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  • Choosing a Best Answer on Yahoo Answers site?

    I am not sure it was Yahoo that used to pick the Best Answers or some other entity, but it is now left up to the person that asks the question. Why is it that very few users that asks a question do not take the time to choose a best answer from those that they receive.? There are many that answer questions on the site that would appreciate someone taking the time and choosing one as the best answer by clicking on AWARD BEST ANSWER at the bottom of that answer....

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  • Windows 7 start screen problems.?

    Running Windows 7. Cannot bring up the Windows 7 start screen. Normally you can hover your pointer in the bottom right of the screen to bring up 5 options that come out of the right side of your screen. Unable to do that at this time..

    When it is up you can use your finger and rotate the screen left or right OR use your mouse wheel to move it....

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago
  • Firefox browser hanging up?

    Firefox used to be my main browser. For sometime now it hangs up and you see (not responding) at the top of the screen... I am fairly competent on the internet and have gone thru all the clearing of the Cache, etc etc etc.

    What I want to know is there anyone out there having NO problems with Firefox....and if so....what browser are you using and what system are you using on your computer. IE....IE.8, 9, 10, Google, etc.


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  • Reason for not being able to contact someone on Yahoo Answers?

    I hope everyone sees this that does not allow email contact on this site....

    I have received MANY requests from users asking me to answer a. particular question. To submit this they have to open up allowing contact by Email and then they remove it prior to me replying to their question.. For those ....and any others that presently do not allow contact.....see below

    NOTE: if you are going to be on the Yahoo Answers site I recommend allowing contact by email. By doing this those that answer the questions or those that you have answered questions for are able to contact you to clarify a

    question/answer instead of sometimes guessing. Allowing this to happen does not expose your actual email address as you will receive a message from Yahoo stating you have a message from a User. There should be a white "Y" inside of a purple circle or square if it is from Yahoo. This is how you set it up.

    Click on your Avatar (photo) Then click on the WRENCH ....upper right ....on the next screen. Under PRIVACY SETTINGS place a check mark in the box to the left of "Can contact me via email". Click save. You can click on the small

    icon on the right side of this and it will tell you your email address will remain private. Thanks

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  • does Ad Free Mail from Yahoo delete the sponsored Ad above your inbox emails. Has a dollar sign to the left of it.?

    Have not seen any results from yahoo users if it works or not for that particular Ad.

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  • __AC_CATID:10'dir='ltr'> follows email contact category?

    Just recently when composing an email and entering the first letter of a category the entire list comes up with names/categories starting with that letter....If it is a category the name of that category is followed by

    "__AC_CATID:10'dir='ltr'> (32)".....the number at the end varies with each category because that indicates how many addresses are in that particular category.

    I have completed all the clearing of caches, virus scans, etc....I even deleted the category and started over...same results.

    1 AnswerCalendar and Contacts7 years ago
  • TOP CONTRIBUTOR BOX is missing?

    Started messing around with Avatars and all of sudden the orange TOP CONTRIBUTOR BOX disappeared...can' t find how to get it back..Tried help central..nothing...websites...nothing...contacted yahoo...nothing...

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Editing/adding to Microsoft wordpad?

    I have a document in wordpad...Went back to it to add something to a list of things to do...tried all the usual things, but am unable to add any text to what I have.

    1 AnswerOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • systems/registry cleaner?

    Does anyone know of any free ones...You can download several of them FREE...they report 300 to 1000 problems..sometimes fix 20 or so of them and then u have to purchase it to fix all the remaining problems.

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • LOCATING POP/SMTP info for your mail server,etc?

    Still havent received a good answer how to locate them..PLEASE be specific

    2 AnswersSending and Receiving Messages1 decade ago
  • History/favorites icon in toolbar?

    First, I know how to get the favorites list and history. What i 'NEED' is for someone to tell me how to get the "ICON" back in the toolbar so when I click on them I can go back on forth between them to display them on the left side of the screen....

    When I go to the CUSTOMIZE section it shows that I have them but I cant get them (ICONS) to display on the toolbar....

    4 AnswersInternet1 decade ago

    Where did it go??laughing. I have internet explorer 6 and it WAS on my Yahoo toolbar...

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  • Comparing RAM to Disc C:?

    1. Start,My computer, right click on Local Disk (C:), click on properties shows the disc with used and free space available.

    2. Right click on taskbar, then clicking on Task Manager brings up Physical/Kernel memory.

    These are different kind of graphs. Are they showing the same thing, that is how much memory (RAM) you have and how much has been used?

    My Physical memory is TOTAL -514124..AVAILABLE-100000...SYSTEM CACHE-222496.

    Also, what is Kernel memory?

    2 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Computer memory capacity//yahoo mail capacity?

    Does yahoo mail capacity relate in anyway to the size of your memory chip in your computer. I supposedly have 512MB in my Dell Computer and yahoo mail has 1GB

    3 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Determining computer memory capacity?

    1. is there a way to check ur computers memory capacity on the computer..

    4 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • How to view attachments using xls?

    I forward emails and other attachments to the desktop. These attachments use "xls". Once i get them to the desktop they cant be opened. It says windows needs to know what program created it. I used the web svc to find and and am directed to Microsoft downloads. Didnt work..I might need microsoft excel???

    4 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • How do i transfer a photo from MY PICTURES to my desktop?

    I have a beautiful sunset picture in MY PICTURES. Is it possible to transfer it to the desktop so it shows in the background?

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