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    I have an angry colleague named Tim. He is one who goes off over the smallest things. What do I do to prevent a mass shooting by him?

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    You can't,, you cannot tell who will do something like that,, Tim could be all talk and no walk and when he gets fired he'll just go home and cry in the corner for a few weeks whereas the quiet guy you never hear from that was just denied a raise is the one that shows up tomorrow with a gym bag full of guns and ammo,,

    But if you are that worried about Tim just call in sick the first day or two after he gets fired.

    9 AnswersPolitics2 hours ago
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    Why are so many white people scared of becoming a minority? ?

    What's so bad about being a minority? I thought we're all one people or minorities have it easy.

    30 AnswersPolitics21 hours ago
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    Why is America so scared of black people?

    there are more rules and laws in America specifically built for black people not to succeed. 

    29 AnswersPolitics21 hours ago
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    So, where do I go after Yahoo Answers shuts down?

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    It's exactly that mixing I'll miss and one of the few reasons I ever stuck around.  The only other place these discussions seem to evolve organically is under random youtube videos, usually something totally unexpected that pulls in a cross section of people.  

    110 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
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    How can a guy know if a woman might withdraw sexual consent after the fact?

    I was reading about college sexual assault cases and many of the cases were situations where the woman gave verbal and physical consent, but later regretted it, essentially invalidating her consent after the fact.  Many of these guys were suspended with a record, so basically can’t finish their education anywhere.   

    What can guys to do about this?

    9 AnswersGender Studies20 hours ago
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    Why are Minnesotan cities putting up curfews?

    Is it because of the riots? If so why are they putting up curfews because of the riots? To protect normal people from them?

    37 AnswersPolitics3 days ago
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    Is affirmative action an example of systematic racism?

    It is a system of discriminating based on race isn’t it?

    34 AnswersPolitics3 days ago
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    My sister in law eats meat and I don't want her at my summer get together?

    I'm having a gathering in July for my pre wedding get together, all girls, friends and family.

    I already invited my five closest besties. We're all vegan and I also invited my mom and aunt who are vegan as well. So I have a problem. I have two sister in laws one is vegetarian BUT my other sister in law eats meat so I honestly don't want her there because it's going to 1 annoy the hell out of me and 2 she probably won't want tofu burgers for dinner because she didn't eat them last time and it's her problem not mine 

    Do you think it's okay to leave her out? Idk how to do it though 😐

    29 AnswersFamily1 day ago
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    landlord called animal control on my dog?

    Lately my sweet hershey (my dog) has been barking 24/7 she was barking all night and she sleeps outside and my neighbor told me to use a bark colllar im anti to dog collars so i said no and told him to get off my property or i would call the cops he left but called the landlord and filed a complaint against me well when i came home i saw animal control with my dog and ran over there when i did i politely asked the worker to hand me the dog they said once a dog is in the truck they have to go to the pound i started crying and called my mom she said we would go to the pound tomorrow we have 7 days to get the dog before she is put down i think this is unfair as my dog was just barking and she wasn't being a nuisance but being a normal dog any advice here

    27 AnswersDogs2 days ago
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    Why is there a glass ceiling in the U.S.?

    Why are women not allowed to become CEOs, doctors, lawyers, politicians and other top positions?

    13 AnswersGender Studies22 hours ago
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    Why would they not hire me?

    I'm not going to say the name of the company but I had applied to a large company and they "hired" me. I got a confirmation email and everything saying I was hired and I gave them all my bank account info like they requested so they could direct deposit me my checks to get paid. Come to find out 3 days later I never hear back from the hiring manager so I tried calling him multiple times and he wouldn't answer. I'm just so confused why they would tell me I'm hired and then just practically ghost me like this. The manager even showed me around the store one day and told me what jobs I would be doing around the store. I have never seen anything like this. I have no way of getting in contact with anybody about it because the store says "we are not accepting calls at this time" when I try to call the store and the hiring manager won't answer my calls either. So weird. 

    10 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment19 hours ago
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    Can anyone help me please ?

    My 17 year old son wants to be emancipated. Whenever he needs to follow rules or if something doesn’t go his way he rages , now he’s emancipating himself . I live in Massachusetts , what is the procedure fir this and the likelihood? 

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics16 hours ago
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    Are feminists proud of their speakers at womens marches?

    If a man who murdered a woman spoke at a ‘Men’s March,’ it’d be national news.

    “There was a speaker at the women’s march on Washington named Donna Hylton. She got up on stage and talked about how she had spent 25 years in prison (not mentioning why of course), and the audience cheered.Turns out, she spent 25 years in prison because in 1985, she and a handful of other people kidnapped a 60-year-old man, tried to ransom him for $435,000, tortured him for three weeks (Hylton personally sodomized him with a metal rod), strangled him, and stuffed his body into a chest to decompose.I can’t help but wonder how a man with an equivalent record would be received at the same event.”Brief article about how feminists see men and the heroes they applaud that speak at Womens marches. Is this another proud moment for feminists?

    10 AnswersGender Studies2 days ago