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    Let's look back on all the bad things Trump has done, shall we?

    He wanted a wall along the Mexican border. He put migrant children in cages. He called blacks SOBs and said they had AIDs. He wanted to deport all foreigners, even legal ones. He groped women. He said the KKK were "very fine people." He wanted to buy and annex Greenland. He belittles Canada at every turn. He dismissed Coronavirus and also referred to it as "Chinese Virus" and "Kung Flu," and cost the lives of nearly 300,000 Americans and fractured the economy.

    To top it all off, he lied about 95 percent of the above.

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    If your parents told you to “take some time off” from visiting them, would you ever go back?

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    My rule has always been if, for whatever reason, someone has asked me to leave their home, the responsibilty is on them let to let me know when I am welcome to come back. I once had a similar issue with a friend and his now former wife. On average, I would visit about two times a month, each for about between 1-2 hours. She would always start arguments, or do tricks like leave the room when I arrived, slam the door, and then call him into the kitchen, leaving me sitting alone for 20 minute intervals. (And this would happen when I would call ahead of time and get their permission to come over). But, whenever I stayed away, and she would happen to see me out in public, she would put on this act like, "Where have you been? We've been wondering about you!" Yet, she never formally invited me to come over. Let's just say, my friend now understands why I once stayed away for over a year, and he is a much happier person now that they are divorced.

    It's your parents responsibility to let you know when you are welcome to come back. They were the ones who told you to quit visiting for a season. Don't let them put the guilt trip on you about this. 

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    Do you think it looks better to drop an attacker with one .357 round then to empty a 7 round .380 mag into them?

    For a long time I carried a Glock 42 chambered in .380 because it was small, light weight, mild recoil and I figured the chance that I would ever be forced to use it was so slim that it wouldn't matter.  I would carry in a kydex holster inside my waist band with a round in the chamber.  I could also easily pocket carry.  The Glock was nice, I didn't have to worry about a thumb safety, just draw and fire.  I didn't want anything more powerful because it's purpose was to stop a fight at close range.  I think it would be hard to prove self-defense if the attacker was too far away to be an immediate threat.  

    What somebody pointed out was, if I had to dump 7 rounds of .380 into an attacker but failed to stop them it would look really bad.  He said the attacker would likely just get pissed off and kill several other people opening me up to massive liability.

    I stopped carrying it because I don't want to be in the situation where I can't stop someone with 2 or 3 shots.

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    What does BLM want? They are protesting and rioting today in Kentucky even after it was proven that officers were innocent?

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    they want reperations. they apparently were 1860 pre-civil war slaves freed by the Umion but prior to that forced to pick cotton and tobacco and have illict sex, in spite of being neutered, in barns on southern confederate american plantations owned held by spanish nobility and royality.

    they are angry and want the 2020 United States of America tax payer to pay them and the whole congress senate judicial and president, backed by the United States army, air force navy and marines, national guard, state guard, and various flavours of US militia, NSA, CIA, federal and local police, US marshalls, FBI, state police, highway patorl, county sheriff, local police, lawyers, (I leave anyone out) cian't stop their might for obviously at 180 years old on average,

    hobbling their way around IS kinda impressive.

    dont your think they should put those 180 year olds on internatipnal television?

    after all BLM wouldn't LIE about slavery would they now?

    a group just passed here and they all looked so young after pickin all that cotton and tobacco in that blinding hot southrrn sun. they must use skin cream.

       They wuuusss....SLAVES!.......

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    The US is a shìt show.  Time to leave?

    There's 190 million whites.  Half of them are homosexuals and feminists.

    There's 40 million blacks.  Most of them are in prison, on parole, on drugs, and committing crimes.  They usually sell drugs on the side and increase costs of medical care, and all that.

    There's 40 million Hispanics.  Most of them are construction workers that sell drugs on the side.  They help spread the opiod epidemic, run up the cost of medical care and increase the crime rates indirectly through their drug dealing businesses.

    Then there's the Asians.  They're mainly quiet, work hard, study hard, do good in school, and get lucrative engineering and tech jobs.

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    Should race issues drown out all other issues?

    Can anyone else get a word in edgewise, or are racial issues the only issues worth talking about? Even the virus has taken a back seat to race issues, starting with the George Floyd riots in late May. Is there nothing else worth talking about in the world?

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    Is it true that the protesters chanting "Vote Him Out" at Donald Trump outside the Supreme Court are true American patriots?

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    When a Republican asks you why you don't support Donald Trump, here is a list:

    I think building a wall from sea to shining sea on taxpayer dollars is stupid.  

    I think that attacking whistleblowers is wrong.

    I think that he has no plan for healthcare other than to say that he has a plan for healthcare.

    I think that we should have universal background checks on firearms (which he never pushed for).

    I think that banning people from "brown" countries is stupid, all while he allows the country where most of the 9/11 masterminds and terrorists came from (Saudi Arabia) do as they choose.

    I don't think that the majority of the tax breaks should go to the wealthy.

    I don't think a President should hide his tax returns from the American people.

    I don't think that employees of the EPA should be barred from posting on social media or from talking to the media.

    I don't think that children should be separated from their parents at the border.

    I don't think the President's businesses should take any money from taxpayers.

    I don't think a President should demand "loyalty" from anyone who serves the American people.

    I don't think that mercury and asbestos regulations should be lifted.

    I don't think that the President should attack federal judges for not upholding his laws.

    I don't think Betsy DeVos should be the secretary of anything, let alone my kids' education.

    I don't think the President should lash out at an American retail store for not selling his daughter's crappy products.

    I don't think the President should call American POW heroes "losers."

    I don't think Presidents should claim that their opponent received 3 million illegal votes in an election.

    I don't think Presidents should downplay pandemics to their citizens.

    I don't think Presidents should ask the National Guard to tear gas and shoot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters just so that he can kick people out of a church for a photo op.

    I don't think there should be budget cuts made to programs surrounding climate change.

    I don't think Presidents should accuse their predecessor of wiretapping his home.

    I don't think the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces regulations should be cut.

    I don’t think Presidents should erase rules that prevent internet service providers from sharing and selling our private information without our permission.

    I think we should be in the Paris Agreement.

    I don’t think Presidents should remove regulations that require schools to have healthy lunches for kids.

    I don’t think Presidents should claim that they have “absolute authority.”

    I don’t think Presidents should withhold funding from our allies unless they announce a fake investigation into his political opponents.

    I don’t think Presidents should allow Saudi Government officials to pay his businesses $270,000 for hotel rooms they don’t even use.

    I don’t think Presidents should spread conspiracy theories about news anchors murdering their interns.

    I don’t think the US military should rent $2.4 million in space at Trump Tower while Trump is President.

    I don’t think the President should take overtime pay from people.

    I don’t think a President should call Neo-Nazi’s and White Nationalists “Very Fine People.”

    I don’t think emission standards on cars should be rolled back.

    I don’t think the President should end federal grants for organizations that are devoted to eradicating white nationalists.

    I don’t think the Secret Service should have to pay the President $137,000+ to rent golf carts at his own golf resort.

    I don’t think the President should pardon people who are convicted of lying about their relationship with him.  

    I don’t think DACA should be terminated.

    I don’t think people who think that airplanes existed during the Revolutionary war, or who think “Yosemite” is pronounced “Yo-Semite” should be president.

    I don’t think the President should retweet anti-muslim videos.

    I don’t think Net Neutrality should be repealed.

    I don’t think the President should roll back offshore drilling regulations.

    I don’t think Presidents should call “black” nations “shithole countries.”

    I don't think Presidents should mock disabled people.

    I don’t think Presidents should cheat on their wives with porn stars.

    I don’t think Presidents should take the word of Russia over the word of our own intelligence agencies.


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    What’s the point of life?

    I quit my job two weeks ago. I was working as an entry level mechanical engineer at a large aerospace defense contractor. I didn’t mind the work at first, but I grew to hate it after six or so months. I didn’t care for the people or the environment and I never felt like I belonged there. My job required me to work in a cubicle in isolation. Along with my work, I spent most of my time feeling like I was missing out on life and that the 9-5 life just wasn’t for me. I thought I could keep my misery at work, but it eventually followed me home and took over my personal life. I couldn’t sleep, focus, or enjoy the things I use to. My inability to sleep turned in to night sweats and nightmares. I later fell into a bout of depression and lost all motivation to go into work. I decided to put my two week’s notice shortly after. I worked at the company for 1.5 years. 

    I now work as a freight handler at Sam’s Club. I feel so lost now and have no idea what I should do with my life. I’m afraid of going back to professional work because I don’t want to experience the same thing again.

    Is this what life is all about? Working a job, chasing money, being miserable and dying? I’m so lost and scared right now. 

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    Is the Black Lives Matter movement basically the KKK but for Blacks against Whites?

    Might as well call them BlacKKK Lives Matter, am

    I right?

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