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  • Do you work with students who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome and severe autism?

    I recently started in a classroom of middle school students with severe disabilities. I have a lot of questions but don't know where to start. I have a special ed background, but am new to a functionally/mentally disabled atmosphere.

    If you have resources, I would love to know of them. How are bad behavior choices handled in your classroom? What is the classroom schedule like? How much time do you/can you spend on core content (these students are, for the most part, non verbal)? What do you do if you are attacked? What kind of training have you had to handle physical altercations (if any)?

    I am not the teacher of record and as I said, this is a new environment for me. I thought if people out there could give me feedback, I'd have a better understanding. Sure it's tough, and yes, rewarding. I'm not able to observe similar settings with different personnel, so I'm curious. Thank you in advance! (And is this question ends up too vague or unclear, I'll be back to give more info if needed.)

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  • Authors (and those who would like to be), are you doing NaNoWriMo?

    First, can you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? That's the challenge for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

    No, this is not an advertisement. I found out about this challenge last year and am ready to go again; wondering who else might be taking the plunge. If you are awaiting the beginning of the madness, answer me this...have you completed the task before? Do you have a plot in mind for your future bestseller?

    If you want to know what I'm talking about, check the website:

    This is my second year, and the plot spinning in my head is sci fi/fantasy/paranormal. See? I'm still not quite sure! Have characters in mind and bit of a plot, but hoping it develops more when I start typing on November 1. What about you?

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  • Do you order books online?

    If so, how often, what's your favorite site and why?

    (Even if it's an obscure site or local online bookseller, you're info would be helpful to me. Thanks!)

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  • Anonymous?

    Anyone know how you can publish something anonymously and still earn some sort of income from it? Someone might say if you don't want to put your name to something, you shouldn't write it. Maybe. But I'm still interested in any info. Thank you for those that answer the initial question.

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  • Do schools in your town/city recycle on a daily basis?

    When I was in school, we had plates and silverware, and they were washed and used the next day. (I'm not ancient, but yes, it's been a while.)

    I've taught in a few schools and have been shocked by the amount of garbage and waste produced EVERY day - some use styrofoam type divided plates, plastic utensils (enclosed in plastic) and paper cartons (better, but it's still a lot of paper).

    I'm not asking about the food (we know that's a problem), but how does your school or school system deal with 100s or 1000s of kids eating 1 or 2 meals per day (if they do breakfast) and the100s or 1000s of pounds of garbage created?

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  • Have you been through a custodial evaluation?

    I know I will be "interviewed" and tested; in addition, I was told I could take copies of whatever documentation I thought would be beneficial. He claims to want more parenting time, though he only followed a parenting schedule developed through the courts for around two months.

    When I asked why we couldn't figure out what was best for our son, he said I started it (I filed for child support and he still owes arrears). Communication has worsened and he won't even discuss a summer schedule; it's his way or no way.

    Advice? What is too much? What was the experience like for you? I know bashing isn't the way to go, but I have to get across the irresponsibility and lack of involvement on his part. Thank you.

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  • Do you have physical joint custody?

    Do you have a child from a previous relationship half the time and he/she stays with the other the rest of the time? If so, how does this affect your child? You? Do you have a good or bad relationship with the other parent? Why do you have this arrangement? How long have you had this arrangement? What problems have you encountered or has it been positive? No, I'm not writing a paper, but will be discussing these issues at length soon in the court system, sadly. Thank you much for whatever you can contribute!

    Though this is in Marriage and Divorce, I'm talking about an unmarried couple, but seems more people here might have this experience and can offer some insight.

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  • Joint Custody - Pros and Cons?

    My son's father is "exploring" joint custody. We were never married. He has not been overly involved in his son's life and I have NEVER kept him out. He is supposed to be paying child support but is often behind. We went to court previously and he was given a parenting schedule, which he followed for about two months.

    First let me say he can keep the money if he'll drop this mess. I started the court stuff to get him MORE involved and have him accept some responsibility, but that hasn't happened. I told him then I'd be happy to drop it, but he said I started it, so he'd finish it. Lovely.

    Personally I don't see how joint custody is a good thing for a child. That's what I'd like to know from you if you have personal knowledge. Does it work? What kinds of problems are there? Good things? I want what's best for my son.

    **I asked this earlier, but want to hear from evening Yahoo people, too, so if you saw it before and answered, thank you! I want to get as much feedback as I can.**

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  • Joint Custody - Pros and Cons?

    PLEASE! Need some info from those in this situation. My son's father wants joint custody (He has NEVER seen him on a regular basis - HIS CHOICE, and now, 6 1/2 years later?) I realize I'm selfish to want to keep my son with me, but I think he's selfish as well. My son likes security - he likes his routine - getting up an hour earlier for school, getting home an hour later, sleeping in different beds, all that good stuff - how is that good for a child? We had a parenting schedule (which he followed for about two months) 2 years ago (we never married), and he is consistently late paying child support and still owes arrears. If it's about the money, he can KEEP it, but he says my son doesn't know much about his "other" family. I'm pretty sure he'll throw in the cultural thing, too. I do what I can and my son and I talk about differences a lot.

    Seriously, if you have good things to say about it, let me know, but I definitely want to hear about any issues. THANK YOU!

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  • Newer car or fix this one?

    I have a 1997 Ford Taurus with 102,000 miles on it. The brakes need to be worked on (and were a year ago - yes, same problem) My air conditioning started acting crazy end of summer and the defrost/heat for the front isn't working (not good with all our rain lately). Just the brake work last time, and an oil change, cost me over $500 for parts and labor (and I don't think it was a ripoff, except the oil change was too much.)

    For a time, too, it was having difficulty shifting (it's an automatic) and the odometer/speedometer is tempermental now.

    Any suggestions? Is it time? I know some cars are prone to certain problems. Know any particulars about this one?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I don't understand...?

    Perhaps you can explain. Three children drowned and put in a washer and dryer, their mother cut up, dying from loss of blood and the fetus missing, possibly passed off as the mother's friend's stillborn child.

    The picture showing those beautiful children brings tears to my eyes. No question, really, but a chance to share/respond. What have we come to?

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  • Displaying Wares?

    I will be selling two main products at a flea market - earrings and books. Great combo.

    Anyway, I'm looking for some low cost ideas on how to display my products, other than bookcases or earring carosels. Wondered if anyone might have suggestions. Thanks!

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    Pretend - you recently wrapped up a movie and your name will be in bold letters OVER the title - BIG TIME celeb! What name would you use for your "stage" name?

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  • Best Bumper Sticker?

    I was behind a psychedelic van yesterday and it had a few good ones - "Honk if something falls off" and "You might be laughing at me because I'm different, but I'm laughing at you because you're all the same." See any good ones lately?

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  • Teachers - feedback on color classroom behavior system, please?

    My son is in 1st grade and his teacher has a 5 color system for behavior. He told me today if he goes to the bathroom and has to go by himself he has to change colors. This disturbs me, because I told the teacher he had to urinate frequently. My child isn't an angel - he likes to clown, so being on green isn't something I see often. We always discuss his behavior and I've come down hard on him at times due to the color he brought home. But being on red because he had to pee? IF I have a doctor's note, then it could change. They didn't find anything wrong, so I need a specialist. I do have a problem with this being part of the behavior plan. She said it was so she wouldn't get abused - if they're unsupervised in the hallway, it's a big problem. They're first grade! I am, by the way, a former teacher - elementary and middle school. I can't imagine telling a child they can't go to the bathroom, though I have had to be an escort at times. I know kids can be trouble. What are your thoughts?

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