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Hey im 14 turnin 15 in May im very outgoing and love sports.

  • why My Ex Boyfriend i doing this to me?

    He tells me he loves me still ad still wants to have sex with me....but then he tells me to move on on day and the next he is sayin go talk to other guys but don't move on i still love you and there is still a cahnce for us...what does he mean

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  • Hello ppl u gotta help me out.?

    Im so confused bout he guys @ my school they never act the same way 2 days in a row. On day they are all protective and lovey and another day they hate u and they could care less if u got hurt. Whats going on.

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  • Guys I need your help!!!?

    What can I do does he like me or not. He is 2 years older than me and he says stuff like hey sexy and I love ya babe. But does he really mean it when he says that to one of my friends too. He comes and sits by us @ lunch but he sits between us and talks to me and puts his arms around us does that means he likes me or is he messin w/ me? Could he be diiggin us both or not.

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  • Hey its me again. My Love life is so confusin....?

    Well im a freshmen and he in a Junior( my ex BFs friend) and im kinda confused sometimes he treats me like he really likes me and than others he treats me like a little sister. Should I go to someone else or keep tryin? Is he messin with me? What should i do?

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  • What Should I do?

    My ex-boyfriend got mad when (after we had been broken up for almost a month) he found out that I liked his friend. Then He forbid us to date and of course his friend said it wasn't right and so we never dated. Than my ex turned around and now he is dating one of my best friends. Is it right?

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