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  • did i get a miscarriage or what happened?

    i got my periods on time last month, but this month they came 10 days earlier with terrible cramps ( i never get cramps) and when i go to the bathroom i get huge blood clots (look like liver pieces) and it lasted for only a day, then my regular periods although they are heavier than normal.

    i havent had sex since my last period so i rule out a miscarriage. wat else could it be? please help, am worried

    4 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • help please?

    anybody out there with teen clothes they feel they dont need no more?do u want to donate?any size u can donate to me, i wud apreciate, am just a teen whose left behind in fashion from my other teens just coz am from a poor family,it wud really make me happy, am not at all huge, just a kind of small-bodied 22yr old,if some dont fit, i promise to donate to the less fortunate too, thank you!

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  • why doesnt african hair grow really long?

    ive observed that most african women cant grow their hair really long? how come? its not coz of the colour of their skin coz black american women have really long hair. only very few african women have long hair, is it just me or has anyone else observed this?

    14 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • menstrual pain?

    i get severe abdominal pain and backache whenever i get my menses, my knees get really weak, and my flow is really light and very irregular.i dont have any kids and have never been pregnant and neither have i ever used any form of contraception.the usual mood swings are there but it is the pain that i am concerned about....please help!!

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  • young love-does it survive?

    i used to have a close relation with a guy,sort of a love relationship when we were about six years old, u knu kissin and stuff, then we lost contact and met again when we were 21 years and we hooked up and talked a bit, i believed the spark was still there and he said he believed it too, so we like made out a bit and it was really good, but since then he aint comunicating, wont answer my text messages and wont call but when i do call he answers the phone really nicely, i knu he has girlfriend but i cant seem to get him off my mind..please help.

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