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  • Job Relocation: Washington or California?

    I am looking to move from east coast to west coast, my choices are narrowed down to Washington (Seattle, Redmond area) and California (San Jose, or Irvine).

    The reason for such choice of locations is due to availability of technology jobs. Any advice or pros and cons?


    4 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Exercising/ Offsetting stock options?


    I am wondering if I buy a call option on say ZZZ at $80 now and sometimes later before expiry that ZZZ went to $95. Now if I want to exercise my option (buy and then immediatly sell the stocks to capture the gain), do I need the capital to buy the underlying the stock?

    Meaning, do I need to have $80000 first to buy the stocks before I sell it?


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