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i'm 16, i love the ocean, i love all kinds of music...jack johnson is my favorite. i'm a LA Lakers fan, and I'm catholic.

  • I received a bond in 8th grade, and I don't know how it works?

    I'm a senior now, and I received two bonds in 8th grade (6/2008). One of them is 50 dollars (Series EE) and the other is 200 dollars (Series I). I never turned them into the bank, they've just been sitting around for 4 years. Under the series number, it says "Interest ceases 30 years from issue date" Has interest been growing on it even though I haven't turned it into the bank? How much money will be on it 30 years after the issue date? I don't exactly remember, but I think they are considered part of a scholarship that I applied for, is the money on the bond only applicable for school purposes?

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  • Tan soft looking tick on my dog? help?

    My dog has had 3 of them in the past, one of which i just pulled off of her like 10 minutes ago. from what i've seen, they just bite her skin and stay there (i don't think they burrow into the skin) but once i pull it off, I looked at it and like all the legs and head come out of one spot and the legs/head are very very tiny. the body is just the size of a pea and when i popped it, tan-ish liquid came out. I'm guessing they're coming off of her bed she sleeps on outside.

    what I want to know, what is it? has anyone experienced this before?

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  • What are some really good christian/alternative songs that features the organ?

    i like the contemporary stuff, but others is good too :)

    thanks a lot.


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  • What is that type of piano music called that they sometimes play during church?

    it's kinda hard to explain what it sounds like, but whenever I hear it, i automatically think of church, which I am catholic so I don't know if that helps narrow anything down. i'm not talking about the lyrics, but the sound of the piano. it's not like the ordinary piano either, but... ahh, i can't explain. i hope someone knows what i'm talking about.

    thanks! :)

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  • What is some really good funky new electronic pop music?

    Desires: music from Los Angeles area, new fresh techno pop, good stuff to dance to.

    I'm really into MGMT but I'm looking for something in that sense but more like something to dance to.

    Thanks :)

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  • I have a stomach ache that won't go away? Help?

    I've felt like this for about 4 weeks, some days are a lot worse than others, but some days not as much. It kinda feels like hunger pains and gas pains at the same time... and also, in a way, like i'm full. It usually feels worse at night and much better after I exercise. What do you suggest I do? I'm tired of living life with a stomach ache... it's so annoying and uncomfortable. :/

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  • Question about aspirin?

    My friend gave me this pain killer today during school. she said her docter perscribed it to her, and its just a little more stronger than ibuprofen and it was 500mg. It has been about 3 and a half hours since she gave it to me, and it really didn't do anything, so now I want to take a 325mg aspirin. i'm not sure if what she gave me would react badly with aspirin. how long should i wait before it'll be okay? by the way, this is for a really bad headache.

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  • Is the flu contagious?

    My dad had this really bad stomach flu, where he was throwing up all night and a week later my mom had something just like it. a week later (right now) my sister started throwing up too. I share a room with my sister, and I'm curious if I could catch whatever she has by breathing the air in her presence. How can I keep myself from getting whatever they had? I know about the whole washing hands thing, but I want to know if there are any other steps I could take.

    Thanks :)

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  • I heard a song on Air1 and I want to know who it's by and what it's called. can you help?

    I was listening to Air1 and I don't know if they said who sings it, but i heard them talk about Tobymac's mixer- the person who mixes his songs. So I'm thinking that's the person who did this song. the song was sorta like rap/pop (it was definitely upbeat) and I could have sworn the lyrics said:

    "I've decided today I'm not running away"

    but I googled it tons of times and i searched it in Air1's website and nothing came up.

    I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could help me! thanks!

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  • I'm 16 years old, but my hair is falling out...? Help?

    I am NOT balding. every since I was little, I've always shedded hair and my hair has always been in the middle of thin and normal, but recently (a month or maybe a little more) I've noticed it's becoming way worse. My diet is well balanced: vegetables, meat, carbohydrates, and dairy. When I take showers, I have to empty the drain out once or twice because it becomes so filled the water won't go through. My mom is constantly having to tell me to clean the floor where I do my hair and get ready in the morning because there is hair everywhere on the ground. why is this happening?!? I use TRESemme shampoo and conditioner and I drink about 2-3 cups of water a day.

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  • Something is wrong with my sound card?

    My computer, Emachines Microsoft Windows XP Version 2002 Home Edition, has been having problems with the sound. It will start and stop working at the most random times. It has been doing this for about 2 years, and i've changed my speakers multiple times, so i know it isn't that. Lets say for example, I want to watch a video on youtube, it will be playing perfectly and the sound will stop a minute in and the video will still be playing. Sometimes when i play my iTunes, it might work for 10 songs maybe more, and then it will stop.. and then resume back 10 seconds later, maybe 3 hours later. it gets VERY annoying, and i always have to put my computer in standby mode for a second and go back and it will start working again for a few seconds/minutes/hours. it drives me crazy when I'll be listening to music and it starts and stops working every 5 seconds. or i'll be listening to loud music and then it'll just stop, and i'll leave the room and start doing something else for 30 minutes and then BAM! it resumes my song when i least expect it.

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  • Jonas Brothers picture question?

    does anyone have, or know where I can find the picture of the jonas brothers where they are facing the city, and it is black and white? this picture is on the inside cover of their CD 'Jonas Brothers'(the one with S.O.S. on it). there's a convertible in part of it...

    First person with it recieves 10 points! :)

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  • I have a sharp excruciating pain in the arch of my left foot and my calf? Help?!?

    So, this whole summer, I've had a slight pain in the arch of my left foot and my left calf. Day to day I could feel it, but it wasn't anything serious, and I could walk fine. A few nights ago, I did a cartwheel and as some people may know, you usually start it off leading your left foot and you put all your body weight on that foot. This was a very bad idea. The pain shot through my foot and leg and it just felt terrible. The pain the nexr day was bearable to walk on; it just felt a little more than it did previously. Then, last night, my high school had a dance to welcome all the new freshman, and I was helping put it on. I was on my feet all day and putting lots of pressure on them, and while i was dancing, I did something to that foot again, and since then I have been able to walk on it. The pain is only in my left foot. Pretty much the whole summer I've been wearing flip flops which have no arch support whatsoever, but I didn't think anything of that, because year long, I always wear flip flops. I don't recall when and where it all started, but right now, I can put my body pressure on that foot, i just can't bend it, like one does when they usually walk, so I'm limping like crazy.

    I'm a 16 year old, 120 lbs, 5'5" girl, i took one 325mg Asprin today, and I iced my foot for the majority of the day. My parents won't take me to the doctor because they don't think its serious. I'm in major pain though... Please help me!!!!!!!

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  • I think I might've dislocated my hip. help!?

    I went swimming last night and I jumped in the pool, like in the shallow end, but I never realized anything at first. I had other things on my mind and the water was cold. so when I got out 10 minutes later, I sat and dried for like 30 minutes. when I got up i felt a REALLY sharp pain in my hip whenever I put pressure on it. I tried popping it to see if thats what I needed, but it wouldn't do anything. It only hurts when I walk, or lay down except if I do on my back. It hurts sooo bad, and my parents just tell me to rest it, but i read on wikipedia it'll get way worse the longer I wait to see a docter. I don't know if it should've hurt more if I actually did, like if I really did dislocate it when I was jumping in the pool, would it have hurt more, like enough pain for me to notice it? I don't know what to do. help!

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  • Shake it by Evan Voytas question? also teddy geiger comment?

    did any of you guys go to the show in Sacramento??? cuz i did! but my question is, can anyone sendspace shake it by evan voytas? or just email me and make an attachment? I would really appreciate it!!!

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  • is there a starbucks in Great America? (california)?

    i need to know

    cuz im going to G.A.tomorrow

    and i want to know if i should bring my starbucks gift card..

    any answers? easy 10 points

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  • I am building an outdoor bench, and I need some advice?

    What would be the best wood to use that's suitable for lots of rain, hot weather, bugs? we have various stories in my location: lowe's, home depot, lumber liquidators, harbor freight, etc. I figure it will be 4 feet in length, but im not sure how tall the back should be. help? and web sites that answer my questions.

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  • What are some really cool Christian Rock/alternative bands?

    I already have Phil Wickham...and Falling Up...are there any that sing songs like Here I am to worship or Open the eyes of my heart?

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  • What is this song?!?

    I heard it on a country station a few days ago, it goes something like this

    "Only tears from laughing, find friends worth having"

    and like in the chorus it goes "never alone" its a female singer, and I really really need to find out who it is by

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  • Life of Ryan Season 2?

    Last night was supposed to be episode 2 of season 2, but It doesn't have it on, Almost always they have every single episode on there, it only happened once when they didn't, but it isn't on there, is there another site where I can watch it? or do i have to wait for early re-runs?

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