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    Black Lives Matter! Did Trump's abrasive personality help draw attention to injustice in the Black community?

    With Obama as President there was a go along get along feeling in society. Injustice against people who were Black still happened. 

    Did Trump's abrasive personality help draw attention to injustice in the Black community?

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    Why do leftist cry-bullies hate the Electoral College?

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    Because they've lost from it, twice. It's really that simple. What's more is that Abraham Lincoln won via this system once with a plurality of votes. It seems to have a pretty good track record of picking the right people. The founders didn't just make this system up for zero reason. Hillary, for example, a lunatic who spies on political opponents and commits espionage, was prevented from entering the white house. In other words, it worked perfectly, just like it's supposed to. 

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    Politics: if the flawed electoral college was meant to stop the most populous states from “picking the POTUS” ?

    Why is it based on population? For example, California alone cancels out like 12 red states.

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    GunControl: Do you believe the freedom to protect yourself with a gun should be the choice of a persons family or Government?

    Government currently decides if a person can own a gun, they do this with a background check..... Would it be more efficient to let the people that live and work with the said criminal decide gun or no-gun?

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    Can I have 2 checking accounts with the same bank?

    My husband and I have joint back accounts and we have a savings, the only problem we have is we save in the savings but we take money out a lot which gives us a fee cause of the limit. So we were thinking of getting rid of our savings account and just getting another checking account to put our expenses in. Would that be ok? 

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    Okay, so why do Republicans complain that Barack Obama used executive overreach by enacting DACA program?

    Isn’t one of the vestigial powers of the U.S. president to use his discrete power to provide temporary relief to a group people that is in the best interest of the United States until congress is able to come up with a legislative solution to the issue? (They have to undergo background checks and have their fingerprints taken and have to be in school or working and they cannot have more than 3 misdemeanors). Bush enacted the TPS program to help immigrants facing similar circumstances as the DACA and he didn’t receive the criticism Obama received, maybe because he was Republican. Anyways why did Trump throw a tantrum on Twitter when the supreme court ruled he couldn’t end the program the way he wanted because it seemed more like an “arbitrary attack motivated by race rather than rule of law)? He could keep the program in place if he wanted to but he doesn’t do it because he’s been a failure at securing the border or because he’s simply a racist as every smart person knows that or he simply wants them to self deport. 

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    Do you agree with an Option to opt out of social security system?

    If people grow old and starve to death because they lack the money to eat, fine with me.... But is it fine with YOU?

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    Family thinks I'm too young to get married? ?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for three years, and we have been living together in our own 2-bedroom apartment for almost 4 months. We both finished school- I got my bachelor's degree and work in advertising for an agency, and he went to tech school and works as an HVAC technician. He earned his license and got a nice raise recently, too. Even though we've dated through school and celebrated both our graduations, worked hard to save to move out, spent lots of time with each other's families, and had our families meet each other too, my family is nervous about us getting married. My bf and I have talked about getting engaged soon and we know we can afford to pay for our own wedding, but my family is less than supportive. I'm 26-almost-27, and he is 24 and will be 25 in July- which means if we had a wedding in a year or so, I'd be 27 and he would be 25. My parents say they "aren't ready" to see me get married, and my four younger siblings say that I'm too young and 3 years of dating is too soon. We both have seen each other at our best and worst, we've experienced some great milestones together over the past three years, and I don't understand how that isn't enough for my family. I don't know how to convince them that this is a good decision. My parents have always been a little overprotective and still don't really see me as an adult yet, and my siblings think the same but I don't know why. How can I get everyone's support? 

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    What is the motivation in a pandemic to attend a Donald Trump campaign rally?

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    To show your cult leader you love him enough to die for him.

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    How to deal with destructive children.?

    Favorite Answer:

    At least you have a husband & it would appear in your question that the kids also have a dad,,, well sort-of but it also appears that he may be dropping the ball a little.

    My Wife & I make very effective use of the "Good-parent Bad-parent" technique.

    She's the Bad-parent that typically has to Beg our two kids to behave,

    And I'm the Good-one that seldom has to 'Tell' them to more than once,

    But we also occasionally switch roles to keep the adorable diabolically clever little house-monkeys  too off balance to try running an end-around & playing two-sides against the middle. 

    So unless your Husband is just a Date that worked out allowing him to hang around with nothing to do but sleep with you & pay the bills as long as he avoids pissing anybody off including your children,

    I'd personally recommend getting on the same page & staying on the same side.

    Witch is of-course the Kid's side whether they know it or not and Back each-other up.

    And even if you happen to disagree about technique & methodology for heaven's sake work that out & agree to disagree AWAY from the adorable diabolically clever house-monkeys so-as to stay ahead of the little beastie's affinity for cleverly exploiting two-sides against the middle witch typically confuses their presumption of who's in charge & control of anything including their behavior since they no-less typically live & breath in a common elusion that it's somehow 'Them' anyway. 

    1. Always trust but verify,

    & never take either pair of eyes off of kids in the monster-phase of development or anything the least bit potentially damageable because if you don't you might just as well just let Pugsley & Wednesday play with sharp objects & explosives & burn your world down on top of you.

    2. Never replace busted toys,, especially the expensive kind.

    SuperDad can fix anything & everything, and anything that Can't be fixed? oops! tough-luck Love, guess you shouldn't-o-busted it huh...

    3. Anything of Yours or of the House they break rates a Pounding & Grounding with less pounding on kids & more pounding on the  weight of Grounding.

    Witch makes TVs, smartphones & video-games & such like in kid's rooms the Devil distracting them from any consequent situational wariness that they've even been grounded at-all with no paroles or commutations except on furlough to do a chore.

    4. You & your Husband married 'Each-other' for better or worse till death does one or the other of you part, Not your children.

    Children are just a fact of life far-removed from pie in the sky poetry about birds & bees & cabbage-leaves and an amusingly bothersome diversion until such a time as kids can be legally shown the door & a shot fired over their heads to make sure they're properly motivated to not come back & ask for money or live in the basement after effectively turning their rooms into a den , or a sewing room, storage closet ANTHING but an extra bedroom!     Because responsible parenting is neither a Right or Privilege or a job or even a responsibility,,it's a Gift of life you gave yourself that just keeps on giving.  

    Think my seemingly archaic answer is too harsh  & too much work for Millennial parenting in the 21st Century?

    Whatever,, thumb down me then.

    After all, you & your husband are the grownups & can do whatever you want.

    And apparently, so can your kids.

    So good luck.

    And may the entities of providence have mercy on your souls.

    18 AnswersFamily1 day ago