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  • No health insurance, should I go to the ER?

    I am 32yo, and have this awful sensation in my left leg. I dont have health insurance, so it means a trip to the ER. Which I try to avoid at all costs!! (literally). I have numbness! It feels like about 70% numbness from the knee down to the toes, and from the knee up to my lower back and down to the right leg, about 20%. I have no idea what is causing it, which is the scary part. I dont think it is an emergency, that deems a trip to the ER, but could it be something serious? Any idea guys.....??? Thanks!!

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  • Gay Marriage?

    If churches are not supporting gay marriage because it is against the bible, I think that someone should start a ploy to kick out all of the women in the church that have their ears pierced? (or other parts). The bible clearly says, do not pierce or cut the flesh, and that no sin is greater than another. So, gay marriage and gay relationships are no better or worse than a woman wearing her finest pearls on Sunday? Anyone else agree????

  • What children's anitbiotic is a pink liquid for 10 days?

    My step kids evil mother put a 5yo on antibiotics for a cut finger. Hasnt she heard of neosporin or peroxide! And what sort of doctor issues such a prescription?? Anyway, she is allergic to penicillin, but the mother wont tell me what she is taking. It is her week to keep the kids. And, why she doesnt know what the child is allergic to is beyond me!! Just wondering if anyone had any ideas what the little one might be taking.

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  • How long does it take to become a Muslim?

    A friend's wife remarried to a Muslim (and converted) about 8 weeks after the divorce was finalized. The divorce took less than a month to complete. So from the time she left to the time she became a Muslim was approx 12 weeks. Now the custody battle takes place. He would like to prove that she planned this all along. Do you immediately convert? Or are you schooled prior to conversion? Personally it is obvious that she needs psychological care, however unfortunately that isnt evidence in a custody hearing. But, if he could determine that she planned this all along, now that could be something??? Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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  • What do I buy, as a gift for my Arabic neigbor, who is originally from Morocco?

    My neighbor occassionally babysits my children and will never accept money for it. I would like to buy (or make) her a gift to show my gratitude.

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