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  • Does anyone know where you can get large save the date MAGNETS?

    I have searched all over the web and only found one website with large save the date magnets. All the other websites were 3.5x4 which is smaller then what I wanted. Anyway on the website I did find, there were not templates that were what I was looking for. I tried creating my own but they came out blurry. Any can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • Most romantic/fun thing you have experienced at a wedding?

    What is the most romantic or fun things you have ever experienced as a guest at a wedding? >>details please!

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  • A wedding poll for those over 21?

    I am debating a destination wedding and would like some help...

    If you were invited to a destination wedding including a 2 night stay and all you had to pay for was your flight to get there and one meal (your lunch before you leave) would you attend?

    We are planning on choosing a destination where the flights are slightly cheaper than other places meaning somewhere between $300-500 per person (i.e. bermuda, punta cana, bahamas, etc)

    Thank you in advance for your help

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  • Stepping up my leg muscles?

    I have been working in the gym for awhile and I am to the point where the weight has fallen off and I am starting to tone up but my legs are not toning as quickly as I want them to. My calf muscles never seem to shape the way I was them to either so I would just really like nice toned legs on a female, can anyone give any suggestions on exercises to help with toning the legs. I stink and running but I know it is good for the legs so I try to run at least a little bit while I am in the gym. And by a little bit I mean 5 mins.

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  • Having trouble understanding Leukemia?

    So in leukemia there is abnormal WBC production and the abnormal WBCs rule out the normal WBCs and sometimes RBCs which make fighting infection almost impossible on their own but why do they present with high WBC count? Do the immature and abnormal WBCs still show up as WBCs on the CBC??

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  • How long do you think before she starts to crawl?

    My daughter just turned 6 months old and a very strong baby girl. She has been rolling over since 3 months, sitting independently at 5 months, she now goes from sitting position to all fours and starts rocking but then plops on her belly. How long do you think before she starts mastering that crawl?

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  • How long did it take your baby to get used to spoon feeding?

    My doctors office starts the baby's off a little earlier then others and my son did fine when we started him at four months old. I started my daughter on the rice when she was four months and she did not quite get the hang of it so we waited another two weeks and are now trying again. I do not remember how my son took it but my daughter makes faces and only gets a little bit of it down and most of it comes righ back out of her mouth. How long do you think it will take for her to get the hang of it?

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  • after baby #2, where diid you find the motivation to work out?

    I just had my second baby 4 months ago, after baby #1 i carried around those 15-20 extra pounds until he was about 1 then I finally started working out. This time I wanted to lose the weight sooner but it's just not working. I can not find the motivation or time to get both kids ready and get myself to the gym. Plus I am a person who like to see results fast so i know that what i am doing is working. anyway it has been four months already and all i wanna do is keep eating the junk i have been throughout my pregnancy. I do get really depressed about it sometimes and especially when my man wants to hug me and be with me I get really upset because we are 23 years old and this is not the way I should or want to look. Anyway I am wondering where everyone found the time and motivation to get back into the gym. Just some inspiration maybe.

    PS I don't work out at home, it doesn't work for me so I need to be in the gym.

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  • Looking for a wedding song?

    I am not too into music so it is hard for me to think of something off the top of my head. My fiance and I have been together since high school, 5 years now and we have two children together and I am looking for just the perfect song. We have been through so much together since high school with having our two children and still getting ourselves through college and I just want the perfect song for us. I love the ballad from wedding singer (grow old with you) but our friends just used that at their wedding so I want something different. Any suggestions of this I could check out??

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  • What is your 4 week old's schedule like and what are they doing?

    My daughter just turned 4 weeks old and she is eating 4 oz. every 3 hours during the day and at night usually sleeps 5-6 hours then eats around 2-3am and then goes another 4 hours and eat around 6-7am and then she wants to be awake for the morning. She sleeps well at night but will only nap during the day if I am holding and rocking her to sleep. It is frustrating that every time I think she is sleeping enough to put her down and then she starts fussing again :-( Also she doesn't not want to focus on anything I put in front of her she is always looking around and very alert but the most part she wants to look at what she wants to and I can not really play with her yet but all the things I am reading are saying she should be interested in her toys. What is your 4 week old doing at this point?

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  • 41 weeks pregnant with spotting?

    I am 41 weeks pregnant today and last night while I was up to use the bathroom I had a lot of discharge and when wiped it had a brown tint to it, as if period was starting. Then this morning I went to get my shower and wiped and discharge had a pinkish more red tint to it. It is not full fledged blood but I did call the doctor and I am due for an appointment today anyway so I will be going at 12:30 for NST and checking of fluid and regular appointment. Along with all of this I have had few contractions but a lot of cramping. I am still feeling baby move but the triage nurse told me to bring my bags because there is a chance they will be sending me to the hospital. What do you think they will do? If fluid is normal level and baby reacts well to NST do you think they'll have me wait it out or even though tests were good, send me to induce anyway because of spotting and cramping?

    Also let me add that it is the same discharge consistency I have had throughout pregnancy except now has the blood tint so I do not think it is mucus plug.

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  • Breastfeeding moms or moms who have breastfed?

    I am 40+6 weeks pregnant so baby is coming anytime now. I am planning on breastfeeding and have support and all the products I need but I am still anxious about it. I obviously don't know everything but want to do well. What advice can you give about the first couple of days spent in the hospital? When was the first moment that baby was on your breast? People have been saying to do this immediately after delivery but I don't know if I will be comfortable with this but I don't want it to cause problems if I do not feed immediately.

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  • If you were induced due to being overdue?

    I am now 5 days overdue and will go for my 41 weeks appt this Tues. I believe if all is well after the testing is done on Tues and baby still has not arrived the doctor will wait another week before inducing me. If you were overdue, when did your doctor induce you and how was the experience for you? I am 4 cm dilated but nothing is really happening so I think this may be the way we have to go.

    With my first I was induced at 38 weeks because my waters broke and we had to get baby out. I labored for about 13 hours and pushed for 15 minutes and all went well with delivery. The experience this time will be different though so I am a little nervous.

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  • Going nuts that baby still isn't here?

    I am 4 days overdue today and anxiously awaiting baby. I have been 4 cm for a week now and walking like crazy, we've tried sex and spicy foods too. I just have a feeling that she isn't going to come on her own and my doctor will wait until 42 weeks to induce. My first came early at 38 weeks so i have been prepared for this baby ever since. These past couple of days being overdue I have been walking the mall, shopping, cleaning, rearranging baby's things. I have nothing else to do with myself and I am going NUTS!! I don't know what I am going to do for the next 9 days if I am right about this feeling. I have been having all kinds of strong contractions and discharge for weeks now and like I said have been dilating but nothing and I don't think it is going to happen on it's own. What do I do with myself??

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  • Being overdue is so frustrating :-(?

    I am so far only 1 day overdue but I have a feeling baby is not going to come on her own and I am going to be induced and my doctor does not induce until 42 weeks unless something is wrong and as of now all looks great. You wait all this time thinking baby is going to be here by now and then due date comes and goes. How did/do you deal with this? I feel great and am still doing daily chores and shopping and all and still baby has not come. My first was here by 38 weeks so this is totally different and I am just ready to have her here :-(

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  • Worried about baby's health being overdue?

    I am so far only 40+1 and I want to naturally go into labor and doctor thinks odds are I will go sometime this week b/c I am already 4 cm, but I just feel as though she does not want to come on her own. I am definitely wanting to wait until 41 wks and then doctor will do some testing to make sure baby is still doing okay and fluids are well but I think I may be 4-5 days farther along then they think. So at what they think would be 41 wks would really be 41+5 for me and I am worried about the placenta not working properly for baby :-( My reasoning for thinking I am further along then they think is that my partner and I only had unprotected sex one time and I am going off that one time and that I had to ovulate early to get pregnant. Anyway should I be worried? I just want my baby to be healthy and not have complications due to placenta failing.

    I do trust my doctors when they are monitoring me and I am under their care but when I come home and am home all week I am constantly worried about is baby moving okay and is she moving as much as she should be and is everything okay and there is no way of me knowing these things. Please tell me I am overreacting.

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  • A question for anyone that HAS tried castor oil?

    I am not set on trying it and if I do it will be after 41 weeks but I am now 40 weeks and my doctor did give me the recipe if it was something that I wanted to try. He did tell me that it may cause diarrhea. I am 4 cm now and just waiting to go into labor but I don't think it is going to happen on it's own so I may try this in another week but I do not want to end up in the hospital with diarrhea b/c this is just embarrassing and uncomfortable. If you tried this, did you have diarrhea and how long did it last???

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