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    After all we now know about Donald Trump, do you still believe he was the lesser evil in 2016?

    If Hillary Clinton had won, we wouldn't have over 150k coronavirus dead now. And we would still have allies.

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    Will we ever go back to “normal” ?

    It’s funny reading all these articles about schools and businesses that open and all of sudden coronavirus spikes up in those places. I feel like the media and CDC are playing chess with Americans 

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    Will we all escape before the Government calls in Agenda 21?

    The Democrats created the Coronavirus Hoax planning to start Agenda 21 in November and when the New Government puts us in camps their going to execute Donald Trump.

    They already lied about the actor for Harry Potter saying he had the Coronavirus how many more people will be lied about till America wakes up that the Democrats are trying to kill all Americans with their Agenda 21?

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    When are we going to get serious about covid and decontaminate people on entry, like in star trek? ?

    Favorite Answer:

    COVID-19 Facts:  U.S. Population = 329,934,000.  COVID-19 cases = 3,106,931.

    COVID-19 deaths = 132,855.  This means only 0.96% (LESS than 1%) of Americans have even contracted the virus.  It also mans 95.2% of those survive.  Best of all, only 0.04% have died from this virus...........a 99.96% survival rate.  There is NO PANDEMIC!

    In most foreign countries, hydroxycholorquine, is sold over-the-counter and sits right next to the aspirin.  

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    Why are conservatives so reluctant to embrace identity politics ?

    It’s the way of the future and for good reason.  

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    Why do people get triggered by the mask?

    Let's not paint all Conservatives with the same brush. I work retail. It is a policy to wear a mask when entering our store. Most comply but there are those who don't. When we tell them to, they get angry. A few get racist. 

    These are old white men (50+) who get triggered when asked to care about their presence and others' by wearing a mask. Why do they get triggered? The average shopper ij our store takes 10 minutes to shop. If they have respiratory problems, why should we have to risk ourselves and them from them choosing not to wear a mask? 

    Let's not be racist. I'm a Conservative white male in my late 20s and I wear a mask. 

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    I'd rather have a pathological liar in the White House than a Democrat.  What's wrong with that?

    Democrats SUCK.  Liberals want to take my guns and my money!

    KAG!!  TRUMP2020!!

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    Is my Mom really racist ?

    We were going back home to our building. My Mom opened the door from the outside and two black people were behind us. My mother didn’t recognize them and asked them what apartment they were going to. Those poor people felt bad and wouldn’t tell my Mom saying it wasn’t her business. My Mom said that nobody can come in the hallway without a key. They didn’t have. let because they followed my Mom in. I recorded everything on my cell phone. Should I put my Mom on blast for being racist. Even though it’s my Mom She isn’t above the law. We can’t ignore racism whenever it’s convenient 

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    What exactly is wrong with wanting to talk to the manager?

    Why are women (and only women, hmmmmmm) being mocked and bullied for wanting to talk to the manager in stores when something doesn't go right for them? The new insult Karen is spreading faster than the non existent Coronavirus.

    Whenever women stand up for themselves and FIGHT for our RIGHTS we are laughed at and called Karen. I as a woman am entitled to my rights, shop workers tend to be uneducated and thus don't understand the patriarchy and male privilege. I am educated and know all about the struggle women face in the Western world today, I know how corrupt and sexist the world is and I FIGHT! I FIGHT for the underdog and I know my rights and I am entitled to my rights.

    Why must it be us women who want to speak to the manager?! A real man would stand up for himself and ask to speak to the manager too. Thankfully my sons would ask to speak to the manager too, I raised them right. I know men that would never ask to speak to the manager, this is a sign of low confidence and not a real man. REAL men ask to speak to the manager. 

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    Lost cat, girlfriends mad at me?

    My girlfriend is mad at me. Her cat got out somehow, and she can't find her. 

    I told her if she wants she will come back. Other wise she found a new home. 

    She wanted to put a little box under the porch but I told her no because we are renting, and cats come back if they want too. She's upset about that, and she was also upset it was raining so pretty chilly outside. Her cat in an indoor cat. 

    My girlfriend was crying at one point, and I annoyed. Shes been upset since she notice the cat got out. I told her it's just a cat there is nothing I can do. It's only a cat, and not the ene of the world. She needs to stop crying. It happens all the time to people 

    Now she is mad at me, saying I am happy the cats gone, and I most likely left the door open because I when I go outside to smoke I zoon out on my phone. Its all I care about. She been pissy with me since. 

    Last thing she said is I am allowed to be upset. I am allowed to cry. Let me upset. I don't need to be an ****** about it. That I just had to hug her when she was crying vs being a real d!ck. 


    It's just a cat. What do I do?

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    Why do a lot of men hate women who are smart, manipulative and dominant?

    Favorite Answer:

    Smart and strong women are rare in these days, the fact that we had so many geniuses women in the past because they were not getting brainwashed by stupid ideologies like liberalism who always promotes feminism.

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    Do you agree that a man should never hit a woman even in self-defense?

    Men have a physical advantage over women so they should never hit a woman no matter what she does. They can just walk away.

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    Is my mum right to be angry with me?

    Yesterday, I went to a theme park with just one person (my best friend). The theme park is only accepting 25% of its regular visitors, and everyone is required to socially distance and wear a mask at all times (and this includes on all rides). Even with these measures in place, my mum thinks it’s incredibly selfish of me to go out to a theme park when thousands and thousands of people becoming infected with coronavirus every day. She accused me of putting my own life at risk, and other people’s lives at risk. Is she right to be angry with me?

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    How come coronavirus isn't hitting that hard in Japan?

    So far they only had 40,000 confirmed cases and over 1,000 deaths.

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