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  • Seeing my dancing different through the lens?

    I haven't been dancing very long-- about three or four years. I love it, most of the time, however iinjuries tend to get me down sometimes. Anyway, I have been taking as many classes as I can at the home studio this summer, and I thought maybe i was getting better. Then, I see myself dancing in a video, and I don't look like the others. There's something about the way I move that makes my dancing look childlike-- like I'm flailing but not. It's extrememly hard to explain.. I can NOT figure out how to make myself look like an actual dancer. I thought maybe it was my body-- I'm very tall and lanky, skinny arms and legs, but I'm getting muscled! So it's not that.

    I don't know if I need to quit--because I'm working as hard as I can-- there'sa technique I can use to where I can try and dance like others... I'm having a falling out, and it's upsetting me.


    Please and thank you.

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  • Please,Dancers:?

    I have a couple concerns. Today was my first day of summer dance season. I didn't eat anything before I went and I was there for about three and a half hours. I felt like crap! I couldn't do anything! I felt dizzy and light headed and nauseated. Was it because I didn't eat anything? If I eat a lot before, won't I feel bad then too?

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  • Bath for my ankle?

    Hi, I hurt my ankle the other day at dance, what can I put in my bath to help the soreness and pain?


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    I'd like to post this image on but it says that it can't post that image type. I made it on and every time I try to open it with internet it just comes up with again. HELP! PLEASE HELP!

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  • How can I make school more bearable?

    I cannot STAND school anymore and I don't know why.

    I don't have a school conselour to talk to his about.

    My teachers pile on the workload everyday and most of the things they give me I don't even understand! I don't have time for a tutor though... I guess I get some of it but sometimes I just give up.

    Some people in my class I have been trying to bear with for all this year, but I'm done with them. If they annoy me again, I might EXPLODE!

    HOW can I like school? What can make it better? All of the subjects are horrible, I hate math and science and spanish and english and spelling ans history...I might explode if I don't get a handle on all of my stress from school and I'm wondering if anything can make school better??? please??

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  • Where can I find inspiration?

    For a story? For a picture? For anything, where can I find inspiration?

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  • How can I get my tooth to stop bleeding?

    I just lost a tooth and I'm hungry and I can't eat because my tooth socket thing is still bleeding! It won't quit! I hate tasting blood so I dont really want to eat until it quits, is there anything I can do?


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  • How can I buy Muse T-shirts?

    So I really like the band Muse and I want some of their t-shirts, but if they are in British euros, where can I find them in American dollars?


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  • What is the best way to get rid of muscle soreness?

    Baths? Essential oils? Medicine?

    5 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • I haven't gone to dance in a while?

    I'm just a bit nervous, I haven't gone in a while because I've been sick. I know I won't be up to par on all of my stretches and my feet won't point as easily... I just don't want my teachers to be upset. Any tips on how to get going again fast with ballet and jazz?


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  • How much American money is 1,050 euros?

    I want a purse really bad from but I can't find the American section of it. How much and how can I buy purses from their online website?


    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • I missed the two most important days of school...?

    Because I was sick. I had a huge history presentation and book reports were due. I can't believe my luck to miss the two most important days of this semester. Its horrible. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to have so much make-up work and I don't know what my teachers are going to have me due, my history thing was supposed to be for open house. She said that it was required to be there. Help!?

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  • Nervous about speeches?

    I have to give a speech this week on a particular person in history- Amy Beach. I know my material, but I'm still nervous. I also have to give an oral book report. EEK! Any tips?



    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 decade ago
  • What's the best way to stay healthy?

    Any tips or tricks of the trade to help? I just want to stay healthy! I know sometimes that it is essential to get sick, it's a part of life, I just want to prevent it as much as possible. Thanks, :)


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  • How do you do digital art?

    Some examples:

    How do you do things like this? Do you use Microsoft Paint? Paint.Net? Is it a combonation of both? Help please!!

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  • What natural rememdies are for headaches?

    I really don't want to take medicine right now, are there any natural remedies for headaches? Any special activity, food, essential oil, anything that works for you? I'm up for anything, so thanks.

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  • How do I make banners and icons?

    How do I? Do I use some special way? Like PowerPoint? Or Paint? Especially icons, how do I do those? Thanks.

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  • I can't do oral reports?

    I can't do them! I get really nervous and I have to talk about the book I read and I can't and I'm nervous PLEASE HELP!

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education1 decade ago
  • Podcasts??

    Tell me about Podcasts please, they confuse me!

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago