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  • Why is Yahoo answers suddenly showing a popup asking if I want to post my answer to Facebook?

    ok, answer a question in any category....and after you hit submit, a little window popup appears which wants you to connect your answer to Facebook?!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is @$*!

    8 AnswersYahoo Answers8 years ago
  • "I want to hold you, and love you and pet you and squeeze you and kiss you and pinch you....?

    This was a cartoon...with a girl who loved animals, but the animals would freak out and try to get away from this girl's over exhuberant affection. A friend and I can't remeber where we saw this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersComics & Animation10 years ago
  • Guitarists...locking tremelos?

    A stupid question, but I've never owned a guitar with a locking tremelo. Can you do blues bends or pedal steel type bends on a guitar with a locking tremelo?

    2 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Can a company stop the sale of stock?

    If a company's stock is on the open market, can the board of directors, or whoever, prevent the purchase of stock if they deem the new ownership is detrimental to the company's image?

    Just curious if this type of thing is covered in basic disclosure statements?


    3 AnswersInvesting1 decade ago
  • Are you a psycopath? Take the quiz!?

    Answer the following question....

    This is not a trick question. It is as it reads. No one I know has

    gotten it right.

    A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a man who she did

    not know.

    She thought he was 'amazing'. She believed him to be her dream partner

    so much, that she fell in love with him right there, but never asked for his

    number and could not find him.

    A few days later she killed her sister.

    Question: What was her motive for killing her sister?

    If no one gets the right answer, I'll provide it in a few days.

    8 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • When you get banned.....?

    I'm a liberal who presents facts to conservatives in a respectful way.

    Sometimes, I get banned by conservatives who do not like hearing the truth. big deal. Lately, I've clicked on questions from conservatives who I've never heard of before, and have certainly never attempted answering one of their questions...yet, I find myself instantly banned?!

    Isn't this an indication that the question is from an earlier conservative who already banned me? In otherwords, one and the same person?

    11 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Why do Repubs block you?

    I recently answered a repub on here who goes by the name of a famous growth product for men. (5th generation) I answered his question in a thoughtfull manner, but I did call him out on specific distortions and challenged his version of the truth...well, the guy blocked me, and probably reported all know who I'm speaking of.

    Is this anyway to open your mind and learn? Or are some on here simply to spout off about their right wing talking points they plagarized from various sites?

    I could've possibly learned something from this guy, and he could've learned from me, but because he faced an answer from someone with a modicum of intelligence, who dared disagreed with him, he blocks me and reports me?!

    Whining little babies..if you believe in your America, then stand up and fight for it.

    17 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • Is it just me, or are today's guitarists lazy?

    Why are there so many questions from people wanting to know the guitar chords to particular songs?

    In the old days (yeah, I know) we'd tune our guitar to A=440, usually to a piano, pitch pipe or harmonica, sit down with the music, usually a 45 vinyl, and diligently try chord after chord until we felt we had a good grasp on the song.

    I remember being excited about figuring out a Beatle song, and my neighbor, a much better guitarist said..."No, Stan..that's not a C chord, it's an Am...hear the difference?"

    It made me a better player. Todays kids want everything handed to them without putting forth the effort.

    With all the technology today, is it wrong for me to not help these beginners who wouldn't know the difference in sound between an A major and an E minor if it smacked them on the head?!

    13 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Guitarists..fingernails?

    Perhaps this is the wrong category, so forgive me.

    I'm a guitarist of many years, (46 years) and I'm working on what's known as "hybrid picking," in which you hold the guitar pick between the thumb and forefinger and use your middle and ring fingers to upstroke other strings. It's a genre mainly used in hot country guitar playing, I guess?

    I have some great lesson plans by a group called the Hellecasters, and my problem is...breaking nails on my right (picking) hand.

    Is there any particular product, or method, or supplement, to strengthen nails so they won't break and chip as easily? ( Without making me look gay? LOL)

    Thanks for any and all who answer.

    3 AnswersCountry1 decade ago
  • NHL Playoff tie breakers?

    Ok, so the NHL is getting down to the playoffs.

    If two teams finish with the same number of points, I believe the first tie breaker is head to head competition. Correct?

    What's next? Number of wins?

    Then division record.... then conference record?

    If anyone can lay this out, I'd appreciate it.


    2 AnswersHockey1 decade ago
  • Robert Johnson question?

    Stupid question, but this is bugging me.

    I recently saw a bio of Robert Johnson where a white guy, also a guitarist, retraced Johnson's steps and interviewed those who knew him.

    In the movie they talk about different bars/clubs on street corners and how musicians would play live and attempt to attract the most listeners. (What was this called? It had a particular term...along the lines of 'calling someone out'..etc.)

    Also, if you know the name of the bio, that would be great, as I'd like to add it to my collection.

    Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerBlues1 decade ago
  • if you were President, what band would you want to play at your Inauguaral ball?

    Not sure if this is true, but I heard a rumor that remnants of the Grateful Dead are playing somewhere around D.C. for the inauguaration.

    So, I started thinking...what band would you want to play at your own presidential inauguaration?

    I'd like to give someone a boost in popularity that perhaps many don't know about anymore?

    I'd pick The Ventures. Instrumental surf rock at its finest.

    10 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • When did Major League Baseball first ban steroids?

    I'm just curious...if anyone knows?

    I heard a discussion concerning Mark McQuire...the last time he wore a Cardinal uniform was 2001. I'm not sure if steroids were an illegally banned substance by MLB at the time Mark hit all those home runs?

    So....when did MLB officially put steroids on their banned substance list?

    By the way....for what McQuire and Pete Rose did for baseball, they should both be in the Hall of fame..IMO.

    1 AnswerBaseball1 decade ago
  • Who's On First? Only Rock bands used for the classic Abbot and Costello routine?

    I'm looking for the artist, and title, hopefully, of a take off on the old Abbott & Costello routine of "Who's On First?"

    Only this time, there's a club owner, talking to a booking agent...

    The club owner wants to know who's playing at his club that night, and the booking agent replies..."Who," meaning the rock band The Who.

    I believe the other two bands are "Yes," and "Guess Who," so you can imagine the confusion the club owner has trying to find out who's playing that night.

    Anyone ever hear of this? Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • Who's On First? Only rock bands used for the Abbott & Costello routine.?

    I'm looking for a comedy bit, title and artist hopefully, that mimics the old Abbott and Costello routine of "Who's On First?"

    Only this version, there's an owner of a club, and he's talking with a booking agent...

    The owner says things like..."Who's the first band?

    The booking agent replies..."yes," meaning The Who are the first band.

    I think the 2nd and third bands are "Guess Who," and "Yes."

    You can imagine the confusion that occurs with the owner of the club trying to find out which bands are performing that night.

    Anyone know this? And thanks a bunch in advance.

    1 AnswerComedy1 decade ago
  • Is Sarah Palin the future of the GOP?

    I'm not taking a stance one way or the other, as I'd like comments from all political persuasions.

    27 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • oops! Are you using too much punctuation, or did you misspell a word?

    How many of you are sick of these stupid little pop ups that scold your postings?

    5 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Charging money to attend a party?

    I have some friends who host an annual Halloween party at their home.

    In the last few years, they have hired a caterer, entertainment, and a bartender, and they have asked each guest to pay $10 (minimum) up front. This includes, open bar (frozen rum drinks, and beer)

    I've gotten in arguments with my wife because I feel it's the utmost in bad manners to host a party and charge your friends admission.

    Other parties, everyone brings a dish, and byob, but it's never a requirement. If we need a beer run, it's 'pass the hat'..etc.

    We've had great parties, with live music, because many of my friends are musicians, and it's bring what you want, but please attend, and there is never a cover charge.

    This couple also has very expensive Halloween decorations....spiders the size of a small car..etc, and by paying them an admission fee, I feel I'm also helping to pay for their decorations.

    Of course, I've been to bashes in the Summertime, where it might be $10 dollars for live music and all the beer you want just to cover expenses, and make sure the band gets paid, but that's different in my view.

    Is this an acceptable practice, or the utmost in bad manners to host a party and then charge your friends admission?

    3 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • Best camcorder for musicians?

    I'm a musician..I play in an all original band...sort of 60's British invasion sounding.

    I'm looking for a camcorder with good picture quality, and very good audio quality, with a built in condensor mike, and the ability to plug an external microphone into the camcorder.

    I'd also like the ability to record images, then later add my own soundtrack.

    I'd also like the ability to record old VHS tapes onto the camcorder for further editing..etc.

    What would be a good medium priced camcorder ($500-750) for making what boils down to, band videos of orignal songs?

    1 AnswerCamcorders1 decade ago
  • Pepsi Stuff Promotion question?

    Anyone doing the Pepsi stuff promotion out there?

    I've gotten about 5 cd's through the promotion, not a bad deal, but today, when I visited the web site, it seems they only have a few cds that are available. they used to have multiple categories...alternative rock, classic rock, jazz, hip hop, country...etc..etc..

    Is this promotion running out of cd's or what?

    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment1 decade ago