasment? Would he have a case?

    I am doing a project for the book The Catcher in the Rye. One of the questions is that "Would Holden have a case from the Mr. Antolini incident?

    Here is what the book says happens:

    " I woke up all of a sudden. I don't know what time it was or anything, but I woke up. I felt something on my head, some guys hand. Boy, it really scared hell out of me. What it was, it was Mr. Antolini's hand. What he was doing was, he was sitting on the floor right next to the couch, in the dark and all, and he was sort of petting me or patting me on the goddam head.Boy Ill bet I jumped about a thousand feet."

    - catcher in the rye.

    Would this be considered sexual harrasment or something? Would it make a case thanksss

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  • If you have read catcher in the rye...can you rate this storey I had to right about it?

    It was for my honors humanities summer home work. You know the part about the secret goldfish(that was the storey Holdens brother wrote.)? Well the project I chose was to create the storey of the secret gold fish using the discription it gives of it in the book. please tell me if you think I did a okay job.

    The bright sun was just starting to rise. It brought a warm glow to the little boy’s room. Outside was peaceful and quiet; you hear only the little birds chirping. Until, BEEP BEEP BEEP! Benny’s alarm went off at exactly six o’clock AM. The little boy hopped out of bed, grabbed his piggy bank, threw the door open and ran down the stairs. Benny was very excited because, today was the day that he might be able to get his new pet.

    About three months ago, Benny’s family took a trip the pet store to get some food for his new puppy. One of Benny’s favorite places is the pet store because, his favorite things are animals. So, Benny had lots of fun looking at all of the animals the store had to offer. He saw the fuzzy rabbits, slithering snakes, chirping birds, and all of the other little critters such as mice and hamsters. But then something really caught his eye. It was all of the bright colors in the fish section. He ran over to see all of the fish. He walked by the tropical ones, admiring the bright colors and patterns that swirled on their bodies. The next kind of fish he walked by came to be his favorite. It was just a simple gold fish, but Benny saw much more. He loved their bright orange bodies. (Orange is Benny’s favorite color.) He loved their glass bowl filled with all different sorts of rocks and colors. Benny tapped the glass of the fish tank. One little fish swam up right next to his finger. He moved his finger along the glass, and the chubby little fish followed it. Benny giggled, now he knew he really wanted another little companion.

    That night at the dinner table Benny talked with his parents about getting the fish. They agreed to let him get one, but there was a catch. He had to be responsible and take very good care of his fish. That meant feeding it, and helping clean out his bowl. “I can do that” Benny thought. But there was more. His parents also said that he had to pay for the fish himself.

    Benny had saved up twelve dollars by saving most of his allowance and by doing chores for his mother. Those twelve dollars are safely tucked away in the piggy bank that Benny has in his arms as he walks in to the kitchen. The smell of pancakes and maple syrup are in the air. His mother has a spatula in one hand and a large hot mug of steaming coffee in the other hand. “Benny! You are up very early!” his mother said as she flipped the last pancake, set down her spatula and walked over to the table where Benny is now sitting. “I know! But I had to get up early so we can go to the pet store right when it opens!” Benny replied. “What would we need to go to the pet store for? We have enough food for the dog.” His mother said. Benny looked confused as his mother set a plate of steaming hot pancakes in front of him. “Mom, you said today I could get my goldfish! I have it on my calendar. You said that today was a good day to get it because, you wouldn’t be busy or anything.” Benny said. His mother also started to look confused now. “Hm, I don’t remember saying that you were going to get it this exact day. Besides, I already scheduled my yoga class for today. Sorry hun.” She replied.

    Benny ate his pancakes in silence. But when he was finished he tried to plead with his mom about getting the fish. School was just about to start so he and his mother would be awfully busy. He was afraid that they would be so busy she would forget the promise and he would never get his fish. Benny went up to his room, sat on his bed and started thinking. “Adults are such phonies. They tell you one thing, and then they do another. You can’t trust them.” Benny thought.

    Later that day, Benny was at his best friend’s house. His friend’s mother announced that she had some errands to do and asked if the boys wanted to come with. They considered, and decided that they would go. They went to the supermarket, and a clothing store. His buddy’s mom said she had one more thing to do, and that’s when Benny noticed that they were pulling up to the pet store. Benny’s baby blue eyes got as big as saucers. “This is my chance!” he thought out loud.

    As they walked to the pet store, they went to the fish section. Tommy’s mom was buying some fish food because; they had a huge tropical fish tank with tons of brightly colored fish. Benny spotted the goldfish. He explained to Tommy’s mom how he wanted a fish so bad, and he told her that he had his own money with him. She agreed that she would pay for the fish. Since Tommy’s mom knew all about fish, she helped Benny pick out all the right supplies to care for it.

    When they got to the register, Benny handed her his hard earned money. She took it but hesitantly. “Benny, are you sure th

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  • Does anybody have euronext remy hair extensions? how long did they last + care tips?

    I just bought some 18in ones yesterday. How long did they last? I really want some tips on how to care for them too. Because, I want to keep them silky and new looking for as long as possible. Thanksss :D

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