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    How do you deal with a mother in law?

    She LOVES to gossip to me about everyone and somehow everyone knows about me.. more than what I know about myself.  Nothing good comes out of her mouth.  She even talks about her own husband.  All her kids do the same thing.. they have diarrhea of the mouth.  They can't breathe without talking about someone.  Somehow she found out about me wearing a partial and said it so loud outside.  Then she started mentioning if I wear polydent for false teeth.  I told her I only wear a partial.  Her eyes were glowing from happiness when she saw how embarrassed I was.  I know everyone outside heard her and I live in a small town. She is one of those people who has done a lot of bad things in her life (including her kids) but makes it seem like she is perfect.  I don't do anything but take care of my kids... 24/7.  No babysitters... no bars.. no clubs... no hanging out.  The family doesn't even volunteer to take the kids for an outing. Moving isn't an option.  She lives a minute away too.  Should I give her a taste of her own medicine? I mean, I could be brutal if I wanted to, but I have respect.  I can't go through this any longer.  Thirteen years of this crap.  I'm sick of all of them.  

    Anyone have family in laws you just wanted to flush down the toilet and be done with it?  How do you deal with crazy people?  These people live, eat, and breathe on misery.  It's starting to eat at my soul.  Because of them, I'm not the same happy person anymore.        

    18 AnswersEtiquette2 days ago
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    Is there a train to North Pole or anywhere close to the North Pole?

    I was wondering if there was a way to theoretically take a train trip from Miami to a place with snow like the North Pole. What would Christmas Eve at the North Pole be like?

    I found the Amtrak silver star runs to Washington DC From Miami. 

    The Capitol Limited runs from DC to Chicago (can see beautiful figure skaters on an ice rink in Chicago) 

    The Empire Builder train runs from Chicago to Milwaukee (can see beautiful Christmas waltzes and elegant dancing)

    To St Paul (see ice castles)

    To Fargo and then to Grand Forks.

    From grand forks a bus like runs to Winnipeg. (Can see the beautiful people in a beautiful snow scene like the holiday ads and Christmas cards)

    From Winnipeg a train runs north through Thompson (see arctic Wolves)

    And then to Churchill (see belugas on the Hudson Bay coast)

    North from Churchill there are no trains so I assume ferries ⛴ are the only way to reach towns further north. I heard there is a good ferry system in Canada 🇨🇦.

    There are a few towns that I assume look like Christmas villages along that coast Arviat, Rankin Inlet, Hall Beach and Arctic Bay and Griese Flord.

    North from Griese Fjord the seas are frozen so I assume that Tundra Buggy is the only way to get further north. There are tundra buggy services up there to get to Eureka and then to Alert.

    From Alert it is a long distance across ice 🧊 to North Pole. Are there eskimos up here in ice fishing igloos on frozen sea. Are there penguins 🐧. Are there cute polar bears?

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    How funny is it that Trump spent $3 million on the Wisconsin recount and only found 132 additional votes ... for Biden?

    Ballot recount: $3 million.

    Expanding your opponent's lead: Priceless.

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    Why did Trump waste $3 million on the Wisconsin recount?

    Favorite Answer:

    No, he had to spend his supporters' money to. Make it look as if he was doing something with the donations other than pocketing it.  

    18 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    How did Edgar Allan Poe die?

    I know there are lots of theories, but I'd love to hear thoughts on the legitimacy of different theories.

    17 AnswersBooks & Authors1 day ago
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    Is it true that domestic violence against men, rarely make the news?

    The news always make it look like women are the primary victims of domestic violence, whether it's in America, the west or developing countries. 

    20 AnswersGender Studies1 day ago
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    How come so many Republicans were against mail in ballots?

    Favorite Answer:

    They were not really against it.  In fact, in the past Republicans have done way more mail in voting than Democrats.  This time they were just obeying what Trump was telling them to believe. 

    The real question should be why was Trump so against mail in ballots with the pandemic raging, knowing that reasonable people would tend to not want to jeopardize their health and life by voting in person if alternatives existed.

    Remember, Trump all along did all he could to help the virus spread as much as possible.  So my conclusion is that his plan all along was to have a virus catastrophe going on around election time and have many voters who are scared of the virus stay home and not vote, while he encouraged the most uninformed and idiotic uneducated Americans (Trump supporters) to go out and vote in person.

    That pincer movement was designed to help Trump easily get reelected.

    When mail in ballot was introduced as the plan to have voters vote safely from home, Trump became very angry and vilified it and even had the post office try to disrupt mail around election time to help Trump, but Trump lost anyway because he was very unpopular....especially due to many Americans seeing him as a threat to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  To them it was literally vote for Biden if you want to live !

    36 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    Do you believe that Donald Trump was a good president?

    Favorite Answer:

    If you genuinely think someone "created" the Covid pandemic to attack Trump, you are not living in the real world. Get over the conspiracy theories.

    He was a poor president even before the pandemic -- unfit, unqualified, a narcissistic compulsive liar who tried to solicit interference in our election process from a foreign power.  He accomplished very little, he damaged our reputation with international friends and allies, and even the economy he touted at every opportunity was not as great as he claimed it was. He also inherited much of it from Obama.

    Presidential historians and political scientists currently rank him among the worst presidents we've ever had, and they are qualified to say. As a historian myself, I am not expecting their assessments to change.

    165 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
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