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    Do you believe that Donald Trump was a good president?

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    If you genuinely think someone "created" the Covid pandemic to attack Trump, you are not living in the real world. Get over the conspiracy theories.

    He was a poor president even before the pandemic -- unfit, unqualified, a narcissistic compulsive liar who tried to solicit interference in our election process from a foreign power.  He accomplished very little, he damaged our reputation with international friends and allies, and even the economy he touted at every opportunity was not as great as he claimed it was. He also inherited much of it from Obama.

    Presidential historians and political scientists currently rank him among the worst presidents we've ever had, and they are qualified to say. As a historian myself, I am not expecting their assessments to change.

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    Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, and Laura Ingraham have all distanced themselves from Trump regarding the election.  Your thoughts?

    Donald Trump continued to gravitate towards his new rightwing media allies at TV channels One America Network and Newsmax on Tuesday, even as heavyweight supporters Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh distanced themselves from the president’s attempts to overturn his election defeat by Joe Biden.

    On Fox News on Monday, Ingraham said: “Unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and unlikely manner, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on 20 January.”

    Carlson claimed “the 2020 election was not fair”, but admitted Trump had lost it.

    On his radio show, Limbaugh attacked Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania, led by Rudy Giuliani, for failing to provide any evidence to back claims of voter fraud in the state.

    “You announce massive bombshells,” he said, “then you better have some bombshells.”

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    Did you know that Maradona just died?

    30 minuites ago. RIP bro

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    I prefer productive people like President elect Biden whom get things done over clown loser fools like CHUMP don't you?

    What Joe Biden Has Achieved in 40 Years of Politics

    BY DARRAGH ROCHE ON 10/22/20 AT 8:56 AM EDT

    He helped the Obama administration pass several key pieces of legislation, including the 2010 Tax Relief Act, the Budget Control Act of 2011, which dealt with a debt ceiling crisis, and the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. The 2012 act resolved the so-called "fiscal cliff." 

    Obamacare and the "Cancer Moonshot"

    Biden has previously highlighted his role in the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called Obamacare. This was the Obama's signature piece of healthcare legislation, which passed in 2010 with limited bipartisan support and Biden's personal role seems to have been getting his own party on board.

    Career in the Senate

    Biden sponsored one of the first climate change bills in the Senate in 1986 and went on to propose curbing greenhouse gas emissions in 2007.

    In 2008, he successfully passed the PROTECT Our Children Act, which was aimed at addressing the online exploitation of children.

    The Violence Against Women Act

    Biden co-sponsored the original Violence Against Women Act in 1994 along with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. Biden was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time.

    The act passed with bipartisan support in both houses of Congress and following its passage, intimate partner violence against females fell 53 percent up to 2008, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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    Do you think Melania Trump is glad to be out of the white house?

    I am willing to bet that now that the spotlight is not on her she dumps Trump within 6 months.

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    Why don't liberals care about economy?

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    Identity politics are much more important than the economy.  

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    Why is there affirmitive action in the fire Department ?

    If my house was on fire I'd want the individuals putting out the fire to be experts at putting out fires, I wouldn't want them hired just because they weren't white, anyone who can't pass whatever tests they have to prove they're qualified for the job shouldn't be allowed to have the job! 

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    Would the US had stayed out of WW2 if Pearl Harbour hadn't been attacked?

    If I understand my history lessons in School correctly, there were a strong opinion in the US to stay out of WW2 in Europe and Asia. Not that the US was especially friendly with Japan or Nazi Germany, but because ;'...let them deal with their own problems over there, and leave us out of it!'. Is this historically incorrect? ...and Churchill desperately tried to lobby the US to get involved, so was he secretly 'pleased' when Pearl Harbour was attacked, since that suddenly involved the US by default?

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    While Democratic Governors are shutting things down why aren't they shutting down left wing protests?

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    Great question why have they condoned these all along? I guess that Covid is smart enough to know who is a democrat and a Republican they are hypocrites 

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    Can I legally attack a vandal/trespasser?

    I live in Kansas state. What are my rights for violently protecting my private property? I've been told multiple times by my father that I should shoot and kill anyone attempting to invade my private property or destroy it. He even bought me one of those Trespassers will be shot warning signs for my yard.

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    What does a MAGA hat mean to you?

    What words come to mind?

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    My mom recently passed away.  I am the executor of her estate.  I want to give my sister a check for her share of the estate.  ?

    My sister insists that she will only take cash.  She will not take a check or a wire transfer.  How should I pay my sister her share of the estate?   I do not feel comfortable paying her in cash.  Thank you for your answer.

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    Democrats conspired with Big Pharma to delay the release of Covid vaccines before election.  Isn’t this murder by omission libs?

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    With Pfizer initially scheduled to release the information prior to the election and then delayed until just after, I believe there's a better than average case that you're right. Unfortunately, there is no way in which this will be proven within our current system.

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    Why is life so hard?

    The more I live the more I realise that no matter what  you do, you end up feeling bad about it. It could be that I'm depressed, but even if I do sometimes feel good I come to a realisation that most things I do has no value

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    Is this statement true or false: Franklin D. Roosevelt is the USA's best president, the worst is Donald Trump?

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    It's debatable who was the best President.

    There was Washington, Lincoln, FDR...

    as for the worst:

    There's no debate. Trump - without a doubt. The only fascist President

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    What will you miss most about Donald Trump?

    For me, it’s his tiny baby hands...

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