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  • What would you do with this type of Ex-girlfriend?


    I am looking for input and I just wanted to say that we (my husband and I) have a game plan; just wanting to know if we are on the right track...

    His ex-girlfriend and mother of their one child keeps finding ridiculous excuses to contact him and I for that matter. She will make things seem like they are impending or imminent and gets really accusatory then backs off and changes direction and tries to make it into a conversation about us, our relationship etc. I have myself told her that I will discuss anything about my stepson with her as long as she is civil. So she now uses that as her excuse for contact. She has no problem however, being really sweet when she is asking for money. She is simply manipulative to no end.

    We have decided that if it continues we will enact and enforce a NO CONTACT rule that basically states that unless it is an emergency in the true sense of the word that she is not to contact us at all. Would you do the same thing? Suggestions?

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