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    Why do people want to vote for Biden?

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    a Biden victory would send us back to the great depression. They are only voting him because President Trump is an outsider and he exposed their corruptness. Even people from Hollywood are endorsing Biden because they know if President Trump stays in office their career might be in danger. Those sick bastards.

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    Did you ridicule the media after Kirstie Alley was ridiculed by the media after voicing support for Trump?

    I ridicule the desperate media like Yahoo who tried to silence dissenting opinions just because they want Biden to win, and i can't wit for Trump to win so that we can get new laws to slam media companies with that try to sway public opinion with slanted views.  I find it ridiculous that they are so desperately trying to change the outcome of a Trump win, and will laugh so hard and cheer when Trump crushes them with heavy fines that they will be forced to change their way, or fold.

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    Why do conservatives think its ok to use the state to deny LGBT but not when the state uses their powers to deny their religious *freedom*?

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    Conservatives are conformists that expects the rest of us to comply with their leaders!

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    What has Trump actually done?

    With the elections approaching, I have been trying to figure out why anyone would vote for Trump. What has he actually done?

    1. The Economy

    Republicans love to point out how great the economy is under Trump (before the pandemic). But think about this, Obama in its last few years created more jobs than Trump has in the last 4. While Obama inherited a massive recession, Trump inherited a decently growing economy.

    2. Foreign Policy

    America right now is the pariah of the world. No one respect us anymore. Allies like Britain, France, Germany want nothing to do with the Trump administration. He got out of the Iran deal to get what in return. Iran has restarted its nuclear facilities and is even more accepted in the international community.

    3. Environment

    He got out of the Paris deal just because Obama did it. He relaxed EPA regulations allowing companies and industries to whatever they want. No one can argue that the environment is better under Trump whatsoever.

    4. Fiscal Policy

    He gave a massive tax cut mostly beneficial to wealthy while increasing spending in other areas. Now we have a massive deficit. Think about it... the gov is making less in taxes but spending more. The poor and middle class has nothing to show for these cuts.

    5. China/Trade

    Despite his boasts, trade deficit with China has grown under Trump. More and more countries are now looking to china for economic leadership.

    6. The wall

    Whether you agree or not with the idea of a wall. Where is it?

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    Still believe climate change is happening?

    The earth has gotten so warm that it is snowing before Halloween! Maybe my grand daughter should go as an eskimo this year so she doesn't freeze to death. LOL. Make sure we put the winter tires on our cars over two months before winter officially begins LOL.

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    Does the trump administration have a chief official White House photographer ..just asking cuz it doesn't seem so?

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    No, because Trump will only allow his hair to be photograph from certain angles.

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    The Hunter Biden story isn’t going away?

    It’s the election equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting ‘la-la-la-la’. Joe Biden keeps ignoring questions about his possible role in the business dealings of his shady son. He keeps losing his temper with reporters who dare to insist that he has an obligation to answer legitimate public concerns. Most of the Biden-supporting media insist that the New York Post’s big Hunter story is a dud, and so publish endless malicious snark about how shabby the paper’s standards are. Twitter and Facebook keep saying that they were obliged, according to their own codes of practice, to stop the story circulating online, even though we all know those codes are applied with ridiculous inconsistency.

    But stories don’t just disappear because one political side can’t stomach them. The truth has a nasty habit of coming out, and the clamor around the Biden campaign won’t vanish just because the Biden campaign wants it to.

    The problem for the Biden campaign is that most people probably don’t care too much about whether the story is ethically sourced. They care about whether it is true. Is the email allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop suggesting that Joe Biden met with a board member of Burisma, the dodgy Ukrainian mining company which was paying his son $50,000 a month, true? Or is it fake? What about the email suggesting the ‘big guy’ would get 10 percent of equity from a deal with a Chinese company? Is that invented? If not, who is Mr Big? 

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    what is white privledge? ?

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    A non-existent claim that let's Blacks off the hook of personal responsibility and enriches people like Al Sharpton and Kamala Harris who insist it does exist because their followers believe them.

    @Max: Yeah, if you ever find out where to get it, please let me know.

    @Mr. Smartypants: That was 90 years ago and by a President YOU Democrats admire.

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    Kill myself, or stay alive for the kids?

    My wife told me today she wants a divorce. Now I'm thinking of my kids 100%. If I kill myself I have a 700,000.00 life insurance policy. I give 300k to my wife to pay off the house and any other Bill's. So she gets a clean slate. I have 2 daughters and give them each 200k for when they turn 18. They are 3 and 1 right now. 

    So my thought process is simply what is better for my kids? Grow up with a dad that only sees them on certain days, or when they turn 18 have 200k to start their lifes with? If I kill myself now they are young enough I'll be forgotten, my ex will remarry so they will have one dad. So did they lose anything?


    I stay alive, be a constant disappointment and source of heart ache to them. Shooting myself seems better.

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    Do you think an 8 year old should decide their gender?

    As they play with their action figures and blocks?

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