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  • Will you go see the movie Atlas Shrugged?

    The book was written in 1957 and they are only now making the movie but do you know who John Galt is and will you go see the movie?

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  • Do you still trust this company?

    would you trust a company which handles files and information for others after it has hired someone convicted of a crime relative to the internet? Compuserve hired former Detroit mayor Kilpatrick to work for them but for those who don't know, the ex-mayor was convicted of lying to a grand jury about his affair with his chief of staff and the firing of several police officers who were investigation what could be his misconduct, his role in awarding contracts for the city, the party held at the mayor's mansion where strippers performed - two were killed shortly thereafter - and the mayor was order to pay back to the city over a million dollars in restitution. Perhaps he is not involved in the information this company has access to, but would you take that chance?

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  • Am I the only one who disagrees with this?

    I shudder each time that I hear Ellen Degeneres say that outer beauty is more important than inner beauty! I wonder, is this how people think now? Does anyone else think this wrong and in poor taste. Shame on Revlon for airing this!!

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • why does Montel keep having Sylvia Brown on his show?

    The website "" tells of what a fraud she is and a number of people have pointed this out to Montel, so why doesn't he dump her if he is so concerned about others. She told one family their loved one would return soon although the person had been dead for several days.

    For Montel to continue to have her on his show doesn't show me any concern for others at all!!!

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  • Do you miss---?

    For those old enough, do you make comparisons between what we have seen and heard - Sammy Davis Jr., Satchmo, Judy Garland, woodstock, 2001, Dr Zivago, Dr. strangelove, the original Psycho, Victor Borga, The tonight show with Steve Allen, and so on, and what is on tv today? I spend a lot of time on PBS just to see some of these things again because in some cases nothing today can compare, can it?

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  • do you know who you would like to send this poem to?

    I wrote this some time ago but this is the season for it again. Do you have someone you want to send it to?

    the Yuletime season has arrived

    A time for love and cheer

    But you have treated me

    Like a dog

    During all of this past year.

    You haven't done a thing, my dear

    To cause my heart to melt

    So I will hang my mistletoe

    At my back

    Down on my belt!


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  • With the famous names on here, like you, Leah Remini, are any of these names who you actually are?

    I wouldn't want to bring unwanted attention to someone here to relax but wonder if someone is using a famous name or if they are actually that person? what do you think?

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  • why doesn't anyone say tear up credit cards?

    why don't economists come out and say it is better to not have credit cards and use debit cards instead?

    3 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago