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A Veterinarian

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I'm a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) who has been in private practice for close to 25 years here in the U.S., focusing primarily on surgery for the past decade. Mensa + multiple academic/professional organizations. I certainly don't know everything, LOL (no one does!), but I am quite knowledgeable and experienced in my chosen field. I don't hang out on answer boards like this very often, but occasionally pass through...and if I see a question I know I can help with (or if I see one that ticks me off, lol), I'll offer the best advice I can. DISCLAIMER: It is not possible, nor is it legal or ethical, to make a diagnosis without a proper examination of a patient, which includes taking a thorough history. As such, I will attempt to answer questions in generalities only. You are ALWAYS encouraged to take your pet to a qualified, licensed DVM to obtain an actual diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. Please do not give your pet any OTC meds or home remedies with