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  • Why Don't These Doctors Get Sick?

    Why Don't These Doctors Get Sick?

    They work impossible hours, hang around in germ-infested hospitals, and treatment rooms filled with sick people all day -- yet they don't fall ill themselves. Why?

    We asked hundreds of leading doctors this question and their answers may shock you. They're secretly using blacklisted alternative therapies themselves! Now let more than 250 acclaimed MDs and scientists show you how to...

    Cure acute infections in 2 to 6 hours...

    Stop heart disease cold in 2 seconds...

    Halt angina in one little minute...

    Become 100 times more cancer-resistant...

    Shrink hemorrhoids with the astonishing orange cure...

    Zap back pain in 3 minutes (this can even be used for anesthesia

    what are blacklisted alternative therapies to prevent from going to the hospital with high riseing cost of health care. goes anyone know about those

    blacklisted alternative therapies ?

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  • define atrial kick pertaining to the heart?

    Im a ekg technician student and I really need help to understand this concept. Thanks

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  • is ok for a father to wipe a 10yr son behind?

    Everytime I come visit this man . He has a 10 yrs old son . His son calls him in the batheroom to wipe number 2 off his butt. I confronted him about it . His response was so!!! He said my son wants to act like a little baby. I said so r you gonna keep wiping his butt until he get 18 . He said I dont care if he is 60. and he hung up. The boy does not have any handicaps and he is a normal kid without any physical disabilities. but the the boy sister has a physical disability and I guess when the boy see the little girl get wiped . the boy want to get wiped too. whenever the kids want him to do something he never says no. if he doesnt do certain things for them the kids get mad and dont talk to him. whenever the kid calls on the phone he runs to the phone like he gonna break his neck or trip on his one leg, But it crazy to wipe number 2 off his 10yrs old son in the bathroom. He did this a couple of times. what do you think about this man, Im dating this guy and I think I want to leave him after I saw this. I dont know what to do . He hasnt call me since he hung up. I dont know if he is embarrassed cuz he a got caught or what. Im in complete disgust and I dont look at him as a man anymore. I dont know what to do.Please help

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  • pharmacy question job?

    what do you call those people who drop off medications to many nursing homes clinics and hospital. sometimes I see alot of russians doing this type of work. Do you have to have experience to drop off medications to medical facilities. because I thinking they got the job with no experience just folllowing the route and delivering the meds to clinic and nursing homes. what is the title for this job, because I would like to do this type of work . please help . greatly appreciate i

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  • where is the best place to live in south carolina?

    what is a popular place to live in south carolina or north carolina?

    Is it cheap to live there?

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  • if some on ask you a question ? who are you? how will you answer?

    meaning do you know yourself..... Who are you? I will be happy to hear other people point of view. Thanks

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  • what resources or agency you go if your supervisor slander your name?

    What resources or agency you can go to if your supervisor slander your name and call different company and make false statements and have your name placed on the black list so you will never be able for rehire agian by the corporations that owns alot of healthcare facilities.? I called pre paid legal services, and the lawyer told me to get a friend to call my x supervisor and ask him about a refrence about me, but my x supervisor do not return phone calls . I wanted to view my personnel file and I cant even get that as well because he will not return calls and also the receptionist keep forward me to his voicemail or make excuses like he on the phone or he is outside. Who should I contact to look futher in this investigation. It took me 1 month and half to find a job and I was constantly denied until I had to drive so far to get a job by another company it was very stressful because of the damage he did. Please help and give me advice.

    PS: one of my friends told me to contact fair employment and housing agency,they said it a good agency, but lack enough money to pursue every case. I dont want to get stuck like that . anyone know any valuable resource to help me get a case?

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  • Modeling career question???

    If you want to get sign on with and agency ? wwhen you call what do you say? Do you get a lot of modeing jobs opportunity. Please give me advice because I would like to call but knoe exact words to stay, My friend want me to call an agency. Please give me advice Thanks

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  • I need some advice about my formor job . I need some serious answers and advice

    If you working for a private health corporation (nursing home) and your supervisor fires you . Then your supervisor call another big corporation that own many nursing homes in CA and get you flagged and as a no rehire . when you try to apply for the numerous of jobs and you had been denied so many times. Is it agianst the law for your supervisor to do that? Because it been very stressful for me to find jobs at other nursing facilities. Please help serious answers only. I need some advice or legal advice. I scared and I dont want to be unemployed. He did this on purpose and fired me for sensless reasons and did this to really destroy my livelyhood. Please Help!

    PS: he also gave people do not return notices when people came to work through the registries for no reasons. He a very mean inconsiderate and a non- sympathy man.

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  • How do you get jobs as like placing cones on the road,painting the roads and beind a road sign holder?

    I even see women doing this kind of work. I think it union job. They seem to like it alot. How can I apply for a job like that? They never advertise these jobs. Please help and show me the avenues to go?

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  • what is my rights as a cna on the job. when you are fired can you request a documentation?

    what is the most things can you ask for just in case so u can have proof of documentation.?

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  • Job question?

    I was working at a nursing home as a cna . for a private corporation the administrator fired me for a petty spineless reason. When he fired me he call another big medical corporation name horizon west to flag me so I wont get hired quickly at any nursing home that is affilated from horizon west corp. can he legally do that? I thinking of it as racial bias , slander or libel.

    Could he get and offer from a defense contractor to do this?

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  • what is a council member ? How do you volunteer to be one? what is their duties?

    WHat is the good advantage ? How do you join as a volunteer to be one

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  • Is this is a legit way to make some money by being a credit partner (like being a co-signer )?

    EX: like being a credit parnter to co-sign for properties, They refinance the property .but you must have a good credit score . ANd the they rent directly to section 8 tenants with all rents guaranteed, you will see get the after repair apprasial and contract with section 8 docments , By doing this you can earn like 1,000 to 1,500 per month . they buy homes but they need co signer with good credit then they give you commision . IS this Legit. I saw this ad many times people looking for credit partners for investments , Please let me know if this legit or not?

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