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Forget all the tears, all the masks, all the lies Forget every delicate dream that fails eyes Remember the freedom and laughter that sings Remember that you've got the voice and the wings Forget the deaf fools who gape at your smiles Forget the strangers who shake heads for miles Remember a place where the sun and the rain Remembered this poem and us; just us plain

  • Who thinks Disney Channel stars are taking over the world?

    Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers (who actually weren't originally signed onto Disney), Demi Lovato, the entire cast of Highschool Musical, etc. They're EVERYWHERE. For God's sake, the Jonas Brothers beat PARAMORE, a brilliant band who takes music seriously, in a category at the American Music Awards! And Miley Cyrus performed! This is unbelievable, don't you think?

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  • Isn't it at least a bit hilarious when you're on the Yahoo! Answers home page?

    Because you're reading down all the random questions, and in your mind the voice that's reading them, of course, puts them in a questioning tone. So it basically sounds like a mass of annoying little kids endlessly asking questions, and to me, that's funny... I don't know, maybe its just me. And sorry to anyone I offended by referring to the entire Yahoo! Answers community as "annoying little kids".

    Thank you, come again!

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  • Are you going to give me a name for a guy?

    Well, are you?

    I need suggestions for some guy names.

    Please. I'd beg, but I don't really know any of you people (unless you're aliens or animals of some sort. In that case, I should say, "I don't really know any of you aliens/animals," though humans are actually also animals) so it'd be a bit awkward.

    And, if in fact, you are going to give me a name for a guy, could you please put it in your answer?

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  • What if everyone's beliefs reflected their afterlife?

    I'm kind of just wondering aloud here. I had this idea, and I just want to know what you think about it. O.o Please, if you're going to tell me, "You'll find out when you die, don't waste your time wondering!" do yourself a favor and don't answer. Wondering is what I do.

    A lot of religions have different thoughts about what happens after you die, right? So, maybe... a Buddhist who managed to reach Nirvana actually went to Nirvana when he/she died? And a Buddhist who didn't reach Nirvana got reincarnated? But... that person's Christian friend, who believed that certain sins would send you to hell or heaven, went to wherever he/she believed they fit? I mean... throughout their life, what if whatever someone believed would happen to them after they died actually happened? And those who had no idea, just kind of... got to choose at one point? So... I'm not sure why I wasted five points asking this, but I want your guys' thoughts ^^ Thanks.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Only people who give insanely meaningful answers can answer this question?


    I was wondering today...

    What do the Ms in M&M stand for? For a long time now I've eaten M&Ms as an awesome snack and it seems a mutiny to have not known all these years what their name actually means. So, those highly intelligent people who probably have shunned my stupid joke, "Only people who give insanely meaningful answers can answer this question", please forgive me and answer my actual question, because I'm desperate.

    6 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Anybody agree with this saying?

    "I'd rather be hated for something I am than loved for something I'm not."

    I do, its what my whole life has been about. Tell me if you think its good or not, and show an example of something having to do with it if you follow it.

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  • Would or do you enjoy being elite?

    In ancient Rome there were three classes. The slaves, the more humble, and elite class. The elite class sat in their huge houses all day letting other people do things for them, so the money they had they didn't earn. They got to sit back and enjoy life. I don't think I could enjoy life knowing I had never accomplished something. What about you?

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  • Would you.........................?

    Would you spend an hour to watch a documentary on soap or paper clips? they're made, where the idea came from, details like that. On any regular appliance. Staplers...bobby pins.....junk like that. I would, but I'm a freak. This is a random question. Would you spend an hour of your time to do so?

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  • my friends sort of bugging me, help?

    my friend carson is fun to be with, but it bugs me how she pictures life. she thinks that god believes we're all idiots, and we waste life and then go to hell. she seems sorta dissapointed because of these thoughts she has. i've been trying lately to make her believe what i believe, that we will go to heaven and life is great to enjoy. she never believes me, no matter how much i try to persuade her. my parents, my other friends, my teachers, my preist, and a few others think my theories could really be possible, but why doesn't carson think the same? i sound like a know it all, but these are just thoughts, and i'm trying to get carson happier about the experience of life and look forward to the afterlife with god. i feel guilty about it, though. and sometimes, when i try to make her think i agree with her now, i say "your right. my ideas are stupid" and she just says, "yep. i think logical, and you...dont." other times, i actually start beliving her becuz it could happen her way. idk.

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  • who thinks silence is an element?

    I think silence is as powerful as any of the mind's elements. Who agrees?

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  • My sister always think I copy her in EVERYTHING. I don't she just has good taste. what do i do?

    i like everything she likes, so i get worried when i want to borrow some of the stuff she has, she seems mean about it all the time. How can i convince her that she just has good taste? and then sometimes, i dont want her to know that i like something, because she hates it. Maybe i am just folowing in her foot steps and i dont know it. help.

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  • what should i do if my best friend treats me like dirt?

    I give my friend a lot and I'm always nice to her. I try to be the best person I can be. But sometimes, or most of the time, she is really mean and she seems like she doesn't care about my feelings. But, I don't know if she knows she's doing it. And sometimes I think that I'm asking too much of her to be so nice and care more about me.

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  • my pie riddle?

    i cant pick a best answer, cuz more than one person got it right. I am cherry pie! not sak123sak123 -.-

    6 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • answer this pleaaaaase!?

    I like pie, but pie likes grapes. i like grapes, but i don't like grape pie. pie also likes cherry pie, who likes pie and grapes. who am i?

    16 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • About my myspace question....?

    So many people gave sooo many awesome answers that im not picking a favorite. But for who all agreed with me that it is nasty, bad luck, terrible, stupid, lame, raunchy, immature, and all around ANNOYING, thanks a bunch. I am happy to go tell my friends that I am not alone on hating myspace! GO PEOPLE WHO HATE MYSPACE! WOO!

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  • Who hates my space?!?

    Who is anti-myspcace? please, people, am I alone or something!? There has to be SOMBODY who hates myspace besides me!

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  • Is anybody else mad at the fact that they dont ask your iq to be in jury duty?

    I mean, they could have the dumbest people deciding whether a master criminal gets a death penalty or not! come ON!

    16 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • I want a costume that's possible, but no ones done it before. Something genius, yet I have access to it.?

    I need something that fits my tomboy-punk personality, but I still don't want to just dress up like a regular rock star or something. Please help me, I'm desperate.

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