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  • MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ONLY- Is diagnosis included in "treatment"?

    I am a law student at OCU and as part of my Pre-trial litigation class, I am paired with a partner and put up against two other students (opposing firms). In our discovery request, we asked whether the fictitious subject had been "treated for any chronic disease or defect," the other firm responded "no." As it turns out they have information that the fictious victim was diagnosed via a blood test for a chronic disease but had not received further treatment. I am filing a "complaint" against them in our class (they get docked 5 points, we get a boost 5 pts). If this was a real trial, I would get avidavidts from doctors. However, since it is not, I am putting it to yahoo answers. So, in your professional opinion, does "treatment" include diagnosis via blood test? In your source box please tell me what your position is (ie RN, LPN, Dr. etc or any dictionary etc you may have used) Thank you.

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