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Im a cool person and we can IM forever and im a intresting person and sexy and a great friend so IM me if you want thx love you all

  • My Computer Science application for UCSD?

    I m currently in Community College and I want to transfer to UCSD; my GPA is currently at 3.705, I m going to try my hardest to get it raised to a 3.8. I know HTML and I m currently learning SQL, is this something to add to my application that could separate me from some of the applicants?

  • tips or suggestions on being safe while going on trip or vacation?

    I'm planning to go to six flags for three days with my boyfriend in the summer. It's just going to be us and I've never done something like this. I want us to both be safe, making sure no one kills us or steals our things. How do I ensure this? I do plan to tell my mom and cousins where I'll be, but he's not going to tell his unfortunately. I'm 20 and he's 19 btw. We will have been together for six months around that time. And dating for a year.

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  • tips or suggestions on being safe while going on trip or vacation?

    I'm planning to go to six flags for three days with my boyfriend in the summer. It's just going to be us and I've never done something like this. I want us to both be safe, making sure no one kills us or steals our things. How do I ensure this? I do plan to tell my mom and cousins where I'll be, but he's not going to tell his unfortunately. I'm 20 and he's 19 btw. We will have been together for six months around that time. And dating for a year.

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  • Okcupid? Not good to date people?

    I have been on Okcupid for a while now. And I have talked to a couple of guys here and there, but there is something weird going on that is happening consistently. When ever I Skype the people I meet online they never look like their profile pictures??? Should I just meet people in real life or just keep trying?

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  • Give me your opinion?

    okay so, i'm living with my aunt and her boyfriend. And you know he is really ticking me off. I am 18 and moved to Cali from tx and it's amazing. I 'm having a blast but he is really making me uncomfortable living there. You know how communication is key for everything but it seems like everytime I try to talk to him, he just wants to nip it in the butt. For example, I had to go to work early and I usually just take the bus, but he told my aunt he didn't mind taking me, So I told him thank you. I called at my job and they told me I could come in two hours later and so I told everybody. So I waited for him, and he told me we would leave in 30 mins and I said okay. After that, my aunt pulled me aside and told me he thought I was still going to take the bus and I was like why didn't he tell me. and she said you should of told him that you didn't have to leave early and I said I didn't mind leaving early and he heard me when I said I didn't have to go. And so my aunt ended up taking me. and there just jave been little situations we don't talk but I know thats rude so I make sure I say goodmorning to him but every time I say goodmorning, he says goodmorning quicker and he says it while I'm still saying the good- part. Its annoying. What should I do? Ignore it, Ignore him, or get out?

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  • Good Books about Building Credit?

    I'm turing 18 June 30 and need to learn to build my credit score and since I don't have one and parent won't teach me. Does anyone know a book I can purchase on it

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  • I need help from someone that have their life together?

    Okay so I'm scared, I am the oldest in the family and as the oldest I have to be the one to experience life for how it really is. I got a job at 16 at a retail store. Everyone in my family (they live in California and Michigan and I live in Texas and I haven't seen them for many years so they still imagine me as a child) and they are so proud of me. So I noticed the job I have now, I don't want to work their forever, because they don't pay we'll and the boss is horrible. But Since I am the oldest how do I move out without enough money? how do I get a better job? I am just so lost and I have tried to come to my dad about it but he won't give me a straight answer. And I have been saving up for a car and I raised a lot of money but my credit card is under my dads name so he can see all my transactional history but he also borrows money from me, I say borrow but sometimes he borrows too much money where I know he can't pay me back. I probably sound like a spoiled brat because I am living in his house for free. but I just feel bad because I have worked so hard for the money and for it easily to be taken away from me it hurts especially when he just did it, without my knowledge until I saw it online. So I wanted to know how to open your own bank account? I probably don't have the balls but in the future I will need to. thank you

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  • I need a guys opinion or girls?

    so this guy and i had an argument and he told me i was crazy, acting bitchy and he didn't want to hang out with me anymore and i said ok i don't mind. So two weeks later he asks me you wanna hang out friday night and i say you don't want to. and he said okay fine then nevermind. Now (about three weeks or a month) he texted me again asking if i was free. I don't understand why he keeps wanting to hang out? The argument was basically about a rumor he made about me and when i asked him about it he told me he doesn't remember even saying anything. I'm usually super nice to this guy because i'm attracted to him but i could care less now. but i want to know why is he texting "crazy girl?"

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  • A guys opinion.and a blunt one?

    So Adam and I had a argument and he told me I was crazy acting bitchy and he didn't want to hang out with me because he doesn't do stressful situations anymore and I didn't care so I told him it was fine. Two weeks later he asks me to hang out and I tell him no you don't and he says fine nevermind and few weeks later he texts me asking me when I can hang out? Why is he doing this?

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  • why do even care if he is bi or gay?

    So everyone says he's bi-sexual (which is a little obvious) he tells everyone! but i still love the guy (as a friend) anyway we have a play to do where we are the couple and we have to do A REAL KISS but i was like cool i don't mind but when he leaned in I leaned backwards and he tried again and i just screamed in his face. Is it because i know he is bi?

  • so whats your opinion on this guy. i would love a guys opinion but girls can answer too?

    so i'm a junior in high school right now and in freshman year there was a guy named adam and we had an attraction thing going on but we wouldn't move to the next level because he had a girlfriend at the time so i gave him his space. And this guy i like asked me out and we started to date and one day adam told me him and his girlfriend broke up and he tried to kiss me but i stopped him and told him i was dating someone. Then a few days later the guy i was dating (ben) dumped me because he was a strong christian and i am atheist. So i adam asked me to come over his house and so i did and in beginning it was fun then he tried to kiss me but i told him ben just broke up with me and i don't want to move to fast. but one thing led to another and we made out then i left. Next few days my friend maria came to tell me adam was spreading rumors about me saying i had pointy boobs and i was a bad kisser and he didn't even touch my boobs. So when i went on the bus he asked me to sit next to him and because i knew that would be a perfect time to confront him. So i sat down and he said kiss me and he leaned in and i leaned back and he said why are you acting like that and i said why are spreading rumors about me. and he got stiff and said no im not and i said so your not saying i'm a bad kisser and i have pointy boobs and he said no who told you that and i said it doesn't matter and he just kept saying "'no and you would believe someone over me"' and i was just thinking this guy thinks i'm a dumb *** and he pretend to get angry. so after that horrible year i moved to a new school and i just stop dating because i thought i might as well date when i know myself and love myself plus i had insecure issues after that whole thing. So in the middle of junior year i see adam at a grocery store and i try to avoid him but he said " look pretty" and his warm smile lit up and i said "hi" smiling. And he said "i don't have your number anymore" and i shrugged my shoulders and he said "oh okay" and i gave my number to him. We started to talk and i felt really special because he really knows how to talk to a girl. So one day i told him we should talk over the phone instead of text message. and we did. and i brought up freshman yr. again and he still denied he told maria anything and i told him

    "Come on its been two years, we can be honest with each other"

    "I didn't say anything to maria"

    "Then how did she know"

    "I don't know, i promise i didn't tell her anything"

    "then who did you tell that also told maria"

    "I don't remember... i have to go to bed alright"


    and about 5 minutes later he texted me "I don't think i want to hang out anymore your kind of crazy and i don't really do stressed out situations anymore"

    and i felt so horrible, i kind of wanted cry. and i text him "lol okay" but i sucked it up and me just wanting to know about the past makes me crazy and a ***** then so be it. i felt really good about myself like a whole new person because i had all these hidden feelings that i've been holding in. I felt like i really loved myself. Then about a month later he texted me

    "hey what are you doing tomorrow"

    "um just babysitting"

    "we'll i really want to see you"

    and for second i had those special feelings but i was also confused why would he want to hang out with the crazy girl. so i text him "no you don't" and he text me "fine never mind"

    so my question to you all is what is your opinion on adam?

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  • okay so why is this happening to me?

    okay so i usually eat snacks during every other class period in school.

    So i will eat in 2nd period, 5th, 7th and after school

    and today i didn't pack as much but two oranges so after i finished my last orange 5th period, my stomach got bigger. I was bloated and it hurts so bad then i had to ( god lord i don't want to say it) fart. yes. i had to fart a lot and now i'm at home i've eaten chicken sandwich, yogurt with granola, (1)mini bag of chips, and a hamburger and my stomach feels so much better but why is that??

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  • What do you find in a girl?

    You know i hear the eyes, face, boobs but i want hear more than just that give me a little description of your ideal madam

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  • how long will it take my Natural hair to grow from bald all the way to my back?

    so i started to go natural February 11' and it has grown an inch which i'm really happy because i noticed that its thicker and really healthy and my permed hair is not really full(its thin) and its thinning because my stylist would perm my whole head with a super thin comb that just ripped a lot of my hair out of my head. I started all this because i've seen many girls with permed hair and natural hair and mostly the ones with healthy extremely long hair were natural ones

    (and there were a few girls with permed hair and it was long but it had no body to it. It was so flat and it looked thin as paper) so i decided to go natural and i was just curious to know how long will it take for it to reach the middle of my back

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    and you think super smash bros. is one of the greatest games of all time for gamecube. okay so its almost my little brothers birthday and me and him have a passion for games becuz lets face it ppl games aren't going any where no matter what hilary clinton thinks lol so i wanted to get him a great game for his DSi for his upcoming birthday but sadly i don't have a gift for picking out an amazing game so i need help. i need an amazing game it can be any game but i want it to be a long hard game, a story line kind of like Kingdom of hearts but does anyone have suggestions???

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  • any person who knows black hair very very well?

    okay so my mom tells me not to flat iron my hair everyday or my hair will fall out and she was right lol so i was wondering how many times a week or month can i flat iron my hair without it falling out????

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  • hey i need a good answer with evidence its true like pics?

    what is the best hair spray that will make your hair smooth and shiny

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  • A politic question help plz?

    Have Asia dominated china??? because i want to know how strong asia's goverment

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  • What is the Dalai lama doing to help the "Free Tibet Movement"?

    plz if you know tell me and give me the website

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