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  • I tried a spanish sweet cake/biscuit beginning with the letter A today, but can't remember the full name?

    It was something like Almendrados, but looking at the pictures I'm sure it's called something else, but it was quite a long name. I think it had almond or other nut inside. It was in a cardboard packaging, flat like a sleeve of chocolate and was a little crumbly to cut, but very rich and moist tasting.

    If you know the name of this, it would be much appreciated.


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  • Why is it only apple that makes a 160gb mp3 player?

    Seeing long the iPod has been around, why have no other manufacturers developed a compact mp3 player with high capacity storage? It seems like the iPod current generation have no competitors. All other firms seem to top out at 32gb.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Is this a valid reason for why the England team are disappointing?

    Capellos system of only picking players on form and creating an air of uncertainty about who is playing doesn't allow players to gel.. I'd rather have a well gelled team of good players, who can read each other and play well together rather than the lottery that picks the best players who happen to be on form in a particular week

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  • Does the cable length affect the sound of headphones?

    I own some Sennheiser cx-95 earphones. The cable length is around 35 cm with an attachment that measures about 1 metre in length.

    Using the 1m extension, I'm convinced the sound is not the same. Either it doesn't sound the same, due to the cable length, or I'm just hearing things that arent there. I just explain "how" the music sounds different, I just "know" it does. Does my theory have any basis?

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  • When you exercise in the gym what calories are being counted?

    From what I understand the calories shown on the machines are only those which the machine is directly affecting.

    What about the calories that your body burns naturally during rest simply to carry out essential functions? Are they part of the cycling machines' calculations?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Why do artists release singles after albums?

    If I remember correctly, when I was younger artists would release a string of singles followed by an album. It would make more sense as then each single sounds fresh, other than people buying an album then thinking, oh heard that 3 months ago...

    Why do they now release an album followed by a string of singles from the album? Instead of new content.

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  • Am I entitled to get a fresh bank note?

    I have a £5 note in terrible condition. It's sellotaped in the middle to prevent it falling apart ripped at the sides and really fragile without that "crisp" feel anymore. I have a feeling some people might not like to accept this note, so am I entitled to go to my bank and change it for a fresh note?

    I know they regularly replace old notes when they are passed through their system.

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  • How do I get a dark circular stain out my favourite t shirt?

    I have a dark circular stain on my favourite dark green t-shirt. It looks like an oil stain, and even though I've put it through the wash twice with persil liquidtabs, it's still there clear as day. The patch looks like it's constantly wet meaning I can't wear it out.

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  • Is there a way of getting through the day without hearing about Big Brother?

    I am seriously going nuts. Its in the papers, news, radio, people talk to you about it, even people badmouthing it is annoying.

    How did society get like this? Why do people like peering into the falsified lives of others?

    Will it ever end?

    A social experiment it started; now its just a money-making machine that exploits those who find enjoyment in it. It has become a pastime for people with no hobbies.

    6 AnswersMedia & Journalism1 decade ago
  • Why do young children watch videotapes over and over again?

    I remember doing this, I had a favourite, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 On video tape, and watched it repeatedly.

    At the time I didn't understand why I didn't get bored. It was just so amazing.

    However, I still can't explain the reason why I repeatedly watched the video multiple times.

    I've sat through a bug's life dozens of times with my young nieces and whilst they never tire of it, I find myself appreciating the film more each time.

    Perhaps it is because our minds are not developed enough to remember a variety of images and wishes to recreate the experience of enjoyment/fear etc...?

    What do you think is the reason young children watch the same video over and over again?

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  • Why can't I shout "Objection!" in phoenix wright 2? Only "Hold It!"?

    I'm pretty sure I could shout objection in Phoenix Wright 1, Ace Attorney.

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  • Why are television ads/commercial breaks broadcast at twice the volume of the programme you are watching?

    I get annoyed at this. One ad breaks approach, I have to lower the volume, for fear of being deafened, or disturbing others.

    Why do they do this?

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  • Duty payable on imported laptop?

    I want to purchase a notebook costing about £1000 from the USA.

    What are customs procedures in dealing with this?

    I read that notebooks are exempt from duty charges, but do I still need to pay VAT?

    If it is shipped to me via airmail, is it guaranteed to be opened by Customs?

    I have ordered smaller items from the USA through eBay, and never paid any custom duties or taxes in all this time...

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  • Im typing the questions right now... what are you doing?

    As I type this question, I know there are hundreds of people on Yahoo Answers doing the same thing, sat in front of their computers, notebooks, PDA's, and its pretty surreal. Kind of like when you imagine celebrities doing the same things ordinary folk do, like eat food, sleep at the same time you sleep, pop a number 2...

    People are using their spare time to do exactly the same thing I'm doing. Difference is, you might be in a different timezone, and I might never meet you on a normal basis...

    However, we have chanced upon each other in cyberspace, and you have caught me tryping this whilst eating dinner and catching up on some work...

    What are you doing?

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  • Would you be really annoyed if you died before a tv series you really liked; finished?

    I would be boiling if I died before finding out the conclusion of prison break...

    The higher plane would have a lot to answer for.

    However, if upon death, you werer able to assume all knowledge; including knowing the end of prison break, that would soften the blow a little...

    24 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • Do 64 bit applications require 64 bit Operating System?

    I ask because so many Core 2 Duo systems are supplied with Vista 32 bit, is there any point is purchasing a Dual Core system?

    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Where or how can I practice quick mental arithmetic?

    My maths is of an good standard, A at GCSE (uk exams at 16) but I find I still need to write down simple aritmetic on paper, before being able to work it out.

    For example, questions I encounter day to day I cannot work out "on the spot mentally" or as quick as I would like, such as

    Work out 8% of 17000.

    The meal cost 0.97 for the drink and 1.85. I paid with £5, how much do I get back?

    Quickly tell me what 15 multiplied by 12 is.

    I can easily work these out given pen and paper quite quickly, but it's hopeless if Im not. However I notice a lot of people that didn't do that well at maths in exams, can work these sums out on the spot. What is their secret?

    Is my brain wired differently?

    Books or sites advice would be best.

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  • Looking for a book similar to those by Robin jarvis?

    I remember reading a book, similar to the works of the venerable Robin Jarvis. It was part one of (x number), I know because I am trying to finish off the collection.

    It dealt with animals that could change aspects of themselves, animorphing under the guidance of a master. I think the animals were mice (which leads me to the Robin Jarvis connection). In this first novel of many, a mouse pupil becomes better than the master. The master became jealous of this pupil, and found out that the pupil was better at morphing than himself. If it helps, this pupil was adept at changing into a blackbird, which was one of the hardest animals to master.

    Well, it turns out that this pupil was only better than the master by stealing shavings off the ancient trees of his ancestors, a morally wrong action to take. This master goes off to reveal his pupils secret. On the way to the village however, a group of "undead?" find this master, and the once "never put a foot wrong master", sells out his tribe,

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