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  • Air Force retraining question?

    I have been selected to retrain to the 1N0X1 career field. I was told that the tech school is around 22 weeks long. When I go to training will I be TDY or PCS? Will my family (husband and 3 children) have to relocate to Goodfellow AFB with me or will they stay at my current base until I have completed tech school?

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  • USAF depth perception waiver (operations intelligence)?

    I am trying to retrain into the operations intelligence career field (1N0X1). I have really good scores on my ASVAB, I received all 1s on my 422, I lifted over the weight requirement, and I passed my color vision test.Unfortunately, I failed my depth perception test. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in the career field or with obtaining a waiver. Is it possible to get a depth perception waiver for this career field?

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  • BB USA: Why is everyone sleeping in the HOH room?

    I googled the show and it showed Jeff, Jordan, Natalie, Michelle and Kevin all sleeping in the HOH room.

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  • Active Air Force engaged to Army Guard, is guard considered a dependent since they are not officially active?

    I am recently engaged to Army Guard. I was just wondering if I would get BAH with or without dependents. He isn't active right now.

    3 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Can you guess the riddle?

    I turn polar bears white

    and I will make you cry.

    I make guys have to pee

    and girls comb their hair.

    I make celebrities look stupid

    and normal people look like celebrities.

    I turn pancakes brown

    and make your champane bubble.

    If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.

    If you look at me, you'll pop.

    Can you guess the riddle?

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  • Is this normal at 8 months pregnant?

    I am due July 13th. I have alot of pressure in my lower abdomen but no pain. I just went to the bathroom and I wiped and I'm bleeding a little bit. I haven't as much movement as usual from the baby and my stomach is very tight. Is this normal?

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  • Did anyone watch the final episode of King of Queens?

    and if so did you like it?

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  • How early can I take an hpt?

    My last normal period was on March 12. (Ovulated 26 March) I had unprotected sex from 16 Mar to 1 Apr. (my hubby is in the military) I had light pink/ brown bleeding April 6 and 7. I am exhausted and have cravings for food that I hate but I cant eat anything that I love. I have been urinating alot and extremely bloated. I took a hpt on the 9th but negative. Was that too early to test?

    4 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Did anyone else feel this way during early pregnancy?

    I haven't had a period since July 30, 2006. My period lasted until August 11, 2006. On August 22nd I started spotting (very light, brownish/light pink blood), I had some cramps. This spotting continued until August 24th, but the cramps didn't stop until the 28th (they weren't painful, just mostly pressure). I have taken 6 at home pregnancy tests, but only 3 were positive. I have sore nipples, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and it is painful to lay directly on my stomach. Sometimes I get a lot of pressure on the right side of my lower abdomen. Did any one else feel this way during early pregnancy?

    9 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago