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  • Does Anyone Know Brandon M. Worrell? How Do I Locate A Soldier In The Army Reserve? His CHILD Really Needs Him! Urgent!?

    I have been trying to locate Brandon M. Worrell for a couple of weeks now, without any success.

    Here's what I know about him:

    The most recent information I have about him is that he was most likely in the Army or Reserve in 2010. He appears to have lived in Savannah, Pooler or Ft. Stewart,Georgia, and Virginia Beach, VA. Internet search revealed he was most likely in 2003, with the Third Infantry Division. In 2010, he was a SGT/E5.

    That is all I know about him, except that he has a young daughter in GA, that resides with the child's grandmother, and very occasionally with her mother.

    I have information for this dad that he really needs to know, as well as act on pertaining to his child. If you know him, please have him email me, or please tell me contact information in your answer here. But, he needs to talk to ME, and not fly off the handle and discuss this with anyone else.

    I realize this is vague, but, to protect the innocent, this is all I can say.

    My dot com is obviously Yahoo, so all you have to do to email me is put my user name, which is drbernice843, before the dot and com. Please try and email me if you have information specific to Brandon. General advice can, of course, be given by your response here.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. This is most important!

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  • Is there an additive I can put in my gas tank to see if it's leaking?

    I think my gas tank must be leaking. But, I don't have anywhere I can park it on cement. Is there an additive I can put in the tank that would make holes in the tank, or leakage on the ground, more easily to identify?

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  • IN GA if RENTER signs contract to abide by GA Law re: Staying in a BOARDING HOUSE, BUT House isn't licensed...Is the Contract Enforceable?

    Someone rents out a room in a home that is operated as a boarding house. They sign a contract which states:

    "This establishment is operated as a 'Boarding House' in accordance with O.C.G.A. Title 43, Chapter 21, with the following conditions applicable....

    ...If you are a guest or boarder, you have limited protection under the law"...


    ..."if payment is past due or the boarder has violated the occupancy rules, advanced notice is not required, and the boarder can be required to leave immediately"...


    "...If charges are unpaid the following Monday, occupancy will be terminated, and personal property will be held until all charges are paid in full."

    This house has two boarders. They both signed the contract. The boarders have been increasingly late on paying, and are now in serious arrears. They have violated the written "occupancy rules," repeatedly. They are filthy. They are the most likely to have stolen a significant amount of food from the house - and traded for drugs - but it can't be proven; but, due to constant dishonesty, it's clear they can't be trusted.

    The owner lives here & conducts all business with boarders personally. There is no other staff. Boarders eat there frequently.

    The house is not licensed as a boarding house, but the contract exactly states "this establishment is operated as a 'Boarding House'.

    The police will not enforce the contract & remove the boarders due to no license.

    Who's right?

    Thanks very much!

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  • Attachment image

    How Can I Get The Lug Nut Off?

    The dumbasses at Sears Automotive used an air impact wrench to torque my lug nuts down as much as they possibly could. Now my tire is flat, and I can't take it off because one of the 6 lugs is stuck and cross-threaded on....THANKS, SEARS! GREAT MOVE!

    I have included a picture of one of the lug nut's brothers to illustrate. Only the right side of the lug (as pictured) is threaded. That means the side the socket fits onto isn't threaded. So, a nut splitter will not work.

    Anyway, to make a long painful, 3 day story short, but still not sweet: The lug nut is now rounded off. Applying heat and a smaller socket failed. Attempts to drill the stud destroyed the socket face, and has only slightly ground into the stud. No luck with a chisel.

    I really don't know what else to do.

    Please offer any advice you may have! Thanks very much,

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  • Need To Calculate Number of Tiles To Buy?

    I am tiling a bathroom, and have found a deal on 4" tiles. However, I am no expert when it comes to calculating, and am having difficulty determining how many tiles I should buy. I don't want to buy much too many, or even much worse, not buy enough.

    I am planning to do 3 different areas in the bathroom. I have included the measurements, in inches, of each area. Can you help me out?

    Please tell me how many tiles I need to purchase for each of the three areas.

    Hint: Here's an online tile calculator, should you get that far with the math:

    Thank you very much!

    ~Tub Surround:




    =? How many 4 inch tiles

    Adjacent wall, from floor to 39"




    =? How many 4" tiles

    Countertop and backsplash"


    =? How many 4" tiles

    First correct answer will get my immediate vote for Best Answer (& 10 points!)

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  • Can You Name This Song?

    It was on an episode of The Good Wife....any ideas? target=_blank>ALICIA.wma

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  • Where is a good place to find discount bath fixtures, such as a whirlpool tub?

    I would like to remodel my bathroom - on a shoe string budget. Are you aware of any sites online that offer plumbing fixtures like whirlpool tubs and/or sinks, at outlet or heavily discounted prices?

    Also, if you know of any sources for these items in the Southeast, please let me know!

    Finally, please don't suggest Home Depot or Lowes.

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  • What HVAC relay to order?

    Need to order and replace a fan relay on a York package unit heat pump. Old one isn't available, and neither is the wiring diagram. The old relay had 5 spade connectors, and 4 were attached to a wire. One of those wires, as you will see from the pix I've provided, was the green thermostat wire,

    This is an older heat pump, and to search for a replacement relay by model number isn't an option.

    Also, York customer support is anything but, well, supportive.

    Please take a look at the information I've provided below, that came straight off a metal tag on the unit. Also, if you will look at the pix, I hope they will help in identifying what I need to order.

    Please tell me these things about the relay I need to order:

    SPDT? DPDT? Volts? (Plus anything else that might vary between different relays)

    Here's the info from the tag:

    1-COMP VLTS 208/230, PH 1, HZ 60, 17.3 RLA, 87 LRA

    1- ID BLO Hp 0.5, VLTS 208/230, PH1, HZ 60, 4.5 FLA

    1-OD FAN Hp 0.25, VLTS 208/230, PH 1, HZ 60, 1.8 FLA

    Here's the pix:

    Based on what I've provided, are you able to tell me what relay to order?


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  • What ROI Would An Investor Accept On A Tax Lien Purchase?

    A Real Estate Investment & Development Company purchases a Tax Lien Certificate at auction for $100,000.00. The company may charge the homeowner 20% (or 20k) to redeem the lien. However, the homeowner has 12 months to do this.

    If the homeowner can pay the investment company the total amount due within 4 months, instead of waiting for 12 months, what % interest do you feel the homeowner should offer to pay, and what negotiation strategies should he use? After all, this would free up the investor's money to reinvest, rather than having it tied up for a whole year.

    Doesn't it make sense that the company would probably accept less, especially considering the property is in need of many repairs that the company wasn't aware of when they bought the tax lien?

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  • Carpal Tunnel AGONY! Please Suggest Any Kind of Possible Relief!?

    I was charged by a dog 3 weeks ago, and, among other injuries, fractured both my radius and ulna at my wrist.

    I AM IN STABBING, BURNING, CARPAL TUNNEL AGONY! At least the doctor called it Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    It is HORRIBLE tonight. One wave of burning pain doesn't even go away before I am in excruciating pain again!! I've taken more pain pills than I probably should. Nothing is helping!

    Please suggest some relief. I can't take much more of this!

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  • What is the best attractant product to catch a male dog?

    I need to catch a male dog who is obviously very attracted to a female who is in heat. Is there an attractant product that mimics a female dog in heat scent? This dog has come to my property on 2 occasions that my female was in heat. Naturally, she isn't in heat at the moment, but I need to lure and capture this male dog ASAP.

    If there are no dog in heat products, what would be my second choice? And how would I go about distributing the product to lure him into my trap?

    It would be nice if the product didn't attract nuisances like coyotes, but I will use whatever works best.

    Your advice most greatly appreciated.

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  • HVAC Gurus! Can't 1 of You Figure This Out?

    Ok, lets start first with the easy things to figure: I have no money for another service visit. Obviously, I'm no electrician or HVAC person....I'm just a girl with a packaged unit heat pump, a new thermostat that might be wired wrong, an air handler fan that will not shut off for love nor money (unless I flip the breaker off.) And, lastly, I've spent several weeks trying to solve this problem; and, ironically, the packaging the stat came in claims "5 Minute Installation"....Do what? I am ROTFCMFEO!! - which, I'm sure you'll figure out that it means I'm crying my eyes out.

    Obviously, this isn't an easy problem to solve: Is it the stat, or is it a stuck fan relay. At this point, I really wish it was the relay. In spite of being girly, I could change that out in say, 3 days tops! Win!

    Instead of writing all of this over again, PLEASE, PLEASE, IN THE NAME OF GOD, PLEASE, follow the two links I've included. They will tell you everything under the sun about this problem. I just can't bare to write it all out again. Maybe one of you could relate to my pain if you had to do extensive research and problem reporting on PMS, for instance....or finding the best recipe for spinach quiche.

    I'm ready to bargain here. Whatever it's gonna take, I'm ready to do it. If you want advice on something, shoot. If you want me to call your ex-girlfriend and tell her we're having twins, great. If you want me to write and mail out all your Christmas cards, I'm down for it. If you would like an awesome, professional ad on Craigslist for your company, or for the perfect personal ad, email me....Just please, help me solve this problem! Did I mention PLEASE?

    OK, Hvac Guru of Gurus, this is your mission. This posting will self destruct, probably at about the same time this frustrated and overworked laptop goes out for a 45 yard pass, with the only receiver being that damn heat pump with the continuously running fan!

    See, I can't even be funny anymore. It left about the same time this problem whipped my *** and stole my mojo.

    God will bless you for this. I promise.;_ylt=AjgqT...;_ylt=AqqaF...

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  • Please Help Me Escape HVAC Hell! A Thermostat Shouldn't Be This Hard.?

    Still confused on wiring this thermostat, and troubleshooting why the fan won’t cut off. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been when I posted my earlier.

    For the sake of reference, here’s my last post concerning this problem.;_ylt=AsmV6...

    This is a York B1PA036A06D packaged unit Heat Pump. It isn’t a split system. So, I wasn’t certain about the advice I got earlier, since I was told to disconnect the power at the air handler, and other advice was related to the indoor unit’s transformer.

    I had two offers to assist me further if needed, but, when I returned to the question, the contributor’s user names were hidden. So, I’m posting again, hoping one of you might remember me…or, maybe, another kind person might respond.

    And, by the way, IMHO, the people at York are jerks! They won’t supply a wiring diagram, or tell you what color wire should have which particular label. They weren’t helpful at all, and were downright condescending. I bought this unit with the house. But, I’d never buy a York.

    Briefly, my old thermostat broke, and I got a new Hunter stat (identified by some as my first mistake…lol). Someone took the old stat off without labeling the wires. So, I have traced the wires to where they connect outside at the unit, and I include this info below. Someone supposedly experienced in HVAC installed my new stat, but, the blower fan hasn’t shut off since, unless I cut off the breaker. I think either the stat is wired wrong, or, maybe, the fan relay has gone bad.

    When I was advised to disconnect the red wire, would this be the same advice for a packaged unit as for a split system…I’m supposed to have all the power on, and pull the red wire off the thermostat?

    As far as my wire colors, as they relate to the way the thermostat is wired now, please see below. I also traced the wires to the outside unit, so I could see what color each stat wire connects to. As it stands now, the tech didn’t hook the white wire to anything on the stat, and I am thinking I will need that on Aux/E, right? I can see that the white stat wire was connected to something previously.

    Here’s a link to an interactive wiring diagram, which has various options for different systems.

    “So, why don’t I use it?” you might ask. Well, I tried, but, I’m still not feeling 100% confident about all the wire colors and labels. And, I don’t know whether I’m supposed to choose the heat pump with aux heat, or the heat pump with heat reversing. People tell me all heat pumps reverse…but mine has heat strips, too.

    Now that I’ve supplied this information, does this make any difference in the way I will troubleshoot whether the stat is defective / hooked up wrong, or if I’m dealing with a bad fan relay?

    I have tons of pictures, and even a video of where the wires connect in the unit. I have tons of pictures, and even a video of where the wires connect in the unit.

    Here’s a short video:

    I’ll check back later to see if any other information is needed.

    I am pulling my hair out on this!

    Your Help Most Greatly Appreciated! Thank you SO MUCH, guys!

    Stat Connect / Stat Wire Color / Heat Pump Wire Color








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  • Is there a HVAC expert that would be willing to troubleshoot over the phone with me?

    I have a York heat pump and a new Hunter thermostat. Since someone supposedly experienced in HVAC replaced my thermostat, my air handler fan will not shut off. Of course, I have made sure it is on "auto".

    I have narrowed it down to two possible problems...maybe. Either the stat is hooked up wrong, or the fan relay is bad. But, since I know practically nothing about HVAC, I could be mistaken.

    I am wondering if there is a kind HVAC expert that would be willing to talk me through troubleshooting this issue. It's making me crazy to hear the fan constantly running, and, it's making my house cold.

    I would be willing to trade advice on a subject I'm competent in, such as medical advice, relationship matters, dogs, gourmet cooking, insight on how women think, computer issues, great gift ideas, interior design, things to do in Savannah, GA, gardening, ....I'll give a stab at anything you might ask!

    Also, I write create fantastic, professional ads for sites such as Craigslist. Perhaps you'd like me to write one for your HVAC services!

    Obviously, I would want to be able to talk during daylight hours, in case I have to access the outside unit to troubleshoot.

    My email address is

    If you'd be willing to help me, I would be eternally grateful!

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  • If some1 steals my checks and debit card, and uses them in GA, is it Identity Fraud?

    Someone stole my checks, forged my signature, and cashed them. Total was $5800. Since they forged my signature, can I possibly have them charged with Identity Fraud, in addition to the forgery and financial card transaction fraud?

    I would love to be see them convicted for Identity Fraud as well, since GA Law allows punitive damages in a civil case of 3 times the amount of the theft. After all, in forging my signature, is falsely representing that they are me, correct?

    I am referencing OCGA 16-9-130

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  • Central AC Unit Blowing Warm Air - Could It Be Clogged Up?

    I have a York self contained, outdoor AC unit/heat unit. I recently spread Diatomaceous Earth Dust throughout my home to kill bugs. I had to wash the reusable return filter twice due to dust, and vacuumed out the return duct as much as I could. I also sprayed and cleaned the coils on the unit outside (there was no obvious dust build up there - I just cleaned it for normal maintenance.)

    It's been a week now since I eradicated the dust, and cleaned the outside unit. Now, the ac is blowing warm air.

    Is there somewhere else I need to check to see if it needs cleaning? Or, how do I go about doing some basic troubleshooting? I have a multi-meter, but don't actually know how to test continuity or ohms. The only thing I know how to do with it is to check voltage.

    I cannot afford to call a service company right now. Your kind advice is what I will have to work with.

    I really appreciate any help you can provide!

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  • What kind of reverse mortgage will give one the most money?

    With there being so many confusing options for reverse mortgages, I am having a hard time helping someone decide what type would be best for her. In essence, she wants the most possible lump sum money after an existing mortgage is paid off, and doesn't have alot of money to spend on upfront costs. How do we go about getting the best possible deal on a reverse mortgage?

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  • 3 Quick (hopefully easy) HVAC questions - blower motor, air handler filter, and coil issues in the attic!?

    I need some info on a YORK split system. The air handler is in the attic, and is horizontal. Some genius removed the air filters from both returns - now the unit isn't cooling well - wonder why?! UGH!

    I have the front cover of the air handler off, and am going to take the blower out to clean it. I have a pretty decent grasp on the process. But, should the blower motor have greasy, black nasty sludge stuff on it? I discovered this when I placed my hand underneath the blower, and felt the blower motor there. What should I do about this?

    Secondly, how can I know if the air handler is supposed to have it's own filter on it? The unit was here when I bought the house, so I have no literature.

    Lastly, while the fan is obviously in need of cleaning, when I sprayed cleaner on the coils I got very little dirt. I am thinking this is an indication of something being wrong, but don't have a clue what it really means.

    Your kind assistance most greatly appreciated!

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Please help! I can't do math! %/Gallon Calculation Needed Desperately?

    I am literally hating life right now, attempting to calculate how much chemical to add to water to make. one gallon of water containing .03 % active ingredient. The chemical is a liquid, containing 0.3% active ingredient. Please help me!

    4 AnswersChemistry8 years ago
  • Need Advice On Setting Up Account Receivables?

    I was hired by a newly formed automotive business to do computer work such as building their website and online marketing. Neither of the owners know how to turn on a computer, and they have assumed I know alot more than I actually do. However, I really need to keep this job, and I am a quick learner.

    The guys have started going out and forming vendor relationships with local entities such as the city and industrial plants. They will be repairing alternators and starters, and have told me to set up vendor accounts for these entities.

    There is currently no system in place, and they are relying on me to establish one. Also, there is very little money right now, as they have had to make alot of purchases to get everything rolling. About all I have right now is a IRS Form W-9 for the owner, and I have downloaded a standard business credit application.

    I don't have the luxury or time to invent a system for accounts / receivables. There is no room for trial and error. These guys are really depending on me! I need to establish procedures that will be extremely easy for them to comply with, and, also, for me to be able to keep billing and receivables organized and accurate. Also, because of the limited cash - unless it's free - I can't afford any fancy software right now to automate or simplify my tasks.

    I realize I have committed to quite an undertaking, but I am hoping you will give me some good pointers. All I really have available to me is Microsoft Office, determination, and, hopefully, some great advice. The guys were so impressed that I could build a website and use html on Craigslist that they believe I am The Guru when it comes to any sort of office type work. :-)

    Also, they have told me to find out if a business is tax exempt or not. Do I just ask them, or is there a procedure for this?

    Your suggestions greatly appreciated!

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