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My name is Miles, I'm 14 years old, and live in the Bay Area. My hobbies include golf, computer gaming, Digg, and Yahoo Answers. I am currently working on a technology related blog that can be found here:

  • Is working only 12 hours a month normal?

    My place of work (a science museum) just informed all its teen employees that we can only work 12 hours a MONTH over the summer. Is this is any way normal? Bear in mind I am 18 years old and am still a student.

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  • Are these scratches or swirls? What should I use to remove them?

    Unfortunately I was pretty stupid recently. There were some white paint flecks on my car left over from someone who painted my car windows for my birthday. The pad I used to remove the paint flecks caused these god awful marks.

    Are they scratches? Or Swirls? And what should I use to remove them? So far it seems to be a decision between ScratchX and SwirlX.

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  • How do I know how many "shots" I've taken?

    When people say stuff like "Man, I just did 7 shots," or something like that, where are they basing their numbers on? Most just drink alcohol straight out of the bottle and never even use shot glasses. What is the basis for a "shot?"

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  • How do I know how many "shots" I've taken?

    When people say stuff like "Man, I just did 7 shots," or something like that, where are they basing their numbers on? Most just drink alcohol straight out of the bottle and never even use shot glasses. What is the basis for a "shot?"

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  • What does a girl mean when she says she's going to "dish?"?

    As in: "and then im going to call you, and dish!"

    what does this mean?

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  • Hair gets messy after only a few hours?

    My hair is fairly wavy naturally. I wake up in the morning to comb it and get it looking nice (which doesn't work out half the time because it won't stay down). After only a few hours (one school day), or less if it's windy, my hair can get quite messy. And I don't mean messy as in the stylish hairdos that all the actors are sporting. It looks more disheveled, and often stringy. How can I get my hair to be more manageable? (I am a guy)

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  • Making a letter on a typewriter?

    Would you consider a letter made on a typewriter to be personal? I need to write some personal, heartfelt letters to people and am wondering if a typewriter would be appropriate for this. Please be honest, thanks.

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  • House song, what's it's name?

    PLEASE ignore the video that goes with this (although it is hilarious):

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Epic picture slideshows?

    What are some immensely creative ways by which I can create an emotional, moving slideshow of pictures. It needs to be creative and have movement. All answers are welcome.

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  • I need to know what meditation song this is?

    It has a flute line in it that goes like this (repeating, perhaps not the same key)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Chances of getting into UCLA?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and just found this handy part of the forum. I'm looking to get into UCLA (for computer science) or Purdue (for professional flight). My career goal is to become a professional pilot.

    I'm a junior right now, so be aware that I'll probably be doing more things by next year. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

    I'm a white male from California.

    Here are my grades (as far as I remember)


    Freshman year: Semester 1: 3.9, Semester 2: 3.95

    Sophomore year: Semester 2: 4.04, Semester 2: 4.04

    Junior year: Semester 1: 4.42, Semester 2: Just started, will probably be similar

    At my school (which is a private catholic school in Oakland, California, by the way), you only get extra GPA points for junior/senior level Honors/AP courses.

    However, I can tell you that Freshman and Sophomore year I received all A-'s and A's, and Junior year (this semester only), I had one B+, with the rest being A-'s and A's.

    Out of seven possible core classes, I am taking 5 Honors/AP courses this year.

    My school does not do ranking.

    Standardized Testing


    I haven't really seriously taken an SAT or ACT yet (that's in a few months). I did take the SAT in 8th grade and the PSAT in 10th grade (also irrelevant).

    My main concern, however, is my PSAT scores, which I got back today. I only got a 190, which was a bit disappointing to me. My mom said that the ACT might be better for me, is this true? (I was 93rd percentile in the nation). In my opinion anything below a 200 isn't too hot. Hopefully I will improve when it comes time for the real tests.

    Extra-Curricular/Volunteering/Sports/Other stuff


    - I hold a Private Pilot's License (flying out of Oakland International)

    - Design editor of both the school's newspaper and yearbook

    - Paid intern at a major science museum

    - Over 150 non-paid, volunteer hours at said science museum

    - CSF Member (inactive because I'm paid now)

    - NHS Member

    - Spent two weeks of my summer on a conservation/field research trip in Montana

    - Lead clarinetist in our school's highest band (have played since 4th grade)

    - Member of the Parliamentary Debate Team (one of the top ranked in our league)

    - Play on our school's golf team (also one of the top ranked in our league)

    - Will be doing 30-40 hours of service with the poor/marginalized this summer

    - Note that I'll probably do more between now and senior year

    I'm sure I could think of more but I have to go write an essay now.


    I'm more interested in my chances for UCLA because I'll most likely get into Purdue. Also note that I am a California resident (since UCLA is in California).

    Also, I don't know if it matters, but my dad attended UC Berkeley and has a PhD in Mathematics (specializing in fluid dynamics).

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Getting into UCLA -- CAN I?

    Do you think I would be able to get into UCLA (I'm a junior right now)

    In Sophomore year I had all A's and A-'s (Weighted GPA = 4.04, unweighted probably like 3.8)

    In Junior year I had more A-'s and B+'s (Weighted GPA = 4.20, unweighted probably like 3.6)

    I haven't taken any SAT's or ACT's yet, but I expect (conservatively) to score anywhere between 1800 to 2100 on them.

    I am a paid intern at a medium/large sized science museum, am on the school's debate team, am on national honors society, am lead clarinetist in our school's symphonic band, and am design editor of both our school's newspaper and yearbook. I also hold a private pilot's license.

    I want to be a commercial pilot and wish to take either computer science or aeronautical engineering at UCLA.

    What do you think my chances of getting in would be?

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  • Gravitational pull between two objects?

    There are two planetary bodies (as seen in the diagram on here: M1 is 50 times more massive than M2. The distance between them is 100,000 km. At what distance from M1 is the pull from the two planets equal?

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  • Alcohol tolerance for teenagers?

    I am 16 years old, male, and weigh about 144 pounds. How much alcohol could I consume to have the effects wear off after about 2 hours? Answers for different alcohol proofs would be appreciated.

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  • Chilling with friends?

    What are some good things to do while chilling with friends? Any ideas are appreciated.

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  • Asking a girl to hang out?

    I'm friends with a very nice girl that I met on a trip a few days ago. I want to hang out with her (and I'm pretty sure she wants to also) but I don't want it to seem like a date or anything when it's not. How should I phrase my question to her, and what are some things that we could do?

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  • UCLA student's GPA as a high school sophomore?

    What GPA would the average UCLA student have had as a sophomore in high school? Thanks.

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  • Is this a valid precipitate reaction?

    Say I want to remove the Copper from the solution

    CU(NO3)2 (aq) + 2KOH (aq) --> Cu(OH)2 (s) + 2KNO3 (aq)

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  • Rate my looks?

    And tell me what I can do to improve. Thanks.

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