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  • what is the name of this movie?

    its a couple of years old.... its about a man(1) who pretends to be mentally slow, purposely gets run over by another man(2) hired by the guys(2) girlfriend to get him to ask her to marry her. he(1) is a professional relationship guy, carries a bag of broken glass that he claims were his glass figurines that got broken when he got ran over. One of the funny scenes is where they are on a bus and the relationship guy starts singing "who's on the bus" and says minimoomoo is on the wrong bus.

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  • This week is homecoming week at my daughters school-I need some suggestions....?

    each day they have a different theme, such as school color day, celebrity day and so on...... does any body have any suggestions for "crazy day"

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  • anyone know any legitimate work from home place (like envelope stuffing)?

    I dont want any of those "make as much money as you want each week, up to $2000.00, just send $19.99" we all know those are bogus. If they want money up front its just a gimmick. Just looking for something not too mind boggling to do when Im not at work to make some extra cash.

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