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    Will you be watching the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

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    I will more likely listen to it on the radio.

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    Should the moderator of the next Presidential debate press biden on the e-mails recently uncovered?

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    Yes, but I doubt it will. Journalism is constantly protecting Biden.

    The moderator will have already sent the questions to Your Favorite Biden.

    Has Biden ever been asked that the violence of the protests comes from the hatred of BLM and antifa? And that this hatred clearly has a Marxist origin?

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    Why do cons think someone who owes foreign countries over $400 million dollars is a quality candidate?

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    They DON'T think he's a quality candidate. But they have been brainwashed to believe their Liberal neighbors are scum and the Liberal agenda is anti-American. They should seriously ask themselves who or what it was that managed to convince them of that garbage. THAT is the enemy. 

    The founding fathers thought it terribly important the President not owe any money to foreigners. It's a no-brainer---so it figures Trump's supporters see no problem.  lol

    7 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    How does the Medicare Coverage Helpline make money?

    I see Joe Namath on TV all the time pitching this business. Are they a broker for Medicare Advantage plans who make a commission when you sign up for one? They don't seem to be an actual insurance provider at all.

    7 AnswersInsurance2 days ago
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    Why did the English think they had they god given right to conquer and enslave countries all over the world ?

    They were so proud of their national motto, " The sun never sets on the British Empire?   

    Why were they like this ??    Has anything changed ???

    32 AnswersHistory2 days ago
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    Why are democrats so mean to Trump?

    Trump is doing a great job during these troubling times. Why don’t they stop giving him a hard time. 

    36 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    What has Trump actually done?

    With the elections approaching, I have been trying to figure out why anyone would vote for Trump. What has he actually done?

    1. The Economy

    Republicans love to point out how great the economy is under Trump (before the pandemic). But think about this, Obama in its last few years created more jobs than Trump has in the last 4. While Obama inherited a massive recession, Trump inherited a decently growing economy.

    2. Foreign Policy

    America right now is the pariah of the world. No one respect us anymore. Allies like Britain, France, Germany want nothing to do with the Trump administration. He got out of the Iran deal to get what in return. Iran has restarted its nuclear facilities and is even more accepted in the international community.

    3. Environment

    He got out of the Paris deal just because Obama did it. He relaxed EPA regulations allowing companies and industries to whatever they want. No one can argue that the environment is better under Trump whatsoever.

    4. Fiscal Policy

    He gave a massive tax cut mostly beneficial to wealthy while increasing spending in other areas. Now we have a massive deficit. Think about it... the gov is making less in taxes but spending more. The poor and middle class has nothing to show for these cuts.

    5. China/Trade

    Despite his boasts, trade deficit with China has grown under Trump. More and more countries are now looking to china for economic leadership.

    6. The wall

    Whether you agree or not with the idea of a wall. Where is it?

    68 AnswersPolitics2 days ago
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    So why does Donald Trump, a “billionaire”, pay only $750 income tax a year?

    Don't tell me he uses legal loopholes. There is a reason why he won't release his tax returns: he is either nothing but a clown living on credit or a tax fraud. Which is it, Trumpies?

    29 AnswersPolitics12 hours ago
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    How to get over my past with my mom and just move on?

    I really want a better relationship with my mom, but I don’t know how to because I can’t get over how she treated me growing up. And I’m so embarrassed to say it. 

    I’m 20 years old, and I still think about what my mom used to do to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for just letting go?

    For context: I used to be my mothers least favorite among her 3 kids. Still am her least favorite actually but not the point. I made one mistake my freshman year of high school, and my mom tried to ruin my life over it. I smoked weed and she found out. Rather than just grounding me for a month, she took my phone and I had to stay in my room whenever I was home for 6 months straight. No socialization, wasn’t even allowed to talk to my siblings. Just 6 months of being locked in my room. Once I got my freedom back after 6 months of hell, I made another mistake. I went to McDonald’s  after school and didn’t let her know. She took my phone for about the next two years, wouldn’t allow me to play sports or join any clubs. Wasn’t allowed to go to any school sanctioned events. Wasn’t allowed to have friends. I didn’t have a friend at my house for over 2 years. Wasn’t allowed to go to anyone’s house either for 2 years. Everyone at school thought something was wrong with me.

    My mom deleted everything picture she had of me when I was in high school. And since I never had a phone or friends, I have no memories. Not a single picture. It’s like she made me not exist.

    How do I let go and move on?

    24 AnswersFamily1 day ago
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    Seriously, do middle income liberals actually believe CHINA Biden when he says he will not raise your taxes?

    If you believe him, think carefully about what he said! “Back in 2017, Trump signed off on a massive overhaul of the tax code: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Middle income wage earners DID receive a tax reduction under this Act; there is no denying that. CHINA Biden said if he is elected, on day one, he will repeal this Act. Middle income taxes will go up under CHINA Biden like you never saw before, PERIOD!

    23 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
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    Is white privilege real?

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    No. It was a term created by the radical left to promote racism without admitting that they are promoting racism.

    25 AnswersPolitics2 days ago