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    Can we apply Operation Warpspeed for Pfizer, Moderna and others to create a vaccine for Moral Compass Disease in Dems?

    I would prefer NOT to laugh in the faces of these people as they say there was no voter fraud. I have seen enough of the stupid look in someone's face when they said OJ didn't do it when they obviously don't even believe it themselves. When that went down, we'd think, well the evidence will stop this stupidity from continuing. Course we didn't factor in the stupid of a State prosecutor. LMAO!  But THIS? NO WAY someone can convince that they are stupid enough to NOT see it. OK, so let's see if anyone can in answers. Please provide proof of stupid with your responses.  ROFLMAO!

    8 AnswersElections13 hours ago
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    Why are democrats now asking for unity in the country?

    I would love to see unity but where have they been the past 4 years?

    49 AnswersPolitics3 days ago
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    On paper, I owe $3400 for premium tax credit. Any recourse?

    For the first 7 months of 2019, I made $11.50 an hour working 16-24 hours a week as I was going to school. For the last 5 months of 2019, I started my 2 new jobs out of school. As soon as I started my new jobs, I canceled my health marketplace insurance, because my new job offered insurance. Those 2 new jobs collectively bumped my yearly AGI to 45,000 and I'm expected to pay back the premium tax credits given to me, even though I canceled the marketplace insurance for the last 5 months of the year . I'm trying to find out if there is any recourse for this. I don't think it's too fair that I am expected to pay back on the 7 months I had it, because during that time I genuinely made no money and actually needed it. I feel victim to a flawed system.

    11 AnswersUnited States3 days ago
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    I sent an email to a former aunt to see if she wanted to be included in the Xmas card list and didnt hear back, should I take this personal?

    So this is my uncle’s ex-wife. They were married many years so I have known this former aunt my whole life. They split two years ago. I liked his wife that she was definitely wanted to play the game of “I’m not talking to you anymore“. 


    I’m sending a Christmas card to her five children and to my uncle who is the ex-husband. I figured it would offend her children if I did not include her so I sent her an email to see if she wanted to be included. She has not responded. Obviously I’m therefore not going to include her but I wonder if she got the email or if she had blocked my email address 10 years ago when she was playing the “I’m not speaking to you anymore” game to my mother because she disliked a friend of my mothers.  At that time she blocked me on Facebook and I may have been a little invasive by sending more than one friend request. One of her daughters played the same game. 


    So years later I don’t want her daughters to be offended that I’m not sending her a Christmas card but I also don’t want to impose on this ex-aunt of mine as she might just wanna be left alone. So should I be offended that she did not reply? How do I get it so the kids know I tried? The two sons won’t care but the two daughters are the ones that might be offended if I don’t acknowledge their mother as they’re on her side. I can’t say much about it as my mom would be furious if she knew I contacted this former aunt as my mom plays the same games the former aunt plays though not to the extreme.  

    5 AnswersFamily3 hours ago
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    Why won't men admit that they are the weaker gender?

    Only their physical strength gives them leverage, but how they bully, insult, rape, envy, physically attack women is a sign of weakness

    49 AnswersGender Studies1 day ago
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    Why don’t republicans issue a stay at home order in their states?

    CNN)Millions of Californians may soon find themselves under a regional stay-at-home order once again under new restrictions announced Thursday by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    The new stay-at-home order will take hold in regions where hospitals are feeling the squeeze on capacity to treat the incoming surge of Covid-19 patients. A strict stay-at home order will go into effect 48 hours after hospital intensive care unit capacity drops below 15% in one of five regions the state is divided into: Northern California, Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

    79 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    Do you bthink Biden will be a better President? ?

     I'll be honest, I voted for Trump twice. However, I'm  beginning to feel that a Biden Administration won't be as catastrophic as  some Conservative Christians claim. I wholeheartedly believe He's an idiot, shady, and in it for money, and power. -BUT- Trump certainly isn't perfect either. He was nearly too conservative with His anti-abortion agenda, and allowing too much religious influence in Government. Overall will Biden be any better? 

    41 AnswersPolitics6 hours ago
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    Who's behind the voting fraud? Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi? Or is it a group effort?

    I think Hillary and Pelosi are the masterminds behind it but that Joe Biden was in on it. Here's why I believe that:

    1. Biden admitted that his campaign has put together the most impressive voter fraud organization ever.

    2. Pelosi said something along the lines of she has a quiver up her sleeves or something.

    3. Hillary has always been bitter and is known for being a domestic terrorist. She said confidently that Trump won't win and that Biden must not conceive [because the election is rigged for him].

    85 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    Is it fair to say Kamala Harris was an affirmative-action hire...?

    did biden pick her by perceived gender and race...?

    15 AnswersGender Studies23 hours ago
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    HELP, my bf doesn’t believe in astrology?

    When I asked him for his birth time, he asked why. I replied, “It’s for your natal chart.” I also told him I want to see how compatible we are, but he just laughed. Then, he told me that astrology is nonsense. What should I do?

    19 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 hours ago
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    What are some music recommendations?

    One of my 2021 resolutions is to expand my taste in music and find new genres or artists. I plan on making a long list to explore throughout the year, so drop some of your favorites!

    You can answer with artists, songs, albums, personal playlists or even a specific genres! Hey, drop your own music if you'd like! I will give it a listen!

    Thanks for the help! No judgements on your taste, I'm open to anything!

    24 AnswersOther - Music2 days ago
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    Is it ok to make fun of my brother for being adopted?

    Favorite Answer:

    definitely not, you need to be nice to him

    23 AnswersFamily19 hours ago
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    Will pelosi , Hilary and and bill Clinton and Barack Obama go to Jail?

    As new facts continue to emerge of a Hugh election fraud involving the Clinton’s , obama and pelosi somehow each forging millions of postal votes in Biden favour thus allowing him to gain enough votes to win the election , if proven will they go to jail,?and was Biden himself involved?

    17 AnswersPolitics12 hours ago
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    I read a Yahoo article in which Trump's lawyer and also Michael Flynn are calling for a coup. Would a forceful takeover work for Trump?

    The number of Republicans stating that there was no election fraud is rapidly growing and is becoming hard to ignore. Most are admitting Trump's loss. Even Trump's main man and most loyal supporter, Attorney General William Barr, has done an investigation and concluded that there is no proof of fraud in the election. So could a coup work for Trump? Would he have the might and the manpower to ever pull such a stunt off?

    53 AnswersPolitics2 days ago